20' right of Tigers...

P.Begley et al 08/Sep/1984

Dan Wilcox 02/Oct/16 Lead
Dell 18/Sep/16 Lead O/S

Take a 4ft sling for the 'tricky block' and you'll be laughing.

eurasia 18/Sep/16 2nd O/S
Rob892 18/Sep/16 Lead O/S
DampRice 15/Sep/16 2nd
Hidden 11/Sep/16 Lead O/S
featuresforfeet 11/Sep/16 2nd
Hidden 13/Aug/16 Lead O/S
Ian Stirrups 09/Aug/16 2nd
with Sue
shazza65 05/Aug/16 Lead rpt
with Ben
cpoad 23/Jul/16 Lead rpt
with Clare F
matt davies 21/Jul/16 Lead O/S
RileyJ 21/Jul/16 Lead
SenzuBean 03/Jul/16 2nd O/S

Very tricky for a VDiff I thought - lovely climb :)

with Peter
funkyvin1 03/Jul/16 Lead O/S

Steep for a vdiff but pretty good holds and lots of gear all the way up. The block move is fun. The belay ledge at the top, just below the ab off point is a bit cramped if you're of a larger build.

ray2k 19/Jun/16 Lead O/S
with Loic
ciderspider 17/Jun/16 Lead O/S

Pretty damp but a fun route nonetheless

with Charley
charley 17/Jun/16 2nd O/S
with Ian
BHuthers 09/Jun/16 2nd O/S

A bit of a rubbish climb, the block you trust all your weight to in the upper part of the climb is very suspect. Quite tough moves for VDiff.

edjenkins 09/Jun/16 Lead O/S
with Barney
ali.scott 15/May/16 Lead O/S
with Soph
Soph Armshaw 15/May/16 2nd
Chris Harbour 08/May/16 Lead O/S

First ever trad lead - felt quite comfortable all the way through although I couldn't find that many places for gear (most likely my inexperience). Essentially solo'd most of it, but a good hex gave me some backup. Would say it felt harder than a VDiff but not by much.

with Serena Dillon, George, Steve Gibbs
EdRedfearn 08/May/16 Lead O/S
Anouk Spelt 08/May/16 -
jdprhodes 07/May/16 Lead
Hidden 07/May/16 Lead
Hidden 24/Apr/16 Lead rpt
tobydunford 24/Apr/16 Lead O/S
with Kirsty Kerr
jrccrosby 03/Apr/16 2nd O/S
with Olly Gluck
mky77 12/Mar/16 2nd
JP78 12/Mar/16 Lead
Phil Anderson ??/2016 Lead
Mike Roger ??/2016 -
wjcdean 25/Oct/15 2nd O/S

Trevs struggled his way up this, being somewhat more lithe, I was able to follow without too much difficulty in big boots. Training for the Matterhorn or something. classic VDiff climbing getting over the block at the top, well protected though.

with Trevers
Trevers 25/Oct/15 Lead O/S

Hung around under the big block too long. Got pumped and fingers got numb!

with wjcdean
Hidden 18/Oct/15 2nd
Hidden 18/Oct/15 Lead O/S
Lazytraveller 17/Oct/15 Lead rpt
Hidden 03/Oct/15 2nd O/S
Hidden 03/Oct/15 Lead O/S
mossrug 02/Oct/15 Lead O/S
with Rob
Hidden 27/Sep/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Sep/15 2nd rpt
Hidden 27/Aug/15 Lead rpt
MikeBall0045 27/Aug/15 2nd rpt
with Richard Young
rurp 18/Aug/15 -

really good climb. hs 4a

with emma rowland, ben rowland, bill farmer
marclloyd77 16/Aug/15 2nd
Lmt 16/Aug/15 Lead
with Marc
kirsten 15/Aug/15 2nd
superjambo 15/Aug/15 Lead O/S
with Kirsten
Hidden 31/Jul/15 Lead
Stickle Tarn 26/Jul/15 2nd O/S

J's lead

jordana86 26/Jul/15 Lead
gregclarke 19/Jul/15 Lead rpt
with Ygraine
gregclarke 19/Jul/15 2nd rpt
tcn_2002 18/Jul/15 Lead
BStar 17/Jul/15 2nd O/S

In the rain!

with Phil Bischler
Hidden 16/Jul/15 2nd
gj13787 18/Jun/15 -
alaster tonge 15/Jun/15 Lead O/S

Lailah started leading and gave up at the ledge below the crack. I soloed up, tied in and lead the rest.

with Lailah, Assad Lahlou
minty1984 07/Jun/15 Lead O/S
KeirVonMarlon 07/Jun/15 -
AngelaC 06/Jun/15 Lead
with Will Mc, Richard
Marktrin 06/Jun/15 2nd
with Jon Sheehan
EllieWoods 06/Jun/15 2nd O/S
with Hector
Hidden 02/Jun/15 2nd O/S
Hidden ?/Jun/15 2nd
bpmclimb 30/May/15 2nd rpt
with Kirsten
kirsten 30/May/15 Lead

First lead in a long time, felt good !

with Brian
BALD EAGLE 30/May/15 2nd
with Dave Beynon
Hidden 30/May/15 2nd
Hidden 30/May/15 Lead
Hidden 30/May/15 2nd
natlavender 25/May/15 Lead O/S
with Brian Mead
Adam Polak 16/May/15 Lead O/S
with Daisy
mph040272 11/May/15 2nd O/S
with Alison Byrne, Tamsin Ross Browne
Hidden 10/May/15 Lead O/S
katherinesydney 04/May/15 Lead rpt
with neil morbey
Hidden 24/Apr/15 Lead O/S
jungle 21/Apr/15 Lead
with Nina Fionda, Chris Pike
miriamclaire 19/Apr/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 18/Apr/15 Lead O/S
hutchay 18/Apr/15 2nd rpt
ChrisWills 12/Apr/15 Lead O/S
with Franzi Schrodt
Echna 11/Apr/15 2nd O/S
with Rich
Hidden 11/Apr/15 Lead
n.fionda ?/Apr/15 2nd
Hidden 22/Mar/15 2nd O/S
KimberlyJarrad 22/Mar/15 Lead O/S
Tom '14 22/Mar/15 2nd O/S

Emmanuel's only lead of the day at Shorn Cliff. He managed to drop three of my nuts near the beginning.

MarkCunnington 21/Mar/15 Lead rpt
mky77 21/Mar/15 Lead
Michael Bortoluzzi 21/Mar/15 Lead RP

2nded then lead

Hidden 04/Mar/15 Lead O/S
Melonfly ?/Mar/15 2nd
with Ella
will484 ??/2015 Lead
guy127917 19/Oct/14 2nd
andymtb10 05/Oct/14 Lead
SDaSilva 05/Oct/14 2nd
shaunstar9 07/Sep/14 Lead O/S
with Finn, Mel
Hidden 23/Aug/14 2nd
shazza65 16/Aug/14 2nd O/S
with annie rowley
Rob Morgan 03/Aug/14 Lead
Hidden 30/Jul/14 Lead O/S
David Walker 26/Jul/14 2nd rpt
TomGB 26/Jul/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Jul/14 Lead
kiwi boy 25/Jul/14 Lead O/S

Fantastic climb at the grade. Lots of gear all bomber. Delightful moves

with Dave B
alp79 22/Jul/14 2nd O/S
with Clio
Clee 22/Jul/14 Lead
with Anna P
Nick Russell 17/Jul/14 2nd

Nice route, shame it was a bit dusty.

with Emily
Emily 17/Jul/14 Lead O/S

Fun climb with loads of good gear. I enjoyed the pull over onto the top of the massive block.

with Nick
Curly Rich 13/Jul/14 2nd rpt
with gmc
Hidden 13/Jul/14 Lead O/S
coffeepot 12/Jul/14 2nd O/S
with Caroline Friend, Hanneke
arthur_de_briton 21/Jun/14 2nd
with cat mckenna
Tim Coe 15/Jun/14 2nd
matjam 15/Jun/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 14/Jun/14 Solo O/S
08nbrierley 14/Jun/14 Solo O/S
Hidden 08/Jun/14 Lead
Fabian001 07/Jun/14 2nd O/S
with Dave Tulloch
clams ?/Jun/14 2nd
CatMc ?/Jun/14 Lead
with clams
Hidden 26/May/14 Lead O/S
Manchi 26/May/14 2nd
with Eu Lee
jrccrosby 18/May/14 Lead O/S
with Harry
KieranT 15/May/14 Lead O/S
with Hannah Buckingham
gregclarke 02/May/14 Lead rpt
with Ben
Hidden 22/Apr/14 Lead O/S
smargerison 18/Apr/14 2nd O/S
with Robert, Claire
smargerison 18/Apr/14 Lead rpt
with Claire
cvsephton 18/Apr/14 Lead O/S
with Sam M, Rob
cvsephton 18/Apr/14 2nd
with Sam M
Phil PBC 18/Apr/14 -
with Josh baldwin
Tom Brierley Gore 13/Apr/14 2nd rpt
jammy4536 24/Mar/14 Lead O/S
Lazytraveller 24/Mar/14 2nd
JHC 16/Mar/14 2nd O/S
with Jena
dpsmith 16/Mar/14 Lead
with jenny
Hidden 09/Mar/14 2nd
fuzzysheep01 16/Nov/13 2nd rpt
with Andrew Mawer
LukeTreharne 21/Sep/13 Lead O/S
with Mike Chaney
Matt1234 08/Sep/13 2nd O/S
Mark Davies PK 25/Aug/13 2nd O/S

tough at VD!!

with Don Sargeant
Hidden 19/Aug/13 2nd O/S
Lazytraveller 19/Aug/13 Lead O/S
r_gordon 01/Aug/13 Lead O/S

Good climb but managed to get a No3 wire stuck just below the tree. Time to invest in a new nut key to replace my missing one!

StuartP 26/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/Jul/13 Lead rpt
Hidden 24/Jul/13 2nd rpt
Hidden 24/Jul/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 24/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 21/Jul/13 Lead O/S
gGor 20/Jul/13 Lead O/S
with Phil Wallam
sammycolon 20/Jul/13 Lead
Gavdee1 20/Jul/13 Lead O/S
with Claire
Country_Boy 19/Jul/13 2nd
with Anton
MikeBall0045 18/Jul/13 2nd O/S
with Richard Young
Hidden 16/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 11/Jul/13 Lead O/S
spearing05 30/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with Andrew
bpmclimb 30/Jun/13 Lead rpt
bpmclimb 30/Jun/13 2nd rpt

Seconding Greg's firs trad lead :)

That Outdoor Girl 30/Jun/13 2nd dog

First ever outdoor climb, good experience

gregclarke 30/Jun/13 2nd
with Brian
Kirill 29/Jun/13 2nd O/S
with Artyom Skrobov
cdpuk 09/Jun/13 Lead O/S
Dawlish 09/Jun/13 2nd O/S
KLucy 09/Jun/13 2nd
MarkCunnington 08/Jun/13 Solo rpt
with Becky Chadwick, Anna Morris
Hidden 08/Jun/13 2nd
mky77 08/Jun/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 08/Jun/13 Lead
Bede 08/Jun/13 2nd

Nik was meant to be doing the VS next to this but got confused

with Nik Lok
Anna Morris 08/Jun/13 2nd O/S
RachaelCunnington 08/Jun/13 2nd O/S
fuzzysheep01 02/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with Bibiane Navel
stevorobs3 ?/Jun/13 2nd O/S
with Xandra
Hidden 26/May/13 Lead
BJP001 25/May/13 Lead O/S
with Mike Wood
Tom Brierley Gore 18/May/13 2nd O/S
with Nick Eaton, Shijing Hu
Mark Salter 06/May/13 2nd
with Gareth Lewis, Dave Notton
martin one 05/May/13 2nd O/S
with Tom gold
davepotter2011 05/May/13 Lead O/S

A brilliant climb for the grade will repeat this one over and over again.

Hidden 05/May/13 Lead O/S
Pughymonster 26/Apr/13 Lead O/S
with Dawes
dawesbub 26/Apr/13 2nd O/S

Robs first trad lead in the hail. Nice climb

Giles Eperon 20/Apr/13 Lead O/S
with benedikt, adam poundall
dsgarner 06/Apr/13 2nd O/S
with Tala M
Tala M 06/Apr/13 Lead O/S
my ?/Apr/13 Lead O/S
joe gallacher 17/Feb/13 Lead O/S

Good warm up , go value for the grade too

with Paul Griffiths
meanderthal ??/2013 Lead
Hidden 02/Dec/12 Lead O/S
Matt Groom 18/Nov/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/Oct/12 Lead O/S
seanlikeskites 07/Oct/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 15/Sep/12 Lead
mes32 15/Sep/12 2nd rpt
Peter Lovell 14/Sep/12 Lead O/S
cjohn62 10/Sep/12 Lead
with gareth
KitRabbette 10/Sep/12 Lead O/S


Hidden 09/Sep/12 Lead O/S
ericinbristol 02/Sep/12 Lead rpt

1st of 17 routes in 6 hours.

with Johnny S
cpoad 01/Sep/12 2nd rpt
with John S
kim.mulji 29/Jul/12 2nd O/S
with Dave T
mattgrange 26/Jul/12 2nd

Previous team left a very battered wire stuck in it, we couldn't get it out either!

Hidden 24/Jul/12 Lead
benscarter 22/Jul/12 2nd O/S
with Chris O
Hidden 22/Jul/12 Lead
Duncan Turner 29/Jun/12 2nd
with stu
Hidden 29/Jun/12 Lead O/S
EllieWoods 17/Jun/12 2nd O/S
with Jono
Mick Riley 17/Jun/12 2nd O/S
with Patrick, Dominic
JimBee ?/Jun/12 2nd rpt
with Mesh Yalvac, Stacy Zung, Vizzle Neogi
Becky C 27/May/12 Lead
with Notsi
Hidden 26/May/12 2nd O/S
Puckle 24/May/12 Lead O/S

Could have done with a touch of grace but an overall success, particularly disgraceful over the block...

Will Gordon 18/May/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 18/May/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 17/May/12 2nd
Ian Stirrups 17/May/12 Lead
riddle 12/May/12 2nd O/S
with Jakub LMC
Happy Haggis 12/May/12 2nd
Robbo1 12/May/12 Lead
RamblingRyan 06/May/12 Lead
with Steve
Hidden 06/May/12 2nd O/S
Danny_boulders 06/May/12 AltLd O/S
with fireman pete
Sarah Welsh 22/Apr/12 2nd O/S

In walking boots

EllieWoods 22/Apr/12 Lead O/S
with Row, Janet
steveprice.exmouth 22/Apr/12 Lead
98%monkey 07/Apr/12 2nd O/S

S 4a anywhere else

with Nicki
Mistee 07/Apr/12 Lead O/S

Lovely climb - couple of moves seemed more like severe than v-diff especially going over the block. Would like to go back and do it with more grace!

with Phil
Country_Boy 06/Apr/12 Lead O/S
with Anton
davegardner 01/Apr/12 2nd O/S
cjohn62 01/Apr/12 2nd
with gareth
RileyJ 25/Mar/12 Lead
Hidden 24/Mar/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 24/Mar/12 2nd O/S
wurzelinzummerset 22/Mar/12 Lead
with Dieter
Ian JL 26/Feb/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Feb/12 2nd
Hidden ?/Jan/12 2nd
Vnockles ??/2012 Lead
wave1art ??/2012 Lead O/S

Ticked in the book - can't remember when

will_benfold 10/Dec/11 2nd O/S
Dan Wilcox 10/Dec/11 Lead
hutchay 23/Oct/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 23/Oct/11 2nd
Niall_H 15/Oct/11 AltLd
with Mary S
hazeysunshine 22/Sep/11 Lead O/S
with Val P
cas smerdon 11/Sep/11 2nd
with James Whitty
fleapitfan 11/Sep/11 Lead rpt
Hidden 07/Sep/11 Lead O/S
ElBarto 29/Aug/11 2nd β

Nice climb I'd like to come back & lead. Possibly a bit hard for a VDiff on one move but not by much. Colin lead, Megan seconded & I thirded; first climb of the day.

with Colin, Megan De Silva
samkat 06/Aug/11 Lead

1st proper lead fully on my own

Hidden 06/Aug/11 2nd
Maddi O'Brien 30/Jul/11 Lead dnf

Needed to get my trad head sorted. Next time.....

with Ruth White
Hidden 24/Jul/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/Jul/11 2nd O/S
CraigMcAteer 14/Jul/11 Lead O/S
Dave Ing 10/Jul/11 2nd O/S
with Nick H
nick hawkins 10/Jul/11 Lead
georgel 03/Jul/11 Lead O/S
with anthony
birthers 02/Jul/11 2nd
with Ruth C
Hidden 02/Jul/11 Lead
antdav 26/Jun/11 Lead

A couple of moves I wouldnt expect on a VDiff

with Bob
sammycolon 26/Jun/11 Lead
cpoad 26/Jun/11 2nd rpt
with John S
Ruth ND 23/Jun/11 Lead rpt

First lead on limestone- Dave and Colin were very patient as I experimented with gear. Climbing is straightforward but fun!

with Dave
Ruth ND 14/Jun/11 2nd O/S
with Fletch
Sam W 11/Jun/11 Lead

Isla's first climb

with Islabikes, Nina Jenkinson
Hidden 11/Jun/11 Lead O/S
Andrew Martin 04/Jun/11 Lead O/S
Lapepina 04/Jun/11 2nd
cpoad 04/Jun/11 Lead rpt
with Richard W
Hidden ?/Jun/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 28/May/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/May/11 2nd rpt
s.c.white 25/May/11 Lead O/S
Pleb 22/May/11 Lead O/S

first trad lead

PaulWatson 19/May/11 2nd O/S

Quite a severe VDiff! Steepest one I've ever done. The block is unavoidable at VDiff, and tricky to execute with grace. NOTE - get in touch(on the forum) if you LOST YOUR ROCKBOOTS near here

with Pete
s4472m 15/May/11 2nd
with Jason Parker
Hidden 14/May/11 2nd O/S
Ybot Htulk 02/May/11 2nd
with Norman
Rob Davies 01/May/11 2nd
with Neil Hyde, Phil Ashton
maherp 25/Apr/11 Lead O/S
Adrian Daniels 23/Apr/11 2nd
with John Parrott
simoncov 17/Apr/11 Lead O/S

Nice route. Didn't like the look of the block, so avoided it on the right with a delicate move, but once on top saw that it was pretty solid.

with LJ
John Bonney 10/Apr/11 Lead O/S

Fun move over block at the top

with Andy Readhead
Hidden 26/Mar/11 2nd O/S
Rosie Hutchins 26/Mar/11 TR O/S
Hidden 20/Mar/11 Lead O/S
crossdressingrodney 20/Mar/11 2nd rpt
with Peter (NLMC)
Hidden 20/Mar/11 2nd O/S
arunthomas 19/Mar/11 2nd O/S
with Shaun E
MarkCunnington 19/Mar/11 Solo O/S
Bede 19/Mar/11 Lead
Hidden 12/Feb/11 Lead
cas smerdon 12/Feb/11 2nd
with Mark S
Hidden ??/2011 2nd O/S
Hidden 14/Nov/10 2nd
mes32 13/Nov/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 31/Oct/10 Lead
Hidden 24/Oct/10 Lead O/S
Paul Robertson 26/Sep/10 Solo
fleapitfan 25/Sep/10 Lead O/S
Ceridwen 19/Sep/10 Lead O/S

We climbed this because we had a piece of gear stuck in the adjacent route which my partner had backed off and it was suprisingly good!

with Andy
Danny Crump 19/Sep/10 2nd O/S
LiL Saz 19/Sep/10 Lead
pffft 18/Sep/10 2nd rpt

Lovely little route, nice safe tricky bit below and going over the block. Me and tom found this much easier than at the beginning of the year, so pleased with how our heads have improved :-)

Andrew Bangs 18/Sep/10 Lead O/S

Getting past the block felt like the hardest bit, but safe and about right for the grade.

with Annya
Annya 18/Sep/10 2nd
PerrinT 18/Sep/10 Lead
puppythedog 30/Aug/10 Lead O/S
Bobling 27/Aug/10 Lead

A bit damp, felt harder than VDiff going up to and round the bulge?

with Chris
bjlsmith 09/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with Misha and SMC
MD 08/Aug/10 2nd
with Craig
Hidden 08/Aug/10 Lead O/S
Chris Sansum 08/Aug/10 2nd O/S
Big Lee 25/Jul/10 Lead O/S

Felt very hard for a Vdiff. Definitely a Severe in my book. Some interesting climbing though with some nice moves although a little dirty in places.

with Polly Gardiner
Hidden 25/Jul/10 -
Dassie 24/Jul/10 Lead O/S

First climb at Shorn Cliff. Nice route and not wet or muddy after the heavy rains. Ignored the cord around first tree at the top - anchored and abbed off the big tree right at the top. Felt a bit harder than a VD at times but has good protection.

Super Si 24/Jul/10 Lead dnf
Helen Gibson 24/Jul/10 Lead O/S
with mark vallance
brockers 23/Jul/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 23/Jul/10 2nd
Hidden 17/Jul/10 Lead O/S
Curly Rich 17/Jul/10 Lead O/S
with Dave F, Ollie
Hidden 10/Jul/10 2nd
Cossar 04/Jul/10 Lead O/S
with Si
MariaT 04/Jul/10 Lead O/S
David Walker 04/Jul/10 2nd O/S
with Maria
martyp 04/Jul/10 Lead O/S
Jacob Ram 01/Jul/10 Lead O/S
Dux 29/Jun/10 Lead rpt
Hidden 29/Jun/10 2nd rpt
canis cibo 26/Jun/10 Lead rpt
with Beard
AndySL 20/Jun/10 Lead O/S
with Deano
ScottyD 19/Jun/10 Lead O/S
greedo 14/Jun/10 2nd
with Emma imc
SharonC1604 13/Jun/10 Lead
suffolknick 12/Jun/10 2nd O/S
zombie_pat 12/Jun/10 Lead O/S
with Nick
Flashy ?/Jun/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 30/May/10 Lead rpt
stuart34 25/May/10 Lead rpt
gilbert 23/May/10 Lead

Seemed hard for a VD

with Elaine Smithson
martinp 23/May/10 Lead
with JanH
Shaky Dog 15/May/10 Lead rpt

With Andy

with Andy
martinp 15/May/10 Lead
with IanH
Andrew Sloan 15/May/10 2nd O/S
with Tim
Sam W 05/May/10 2nd
with Phil
Ian JL 03/May/10 Lead O/S
iskra2000 03/May/10 Lead
canis cibo 03/May/10 2nd rpt
with Gary
benscarter ?/May/10 Lead β

First Trad lead!

stuart34 24/Apr/10 Lead O/S
daveagriff 24/Apr/10 Lead
with Dan Fisher, Paul Cooke
NatD 18/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with Sophie John
pffft 17/Apr/10 Lead O/S
katherinesydney 17/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with andrew hepworth, gary burgess
PerrinT 17/Apr/10 2nd
maresia 11/Apr/10 2nd rpt

Don't pull too hard on the big block!

Kylie 10/Apr/10 Lead O/S
MikeLell 05/Apr/10 Lead O/S

Nice quick route.

with Jamie
pezzerrr 05/Apr/10 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Apr/10 Lead O/S
catt 21/Mar/10 2nd O/S

Wet, muddy and pretty horrible.

with Blane
crossdressingrodney 07/Mar/10 Lead O/S
with Tomar
Tomar 07/Mar/10 2nd O/S
surfer38 13/Feb/10 Lead

First trad lead climb - good one to start on

stvredmond 28/Dec/09 Lead O/S

was extremely difficult for VD. Was slightly damp near the crux.

with Jason Scott
maresia 28/Dec/09 2nd O/S

Could have been the super cold numb hands but it felt loads harder than vdiff

with Billy
Shonkhor 28/Dec/09 Lead O/S

Perhaps I did it wrong but VD climbs don't ususally require 'faith' moves. Nice move coming over the block.

with Ben
canis cibo 17/Oct/09 2nd rpt
cksrealm 17/Oct/09 2nd O/S
D Berry 17/Oct/09 Lead O/S

Big and burly for VD. Care needed with the collection of flakes under the big block.

with Claire Berry
Adam T 13/Oct/09 Lead O/S

First Trad Lead

with Sam
stvredmond 11/Oct/09 2nd
Hidden 11/Oct/09 2nd O/S
Hidden 11/Oct/09 Lead
Bobling 11/Oct/09 Lead
with sredmond
Quarryboy 10/Oct/09 Lead O/S

A bit scetchey quite a bit of lose rock

with Mark Davies, Dave Elder
samtheman22 04/Oct/09 -
dean79 04/Oct/09 Lead O/S
with sharon, Marc Lloyd
marclloyd77 04/Oct/09 2nd
sharon lannie 04/Oct/09 Lead
ASchwirtz 27/Sep/09 2nd O/S
Hidden 26/Sep/09 Lead O/S
wayne clark 20/Sep/09 Lead
peaches69 18/Sep/09 Lead O/S

nice east route to start the day on

with sarah
Hidden 12/Sep/09 Lead O/S
Ugly Kid Jo 12/Sep/09 2nd
AndyFunnell 12/Sep/09 Lead
Trefo 06/Sep/09 Solo rpt

Steady climbing, brilliant fun.Partner made the day 1000x better

with Sophie Fenton
gingergeorge 05/Sep/09 Lead O/S
with Andrea
wilf 30/Aug/09 TR

tried leading first and got stuck on reachy move in middle. well protected but the karma wasn't there. ab'd off than set up top belay to retrieve gear (a very time comsuming scramble), then topped roped. really a v.diff??

with nick f
sdrawkcabeoj 29/Aug/09 2nd

Very nice climb, tough for a VD!

with Chris Dean
Fatclimber 29/Aug/09 2nd β
with Dean Chapman
cpoad 16/Aug/09 2nd rpt
with Jamie L
James_86 15/Aug/09 2nd O/S


with Will
ChristosXpristos 15/Aug/09 Lead
ElvisLeg 11/Aug/09 Lead O/S
with Hugh McCaffee
leigh 03/Aug/09 Lead O/S
with Ed
Hidden 02/Aug/09 2nd
aldred 04/Jul/09 2nd O/S
pboniface 04/Jul/09 Lead O/S
Michelle Piper 04/Jul/09 2nd O/S
cpoad 04/Jul/09 2nd rpt
with John S
Bespoke by Nature 13/Jun/09 Lead O/S
with Jake Townley
Hidden 09/Jun/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 31/May/09 Lead O/S
BennoC 31/May/09 2nd O/S
Hidden 30/May/09 2nd O/S
Hidden 24/May/09 Lead O/S
james.lane 12/May/09 Lead
tincann 12/May/09 2nd O/S
richw2k2 10/May/09 2nd O/S
with Monika
Moniawl 10/May/09 Lead
with rich
chrisjones199 09/May/09 Lead O/S
with Janette
tobyb 07/May/09 2nd O/S
Hidden ?/May/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/Apr/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 21/Apr/09 2nd O/S
Dux 21/Apr/09 Lead O/S
Rob84 19/Apr/09 Lead O/S

in boots

with Will Chivs
wilchivs 19/Apr/09 2nd rpt
with Rob Dyer
Hidden 14/Apr/09 Lead
martinp 05/Apr/09 2nd O/S
with Adam
AdamP 05/Apr/09 Lead O/S
with Martin
Neil Stansbie ?/Apr/09 Lead
Trefo 26/Mar/09 Solo


Hidden 22/Mar/09 2nd
Hidden 22/Mar/09 2nd
Slick 22/Mar/09 Lead
topcover 21/Mar/09 Lead
with Roger Lord
canis cibo 21/Mar/09 Lead O/S
cksrealm 21/Mar/09 2nd O/S
with GMC
Prez 14/Mar/09 Lead rpt
with Kevin
Hidden 14/Mar/09 2nd
snakebite 01/Mar/09 Lead O/S
with Claire Sheehan
rorschach 21/Feb/09 2nd
kev_george 20/Feb/09 Lead O/S
with Sean King
Dunx 11/Jan/09 2nd
with Joe M
joeym 11/Jan/09 Lead
Dave89 29/Nov/08 Lead O/S
Lewis Storey 10/Oct/08 2nd
with JH
Hidden 09/Oct/08 Lead
kylieo 09/Oct/08 2nd
with Phil
Dale ?/Oct/08 Lead O/S
with anne
chrisjones199 21/Sep/08 Lead O/S
with Tom K
pzkeeper 30/Aug/08 Lead O/S
with Dave/Rob
Hidden 30/Aug/08 TR O/S
poey50 27/Aug/08 2nd
with Rowan15
Rowan15 27/Aug/08 Lead O/S
with DP
Hidden 25/Aug/08 Lead O/S
pebbles 19/Jul/08 Lead O/S
with dave d
Simon Caldwell 19/Jul/08 2nd O/S
with Carmen
lithos 19/Jul/08 2nd
Cardi 13/Jul/08 2nd O/S

With Foster variations

with Andy F
daviesp2 14/Jun/08 Lead
with Yas
Hidden 14/Jun/08 2nd O/S
the rec 08/Jun/08 TR O/S
with Anthony
anthonyp 08/Jun/08 Lead O/S
with Sarah Cosker
Hidden ?/May/08 2nd
Prez 26/Apr/08 Lead O/S
with Oli
leerybunny 26/Apr/08 2nd
argyle_dude 18/Mar/08 2nd O/S
grumpyoldjanner 18/Mar/08 Lead O/S
d_meacher 13/Feb/08 2nd O/S
Trisha Murphy 13/Feb/08 Lead O/S
KarlH 06/Jan/08 Lead O/S
with Gemma, Megan & Sulhil
Zygoticgema 06/Jan/08 2nd
with KarlH
3 Names ??/2008 -
nikmorgan ??/2008 2nd
with Adam Eady
TimPerkin 30/Sep/07 AltLd O/S
with Richard Harris
monsteratt ?/Sep/07 Lead O/S
with Ben Hills
upontop ?/Aug/07 Lead O/S
with Chris
Sime64 28/Jul/07 2nd O/S
with Janet
rig 07/Jul/07 Lead O/S
with Jason and Anne
jayne-bravo 07/Jul/07 Lead O/S
with Nick
eagleopus 10/Jun/07 2nd O/S
with Kim
Robbullen 10/Jun/07 Lead O/S
with Gary Buttery
Robbullen 10/Jun/07 Lead O/S
with Gary Buttery
featuresforfeet 20/May/07 Lead O/S
with Laura
Mark Walter 06/May/07 Lead O/S
with Pieta Seppanan
emilyj 05/May/07 Lead O/S
thomasadixon 22/Apr/07 2nd O/S
with Christian
Hidden 20/Apr/07 Lead rpt
nikinko 19/Apr/07 Lead dnf

First 'propper' fall. Lobbed onto a cam and inverted. Good work Mike in keeping me off the deck or the ledges!

nikinko 19/Apr/07 2nd dog

Got back on and seconded it. Still came off at same place, had to work the moves.

Allan Watson 01/Apr/07 2nd
with GaryPreece
Fatclimber ??/2007 Lead O/S
Lev 18/Nov/06 Lead O/S
drysori 14/Oct/06 Solo O/S
David Martin 14/Oct/06 Lead O/S
with DrGav
a_d_tru 20/Aug/06 2nd
with Carol
Wilbur 02/Jul/06 2nd O/S
with Calypso
Hidden 01/Jun/06 2nd O/S
Hidden 16/Jul/05 Lead O/S
naughtybadboy 16/Jul/05 2nd
TimPerkin 19/Jun/05 Lead O/S
with Pete Crowson
dpmUK 18/Jun/05 Lead O/S
with Mike Dixon
dpmUK 18/Jun/05 2nd
with Mike Dixon
Epic Ebdon 18/May/05 Lead O/S
with Rhys Gordon-Jones
Hidden 08/May/05 2nd O/S
Tim W 19/Mar/05 Lead O/S
JamesColeman ??/2005 2nd O/S

Climbed in this area with Ben. Think it was this one?

with Ben
Rob Oram 20/Jun/04 Lead O/S
Andrew1 08/Feb/04 Lead
with Ed Hawkins
bpmclimb 22/Oct/03 2nd O/S
with Clare
Nigel R Lewis 15/Jun/03 2nd
with Stuart Lloyd
MikeC59 03/May/03 Lead
SteveM ??/2003 2nd
with Rosie, Tobs
Neil Curtis 26/Aug/02 2nd
with James Tyson
Hidden 28/Aug/01 Lead
Lepista 20/Aug/00 Lead
DubyaJamesDubya 27/Jun/00 2nd
with Naomi Walker
DubyaJamesDubya 25/Jun/00 2nd O/S
with Cedric Favre
migs493 21/May/00 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Feb/00 2nd
alan moore ??/2000 -
PaulTclimbing ??/2000 Lead
with An N, Trelewis gang, Neville, Pete n Nona et al, Rich T
MartinN 09/May/99 Lead O/S
guy xavier percival 05/Jun/98 Lead O/S
with rod
Hidden 26/May/98 Lead O/S
Hidden 27/May/97 2nd
craig h 01/May/97 Solo O/S
goi.ashmore 16/Mar/97 Solo O/S
Rog Wilko ?/May/94 2nd
with Debbie Wilkinson
ericinbristol ??/1990 Lead O/S
JamieAyres ?/Jun/88 2nd O/S
with Jude Ayres
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