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Topos for the Polish Tatras

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 JCampbell92 02 Dec 2019

Hi there,

I'm trying to plan a trip to Poland at the end of Feb beginning of March. Mixed climbing being the focus.

Does anyone have any experience getting topos for Morskie Oko or Hala Gąsienicowa?

Any other helpful info would be welcome. 


 daWalt 02 Dec 2019
In reply to JCampbell92:

can't help on topos,

but word of warning if you're booking huts, we nearly fell foul of a (I think a national-park) website that looks like it provides a centralised on-line booking system. it doesn't, there's no substitute for phoning the hut to make a booking.

the huts get quite busy, book well in advance, but sleeping on the floor when it's overbooked is totally the norm.

if your flying in to Krakow it's a beautiful city, well worth a couple of days spent there at the end of the holiday.

 Wojttek 03 Jan 2020

as for overnight - one way always worked for me was to show up at the hut before 9am and get a room.even for 2days (at first) then you can extend your stay. there is also Betlejemka - Polish Mountaineering Council Hut (  2min walk from Murowaniec hut) about 20man dorm. plenty of climbers and guides there so topos available as well. I'm going there end of March so please give some update on cond. cheers


 https://drytooling.com.pl/baza/topo/Tatry that's for topo.

and here 


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 Wojttek 03 Jan 2020

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.