GSY Trad

Author James Burton
Published James Burton (2018)



Latest guide to traditional climbing in Guernsey. Available in Guernsey from The Lexicon in The Pollet, St Peter Port or online at Needle Sports ( For any further information, please contact the author (jimaye04 on UKC).

Crags covered by this Guide
Guernsey crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Belle Elizabeth 14 Gneiss S
Bicycle Wall 11 Gneiss SE
Cannon Rock 3 Gneiss W
Cave Wall 9 Gneiss NW
Chateau d'Albecq 16 Granite NW
Excalibur Buttress 35 Gneiss SW
Fairy Caves 3 Granite NW
Fire Wall 12 Gneiss S
Fort Doyle 23 Diorites all
Fort Hommet Bouldering 3 Granite S
Fort Le Marchant 30 Diorites W
Fort Pembroke 21 Granodiorite W
Gaul Wall 29 Gneiss SW
Grande Rocques Bouldering 7 Gneiss W
Gull Cliff 30 Gneiss SW
Gull Stack 14 Gneiss N
Gull Zawn 68 Gneiss SW
Hanois Cliff 22 Gneiss SW
Icart Point - Dog Buttress 15 Gneiss W
Icart Point - Fair Deal for Dwarves Buttress 11 Gneiss S
Icart Point - Goat Crags and Kid Island 61 Gneiss SW
Icart Point - Gully Wall 21 Gneiss SW
Icart Point - Slippery Slab 9 Gneiss SE
Icart Point - Telephone Buttress 5 Gneiss W
Icart Point - West Wall 13 Gneiss SW
Inominate Point 65 Gneiss SW
La Congrelle 61 Gneiss all
La Corbière - Red Crag 22 Gneiss SW
La Corbière - Sunset Bay 124 Gneiss S
La Prevote - Mosaic Wall 4 Gneiss W
La Prevote - The Slab 3 Gneiss SW
La Prevote - Tower Buttress 15 Gneiss S
La Prevote - Watch-Tower Area 67 Gneiss S
Le Gouffre Area 130 Gneiss S
Le Guet 7 Granite N
Le Harve de Bon Port 8 Granite ?
Le Harve des Moies 6 Granite ?
Le Harve l'Elin d'Colin 20 Granite S
Le Jaonnet Bay to La Bette Bay 85 Gneiss S
Le Long Avaleur 6 Granite S
Le Souffleur 30 Gneiss S
Les Ecrilleurs 8 Gneiss SW
Les Sommeilleuses 34 Gneiss SW
Les Tielles 28 Gneiss S
Liberator Gully 10 Gneiss S
Lihou 4 Granite W
Martello Wall 12 Granodiorite W
Mole Wall 16 Gneiss SE
Mont Herault Area 121 Gneiss SW
Moulin Huet 12 Gneiss S
Petit Port 3 Granite NW
Pleinmont Point - Apprentice Slab 12 Gneiss SE
Pleinmont Point - Atlantic Wall 33 Gneiss SW
Pleinmont Point - Les Grandes Côtils 18 Gneiss W
Pleinmont Point - Main Wall 20 Gneiss SW
Pleinmont Point - Small Wall 24 Gneiss SW
Pleinmont Point - The Sphinx 7 Gneiss all
Point de la Moye 64 Gneiss SW
Port Soif 14 Diorites all
Portelet Pinnacles 21 Gneiss S
Rainbow Wall 7 Gneiss SW
Saints Bay 13 Granite all
Seaplane Wall 5 - S
The Peastacks 49 Gneiss all

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