Unknown Stones

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An ongoing project to document various unrecorded spots, primarily in Yorkshire.

Crags covered by this Guide
North Yorkshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Aked's Clough17GritstoneW
Arnagill Crags15GritstoneNW
Birchshow Rocks81Grit (quarried)SW
Burn Stones20GritstoneN
Carncliff Top38GritstoneSW
Clint Quarry100Grit (quarried)all
Crimple Beck Crag28Sandstone (soft)SW
Crummack Lane Erratics19Sandstone (hard)all
Dibble's Bridge10LimestoneW
Eavestone Crag244Gritstoneall
Far Crag62GritstoneW
Far Fell (Outer Limits) Boulders42GritstoneS
Farrar Wood27Gritstoneall
Fox Crag10GritstoneE
Gate House crag115GritstoneS
Great Pock Stones30Gritstoneall
Great Wolfrey132GritstoneS
Halton Heights102GritstoneSE
Harden Gill Crag13GritstoneNW
High Crag (Stump Cross)68GritstoneNW
High Crag Guisecliff18GritstoneSE
High Crags21GritstoneE
Hood Crag16GritstoneN
Hoodstorth Crag11GritstoneW
Ilkley High Crag20GritstoneN
Little Simon's Seat34GritstoneNW
Lonesome Pine Boulder10GritstoneS
Low Huller Stones141GritstoneNE
Lund Stones34GritstoneSW
Naze Nib End11GritstoneW
Palleys Crag38GritstoneSW
Pike Stones12GritstoneW
Plantation Crack76GritstoneSW
Rochard Crags36GritstoneS
Rowantree Tor49GritstoneSW
Sharp Haw and Flasby Fell249GritstoneSW
Sigsworth Crags43GritstoneSW
Spruce Gill Boulders25Gritstoneall
The Party Boulder17Gritstoneall
Trundle Stones16GritstoneW
Twin Towers27GritstoneNE
Ulfers Crags15GritstoneW
Water Crag115GritstoneN
Wolf Crag39Gritstoneall
Yeadon Crag85GritstoneSW
West Yorkshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Coldstone Beck Crag66Grit (quarried)E
Druids' Altar42GritstoneNE
Harden Crag15Grit (quarried)SW
Ilkley Buckstones42Gritstoneall
Kirk Stones26GritstoneS
Lanshaw Rocks21GritstoneE
Long Crag Barden Fell67GritstoneNW
Middleton Woods5GritstoneS
North Stones6GritstoneS
Panorama Rocks, Ilkley19GritstoneN
Rivock Edge20GritstoneSW
The Neb Stone10GritstoneS
The Satellite Boulder13GritstoneN
Thieves Moss35LimestoneSE
Thimble Stones24GritstoneW
West Chevin Boulders50GritstoneN
White Crag108GritstoneW
White Wells Pinnacle, Ilkley Moor9GritstoneN
Windgate Nick57GritstoneN