Eastern Crags

Author Al Davis & Nick Wharton
Published The Fell and Rock Climbing Club (2011)
ISBN 978-0-85028-051-1



Brand new full cover guide featuring photo topos and lots of inspiring pictures.

Covers some major Lakeland crags including Raven Crags Threshthwaite and Thirlmere (plus at least another 5 you might not have heard of), Castle Rock and Dove Crag, plus a whole host of major to esoteric crags.

Includes a really useful tabulated crag guide including aspect, seasonal restrictions and drying time as well as the more usual grade spread.

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Crags covered by this Guide
Cumbria crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Black Crag1GabbroE
Black Crag, Rydal3RhyoliteSE
Bramcrag Quarry175GraniteW
Buckbarrow Crag29RhyoliteW
Calf Howe Crag23RhyoliteE
Carrock Fell crag263GabbroE
Castle Rock of Triermain65RhyoliteW
Church Crag9MicrograniteE
Cofa Pike Slabs1RhyoliteSE
Dove Crag (Dovedale)48RhyoliteNE
Eagle Crag (Grisedale)39RhyoliteE
Edmund's Castle6UNKNOWNN
Eighty Foot Slab5UNKNOWNE
Fall crag9UNKNOWNW
Gouther Crags85RhyoliteNW
Gowbarrow Crag25RhyoliteSE
Harrop Tarn Crag6RhyoliteE
Hart Crag9UNKNOWN?
Hutaple Crag21RhyoliteNW
Iron Crag18RhyoliteSE
Iving Crag20RhyoliteE
Low Raven Crag8RhyoliteE
Lower Piketoe Knott Crag11UNKNOWNW
Nether Crag5UNKNOWN?
Rampsgill Head Crag22RhyoliteNW
Raven Crag, Keldas3RhyoliteE
Raven Crag, Thirlmere27RhyoliteE
Raven Crag, Threshthwaite Cove19RhyoliteSE
Scrubby Crag22RhyoliteSE
Shundraw Quarry6UNKNOWNE
Sippling Crag3UNKNOWNW
Slape Crags4GabbroE
Snail Shell Crag12GabbroE
St. Sunday crag36RhyoliteNW
Swirl Crags29RhyoliteW
Thackmell Crags10RhyoliteNE
Thrang Crags29RhyoliteE
Yew Crag (Thirlmere)19RhyoliteW