COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a 70m Beal KARMA 9.8mm ACTIVE Line climbing rope

Beal are giving you the chance to win one 70m KARMA 9.8mm ACTIVE Line climbing rope.

It offers the perfect compromise between handling and thinness for climbers wanting to progress.


  • Handling and compactness
  • Excellent balance between thinness and control


  • Experienced climbers

About our ACTIVE Line range

Our ACTIVE ropes have been designed to cover the largest range of climbing disciplines possible, from the occasional outing to big walling with sport and indoor climbing in between. They are all constructed using BEAL's advanced technology which provides excellent impact absorption thanks to low impact forces.

For your chance to win a 70m Beal KARMA 9.8mm ACTIVE Line climbing rope just correctly answer the following question:

This competition has now closed.

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7 Sep

That competition question is a real toughy! Can anyone help me out with it?

7 Sep

Oh come on! No spoilers, don't ruin the chance for the rest of us! :)

8 Sep

I'm 99% sure the team only have the question in place to avoid their competitions getting spammed with auto-submissions or similar.

It's the fun climbing equivalent of 'Tick this to confirm you're not a bot' and so doesn't need to actually be complex because that would actually work against the dual purpose of the giveaway - incentivising people to subscribe to brand newsletters and generally informing them/getting them psyched for a certain product release or promotion.

I appreciate you probably know this and are just taking the piss, but doesn't do any harm to answer anyway!

8 Sep

I always thought it was to avoid falling foul of the Gambling Act and it's rules relating to lotteries?

8 Sep

Yeah, as Simon says, I think it's that raffles/lotteries have legal restrictions whereas competitions don't, so they do it so they are the latter.

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