/ Rjukan Ice Climbing - March 2014

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Kyeboy5 on 12 Nov 2013 - whois?
Looking to get out to Rjukan for a weeks ice climbing sometime during March 2014. Have done some before but would consider ourselves novices, anyone got any suggestions or even places that we might jump on to (2 blokes? Was thinking of hiring a guide for couple of days to get our skills refreshed then hit the rest of te week solo (so to speak)

Any help much appreciated!
smuffy on 12 Nov 2013
In reply to Kyeboy5: Our party of four went two years ago and we were all novices at the time. We booked an English guide (Tom Brodie) who lives out there, for the first day or two which enabled us to develop much faster through the rest of the week. Another English guy who spends much time out there is Alan Cooney. Both can offer you advice and point you in the right direction. I would strongly reccomend taht you get in touch with these guys with a view to using their experience and skills. Drop me a mail if you want direct email addresses. Have a great trip, I'm envious!
Cornish boy - on 13 Nov 2013
In reply to Kyeboy5: Hi. I went with Smuffy on that trip and would totally agree with his advice about hiring a guide for a couple of days in order to get the most out of your trip. Tom and Alan were both good blokes too. I'm also very envious! Enjoy!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.