Pembroke Vol 5 - Stackpole and Lydstep

Pembroke Vol 5 - Stackpole and Lydstep, 181 kb
Author Emma Alsford and Paul Donnithorne
Published The Climbers' Club (2012)
ISBN 978-0-901601-93-3


This guide describes over 1100 routes over a 15 mile stretch of the Pembrokeshire coastline - idyllic coves separated by picturesque beaches characterise much of the climbing in this area. The area boasts three major, world class, climbing areas: Mowingword, Stackpole Head and Mother Carey's Kitchen. But it’s not all super-steep hardcore climbing; the guide also describes the area around Penally which offers loads of exquisite slabs and easier-angled rock for those operating in the lower grades. With 440 pages of text, full colour photodiagrams, action shots and line plans you won’t have any excuse for getting lost or not being enthused.

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Crags covered by this Guide
Pembrokeshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Amazon Walls and The Rip Area24LimestoneS
Barafundle Bay29Limestoneall
Barafundle Zawn and coastal path zawns14LimestoneS
Beck's Bay50Limestoneall
Becks Point29LimestoneS
Broad Haven10LimestoneS
Broadhaven Cove10LimestoneS
Bubbleton Crag etc43LimestoneSW
Chance Encounter Zawn27Limestoneall
Concrete Zawn3LimestoneS
Crescent Slab Area18LimestoneS
Dawn Bay and CC Zawn9LimestoneS
Fisherman's Point42LimestoneS
Fisherman's slabs9Limestoneall
Funnel Hole Zawn11LimestoneS
Giltar Point Area26LimestoneS
Giltar Slabs27UNKNOWNSW
Giltar Walls10LimestoneSW
Gun Cliff58Limestoneall
Hidden Slab6LimestoneS
Jackdaw Point13LimestoneS
Kato Zawn12LimestoneSW
Lydstep Cavern Bay85LimestoneS
Marble Cove8Killas slateS
Mother Carey's Kitchen66LimestoneSE
Mowing Word107LimestoneW
Pinnacle Buttress & Bridge Zawn10LimestoneS
Proud Giltar and Lone Buttress7LimestoneS
Raming Hole26LimestoneW
Recess Point and Becks Zawn5UNKNOWNS
Rusty Point22LimestoneS
Saddle Bay32LimestoneS
Scoop Wall5LimestoneSW
Shagspot Zawn10LimestoneSW
Shakehole Bay0LimestoneE
Skrinkle Haven46LimestoneSW
Stackpole Head140Limestoneall
Tenby South Beach Quarry13LimestoneS
The Pinnacle Area25Limestoneall
The Promontory (Skrinkle Haven)14LimestoneW
Whispering Wall11LimestoneS
White Tower14LimestoneS