Author Gary Baum and Al Hewison
Published Fell & Rock Climbing Club (2000)
ISBN 0-85028-043-5

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Priced £15. "The delightful valley extending south from Keswick with many crags. Crags often obscured by trees give hidden gems on a mixture of crags. An area where the peregrine falcon will puzzle at our earthbound climbing activities. Classic routes from Little Chamonix (VD) to Caution (E9)" - FRCC site.

Other editions of this guidebook
Borrowdale Fell & Rock Climbing Club (2016)
Borrowdale Fell & Rock Climbing Club (1990)

Crags covered by this Guide
Cumbria crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Black Crag (Borrowdale)49RhyoliteNW
Blackmoss Pot Slab6RhyoliteW
Bowderstone Crags54RhyoliteSW
Caffell Side Crag8RhyoliteE
Cam Crags Borrowdale19Volcanic tuffE
Castle Crag46SlateW
Castle Head7DoleriteSW
Cat Ghyll Bluffs23RhyoliteW
Christmas Crag19RhyoliteW
Combe Head and Gill, Combe Ghyll3RhyoliteN
Dove Nest Crag, Combe Ghyll19RhyoliteNW
Dove's Nest Slabs28UNKNOWNW
Falcon Crag45RhyoliteW
Garrotte Buttress2UNKNOWNE
Goats Crag, Watendlath37RhyoliteSW
Gowder Crag29RhyoliteW
Grange Crags (Car Park Crag)55RhyoliteNW
Great End Crag23RhyoliteNW
Hanging Stone6RhyoliteNE
Heron Crag (Borrowdale)21RhyoliteW
Hind Crag9IgnimbriteSW
Intake Ridge/Glaciated Slab25RhyoliteNW
Knitting How13UNKNOWNSE
Lining Crag15RhyoliteW
Long Band Crag8RhyoliteW
Long Crag (Greenup Gill)15Welded TuffNW
Paper Crag4Volcanic tuff?
Powterhow Buttress3UNKNOWN?
Quayfoot Buttress26RhyoliteNW
Rakefoot Buttress16RhyoliteW
Raven Crag, Combe Ghyll43RhyoliteNE
Reecastle Crag38RhyoliteNW
Sergeant Crag Slabs20RhyoliteW
Shepherd’s Crag157RhyoliteW
Steel Knotts (Borrowdale)26UNKNOWNE
Twa Hummocks7RhyoliteW
Upper Langstrath Valley38RhyoliteNW
Walla Crag19RhyoliteNW
Yew Crag7RhyoliteW
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