Pembroke Vol 3 Range East - Stack Rocks to Hollow Caves Bay

Pembroke Vol 3 Range East - Stack Rocks to Hollow Caves Bay
Author Gary Gibson
Published The Climbers Club (2011)
ISBN 978-0-901601-89-6



From the sombre cliffs and stacks near the Green Bridge of Wales via the imposing Mewsford Point all the way to Hollow Caves Bay this guidebook has it all. The sunny and open Crystal Slabs and Crickmail Point; the serious cliffs of the Stack Rocks area and the Cauldron, the variety of the Castle with routes from VD to E7 and, if you want to get your kit off, there’s even some DWS.

With 336 pages of text, full colour photodiagrams, action shots and line plans you won’t have any excuse for getting lost or not being enthused.

Yes there are nesting restrictions but they are not as onerous as you might imagine so there’s still plenty to go at at all grades and remember, the sun always shines in Pembroke.

Crags covered by this Guide
Pembrokeshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Battleship Buttress26LimestoneSE
Blockhouse Buttress42LimestoneS
Breakfast Zawn8LimestoneSW
Buckspool Down16LimestoneSW
Bullslaughter Bay42LimestoneS
Crickmail Point51LimestoneS
Crocksydam Point6LimestoneS
Crystal Slabs, Mosaic Wall, Thunder Wall32LimestoneS
Flimston Bay68LimestoneS
Hollow Caves Bay66LimestoneS
Mewsford Arches13LimestoneS
Misty Wall13LimestoneS
Panzer Walls16LimestoneS
Quarry Point22LimestoneSW
Ripper Cliff27LimestoneSW
Rusty Walls16LimestoneSW
Sitting Bull Buttress13LimestoneS
Space Buttress15LimestoneE
Stack Rocks51LimestoneS
The Castle98LimestoneSW
The Fortress12LimestoneSW
Triple Overhang Buttress21LimestoneS