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alpinebutterfly - on 23 Jan 2012
Are there any trainee MIC's who would like to practice teaching winter climbing?
We (a pair) will be in Aviemore from Friday Jan 27th - Monday Jan 30th and would like to learn winter climbing. We have previous winter experience on grade I / II.

Please get in touch if you are interested.
climber_medic - on 23 Jan 2012
In reply to Claire100: Standby by for a rant then!!!
James Edwards - on 23 Jan 2012
In reply to Claire100:
I'm sure that there are several but why only trainees?
I would expect that you would need to pay between £180 and £220 per day depending upon the itinary and you may need to pay to rent any ancillary equipment on top of this. Why not look in the classified section of UKC.
Hope this helps.
James e
alpinebutterfly - on 23 Jan 2012
I'm extremely sorry if this post has caused affront.

On this occasion we are looking for a reciprocal agreement of teaching practice for two willing candidates.

I understand that there are other issues surrounding this but there may be an aspirant MIC who wishes to get a bit more teaching practice in before their assessment.

In terms of equipment, this would be discussed with the relevant person, but I think we already have most things ourselves.
ab tat - on 23 Jan 2012
In reply to Claire100:

I would like a trainee plumber to come and fix my pipes, free, any takers?
Simon Wells - on 23 Jan 2012
In reply to Claire100:

Dear Claire,

I worry for your moral safety when you use words like 'reciprocal agreement', many male trainee MIC's are wild, barely civilised creatures that live in the back vans or under icy ledges. Beware what 'deals' you agree to, when you will be tied to this man in wild and remotes places! I understand the female of the species are altogether different.

On a more serious note, all you know about an MIC trainee is they have done the training, maybe last year, maybe longer. You may get an excellent day or an ok one, however with one who has passed their assessment you have a better measure of quality. Some trainees MIC’s go on the excellent AMI training days and may be excellent, others………

Why not look at the kit you have brought, crampons, axes, harness, clothing, sac, harness etc etc, add up the real total, put in fuel, food and accommodation. Frightening isn’t it! Now look at the number of winter days you’ll get this year, how many you’ll get next year and think about this:

‘Are free lessons the best value for money? Would you get better value for money paying an MIC? Would you progress to your climbing goals faster with full MIC? Would you get a solid foundation with an MIC?”

Just my thoughts, have a great and safe winter!
Simon (trainee MIC of solid moral standing and house trained)
Snoweider - on 23 Jan 2012
In reply to Claire100:
Have you contacted Glenmore Lodge? There is free training available there and you have the added bonus of a qualified MIC on hand to look out for potentially lethal clangers.
James Edwards - on 23 Jan 2012
In reply to Claire100:
Don't be sorry, this is hardly an affront and i am not affronted on behalf of anyone else.
Nick_Scots on 23 Jan 2012
In reply to Claire100:

Ignore the -ve posts.
There may be a Trainee needing the hours logged.
I have offered free training to paddlers to help me log coaching hours too.

Phone Glenmore Lodge direct, the free training is supposed to be very good. A lot of the Staff are full UIAGM guides.

Have a safe climb !
almost sane on 23 Jan 2012 -
In reply to Claire100:

I was an MIC "guinea pig" for an MIC assessment at Glenmore Lodge and it was very good.

On my journey home I got a slurred but happy phone call with a lot of background noise from the MIC candidate saying he had passed
isi_o - on 23 Jan 2012
In reply to almost sane:
The Brenin also offer the opportunity to be a guinea pig for assessments. I had a couple of days out with them a couple of years back and it was great. Twice as many brains to pick for info!

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