Author Norman Haighton
Published Northumbrian Mountaineering Club (1979)

This Guidebook is now out of print, and unavailable

Crags covered by this Guide
Northumberland crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Back Bowden Doors 247 Sandstone (hard) W
Berryhill 80 Sandstone (hard) S
Bowden Doors 307 Sandstone (hard) W
Callerhues 133 Sandstone (hard) SW
Coe Crag 26 Sandstone (hard) N
Corby's Crag 126 Sandstone (soft) W
Crag Lough 107 Dolerite N
Crag Point 0 Sandstone (hard) ?
Great Dour Crag 0 Sandstone (hard) W
Great Wanney 105 Sandstone (hard) NW
Introductory Buttress 8 Sandstone (hard) NW
Jack Rock 38 Sandstone (hard) N
Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out) 169 Sandstone (hard) SW
Kyloe-in-the-woods (Kyloe-In) 212 Sandstone (hard) S
Linshiels One 19 Sandstone (hard) S
Linshiels Three 12 Sandstone (hard) N
Peel crag 92 Dolerite N
Ravensheugh Crag 150 Sandstone (hard) N
Simonside North Face 110 Sandstone (hard) N
South Yardhope Crag 40 Sandstone (hard) NW
Spindlestone Crag 13 Sandstone (hard) ?
The Belling 24 Sandstone (hard) S
Tyne & Wear crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Causey Quarry 56 Sandstone (hard) NW

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