Jersey and Guernsey

Author Ian Smith and Alan Hill
Published Cordee (1987)
ISBN 0-904405-39-7



Some approaches have changed. [bpmclimb]

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Of note are the 100 routes Martin Crocker's put up in recent years - 64 at at E4 or harder, and many are of *** quality.

This guidebook is out of print as of summer 2011 - shops may have the odd copy in their stocks.

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Crags covered by this Guide
Le Gouffre Area114GneissS
Le Guet7GraniteN
Le Jaonnet -> La Bette Bay area72GneissS
Le Souffleur30GneissS
Les Ecrilleurs8GneissSW
Les Grandes Cotils18GneissW
Les Sommeilleuses area34GneissSW
Les Tielles28GneissS
Liberator Gully10GneissS
Main Wall - Pleinmont Point 20GneissSW
Martello Wall13GranodioriteW
Mole Wall16GneissSE
Mont Herault Area121GneissSW
Moulin Huet12GneissS
Pecqueries Boulder31Granodioriteall
Port Soif10Dioritesall
Portelet Pinnacles21GneissS
Rainbow Wall7GneissSW
Red Crag - La Corbiere22GneissSW
Slippery Slab - Icart9GneissSE
Small Wall24GneissSW
The Peastacks49Gneissall
The Sphinx7Gneissall
Tower Buttress - Le Prevote15GneissS
Vale Castle3Granodioriteall
West Wall - Icart Point13GneissSW
Sark crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Adonis Pool area20Gneissall
Havre Gosselin1UNKNOWNall
Venus Pool area20UNKNOWNSE