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Ticklists: Cliff bouldering hero, Escaping Norfolk, Push to the 7s - Yorkshire Grit.

Hidden 28/Dec/17 Sent dnf
scarmichael 18/Dec/17 Sent rpt
with AllieM
Harry Chaplin 16/Dec/17 Sent x

A handful of goes helped along with some local knowledge

jess bt 08/Dec/17 Sent O/S

Got well lucky felt like I was falling off every move! Hah.

Wizzy 04/Dec/17 Sent rpt

Fell off the left hand moving to the mono!! I’ll be back

Hidden 02/Dec/17 Sent rpt
noshjewbold 30/Nov/17 Sent x
BRoe 26/Nov/17 Sent x
with Wossy , whitehouse_rhys
Owen Diba 25/Nov/17 Sent x
with Roxana
Ben Turner 23/Nov/17 Sent x
fennerz 19/Nov/17 Sent x
with Mancunians
Hidden 18/Nov/17 Sent rpt
declantate 03/Nov/17 Sent x
with EliC
Kenny6102 30/Oct/17 Sent x
Kengo 28/Oct/17 Sent x

4th session 1st attempt

Hidden 27/Oct/17 -
Hidden 21/Oct/17 Sent rpt
spidermonkey09 14/Oct/17 Sent x

Heel method felt fairly straightforward after using tall mans beta.

Dan Watson 13/Oct/17 Sent x
ollyisaclimber 13/Oct/17 Sent rpt
HRadecki 17/Aug/17 -


scottcoates 29/Jul/17 Sent x
HoboChris 14/Jul/17 Sent x

Felt hard; height dependent maybe?

Hidden 02/Jul/17 Sent x
flatland_warrior 22/Jun/17 Sent
with Tom H
SteveLikesBouldering 10/Jun/17 Sent rpt

Always a pleasure!

MichaelTheVeganClimber 01/May/17 Sent x
esther ?/May/17 Sent
Hidden 22/Apr/17 Sent rpt
super/frets 12/Apr/17 Sent x

Easy when you have bojan there!

Louise Hall 10/Apr/17 Sent x

And so the siege is finally over, after a lot of beta tweaking (right heel on the face-wall for the throw to the break) and a lot of pastries in Font the weeks before! Proper first of the grade.

WillDoyle 05/Apr/17 Sent
funsized 20/Mar/17 Sent x

Paid the price in arm wang for terrible beta.

with all on me todd
nia 18/Mar/17 Sent x
PeterDawson 12/Mar/17 Sent x
Rob Kelly 10/Mar/17 Sent x

Woop! Two shortish sessions. Managed to hit the move to the break with a bit of a beta tweak from Ben. Very satisfying.

with Louise Hall, Ben Meeks, Marianne Lalli
Garrouli 17/Feb/17 Sent x

Took quite a few goes in the end after using some shit beta to start!

with Ioanna
Hidden 13/Feb/17 Sent
scarmichael 13/Feb/17 Sent x

Well happy to tick this off, heelhook by right hand under roof did the job

with Maxx
Hidden 10/Feb/17 Sent x
Timothy Graham Peck 05/Feb/17 Sent x
with Andy
@ndyM@rsh@ll 05/Feb/17 Sent x

Retro flash after trying 8 years ago

with Tim Peck
Hidden 03/Feb/17 Sent
Hidden 29/Jan/17 Sent rpt
Hidden 29/Jan/17 Sent
Hidden 22/Jan/17 Sent rpt
Hidden 21/Jan/17 Sent dnf
Mattlamb90 19/Jan/17 Sent x
with Kath, Sally, Mill, Luke
Alex moore 14/Jan/17 Sent
with Pete
Tom Peeper 14/Jan/17 Sent
with Matt Clarke
Tom173 08/Jan/17 Sent x
Peter87 ??/2017 -
Hidden ??/2017 -
Joey Watts ??/2017 -
Hugobristol 31/Dec/16 Sent x

Let out a power scream to get to the break!

Matchpole 27/Dec/16 Sent
Ashley Oldroyd 20/Dec/16 -
Soundwave_666 14/Dec/16 Sent x
Hidden 04/Dec/16 Sent rpt
Tom Peeper 26/Nov/16 Sent
with Matt Clarke
Ben Grounsell 23/Nov/16 Sent x
Sam Marks 16/Nov/16 Sent rpt
Hidden 15/Nov/16 Sent dnf
Mattlamb90 08/Nov/16 Sent dnf

Held the swing once, sore fingers

with Sally, Mill, Kath
Hidden 26/Oct/16 Sent
Hidden 14/Oct/16 Sent rpt
Callum Smith 02/Oct/16 Sent x
richgibson 02/Oct/16 Sent x
with Ollie , Dave, Tim Wise
Joss Simpson 23/Sep/16 Sent x
Tom Bristow 14/Sep/16 Sent x
Hidden 11/Sep/16 Sent rpt
sam.sam.sam.ferguson 23/Aug/16 Sent O/S
with Stu Ferguson
jammy4536 16/Aug/16 Sent x
Hidden 16/Aug/16 Sent dnf
Will Hunt 19/Jul/16 Sent rpt

Wouldn't normally log a repeat of this but this time was more notable as the car thermometer read 31 degrees. Grim!

with Ellie (LMC)
Robin Nichols 17/Jul/16 Sent x
with Simon, Jim, Roger
92stokesw 05/Jul/16 Sent x
Hidden 18/Jun/16 Sent rpt
ollyisaclimber 24/May/16 Sent x

2 sessions. I spent the first trying every single method in the book before settling on the toe hook in the roof. Went first go on the second session. Psyched!

with Josh
spiderz 02/May/16 Sent x

Changed my right shoe and bingo!

with Laura
iamstebarker 24/Apr/16 Sent
UnkArl 16/Apr/16 Sent dnf
Hidden 16/Mar/16 Sent rpt
Hidden 12/Mar/16 Sent β
daftendirekt 23/Feb/16 Sent rpt
Toby 07/Feb/16 -
with James, Jon, Ben
ChrisCon1991 ?/Feb/16 Sent
BillyRidal 23/Jan/16 Sent β
Hidden 13/Dec/15 Sent dnf
nathanlee 13/Dec/15 Sent x
with Crew
Angus Taylor 21/Nov/15 Sent x
Jus 21/Nov/15 -
Sam Marks 11/Nov/15 Sent x
with Arran Greenop
daftendirekt 01/Nov/15 Sent rpt
mark20 31/Oct/15 Sent x
smawson 18/Oct/15 Sent x
edinbed 14/Oct/15 Sent rpt
Hidden 03/Oct/15 Sent β
JamesTurnbull97 01/Oct/15 Sent x

Always been a nemesis of mine even in good conditions. Surprisingly easy today.

Hidden ?/Oct/15 -
Alex Winter 26/Sep/15 Sent

May have taken too generous a handful of the break after the crux. Ah well, who cares. Surprised I did it after fruitlessly splitting a tip on that bastarding 'Pebble Wall'.

with Jake, Chris, Nat, Matthew, and Alison
alx 20/Sep/15 Sent β

Absolute cracker. Very few climbs are this good and at an amenable grade that most can enjoy. Three stars and should be on every 7A boulders ticklist.

stefelafel 13/Sep/15 Sent x
with Jay C
daftendirekt 13/Sep/15 Sent x

2 sessions total. Went second go today :)

Jay.Carr 13/Sep/15 Sent x
with Stefan Gatti
SteveLikesBouldering 13/Sep/15 Sent x

Finally! Still no idea how anyone gets the heel to stick...

whitehouse_rhys 02/Sep/15 Sent x
lloydrees91 31/Aug/15 Sent x
with ryan
GPN 23/Aug/15 Sent rpt
robman 18/Jul/15 Sent x

2nd go.

Morgan P 24/Jun/15 Sent x
Hidden 22/May/15 Sent
Hidden 17/May/15 Sent x
Coops_13 12/May/15 Sent x


Hidden 25/Apr/15 Sent
Don Jebus 30/Mar/15 Sent x
Hidden 28/Mar/15 Sent rpt
jhustler92 08/Mar/15 -
James Malloch 21/Feb/15 Sent x

First time that go.

with Adam Sells
JoshShaw 21/Feb/15 -
adm_trp 08/Feb/15 Sent

took some working out felt alright when it went

Doug_Mc 24/Jan/15 Sent
JayAyBee ??/2015 Sent x
with Dave
JoeMills ??/2015 Sent
dood1 30/Dec/14 Sent x
tommytwotone 28/Dec/14 Sent

At long, long, long last!

Hidden 28/Dec/14 Sent x
j3z 28/Dec/14 Sent x
Ed carrigan 27/Dec/14 Sent
with mctague
Hidden 20/Dec/14 Sent x
Jack.H.92 13/Dec/14 Sent x
with matt cooke
Matt Cooke 13/Dec/14 Sent x
with Stuart, Jack Hodgson
cjbaker 06/Dec/14 Sent x
Joyce 09/Nov/14 Sent x

Get in! Third or fourth session when I've tried this brilliant problem. Been working on core strength and flexibility recently and it paid off -it went in ten goes today, including remembering the sequence. A superb problem!

david morse 09/Nov/14 Sent x

Finally dispatched!

with KT
tim newton 26/Oct/14 Sent x
with phil dawson, ciaran mullan, chris shepherd
Hidden 26/Oct/14 Sent x
Ciaran Mullan 26/Oct/14 Sent dnf
Ian Broome 25/Oct/14 Sent rpt
Duncan Campbell 18/Oct/14 Sent dnf

Need to work out some beta for the finish or get much stronger. Great climbing though

with Flo, Stadders, Bubbles
peppermill 10/Oct/14 Sent dnf
thegreenboulderer ?/Oct/14 Sent x
Hidden 27/Sep/14 Sent rpt
CallumC 30/Aug/14 Sent

Went fairly quick after a bit of extra beta from a friend!

Hidden 23/Aug/14 Sent x
Theo Moore - UKC and UKH 07/Aug/14 Sent
Tom Peeper 07/Aug/14 Sent rpt
Hidden 22/Jul/14 Sent x
NewHam 05/Jun/14 Sent x
Hidden 19/Apr/14 Sent x
Hidden 23/Mar/14 Sent x
Hidden 23/Mar/14 Sent x
CBA 08/Mar/14 Sent rpt
with Baz, Paul Robins, Pete
Hidden 08/Mar/14 Sent x
Hidden 01/Mar/14 Sent
Hidden 01/Mar/14 Sent rpt
Matt Harle 28/Feb/14 Sent x
bwestwood 16/Feb/14 Sent
Gus 16/Feb/14 Sent
with chris barr, ben rouse
Wizzy 02/Feb/14 Sent x

So pleased!!!

oread 02/Feb/14 Sent x
Peter Reynolds ?/Feb/14 Sent x
Squidinker 21/Jan/14 Sent β
tom rookes 08/Jan/14 -
Jonny Slarke ??/2014 Sent
Sam Lawson ??/2014 -
robertmctague ??/2014 Sent
Joe Lawson ??/2014 Sent x
James Oakes 26/Dec/13 Sent rpt

Heel method

with Tom Martin
Ian Broome 26/Dec/13 Sent rpt

High left foot further right then right toe hook helped getting to big crimp rail.

benj_d 20/Dec/13 Sent
samrad 15/Dec/13 Sent x

2nd go. tried the left finish but didn't have the juice today.

Joe Houghton 10/Dec/13 Sent x
joe.91 09/Dec/13 Sent x

First go today! Felt easy, no neck cramp this time. Did it twice!

henry peter jenkins 01/Dec/13 Sent x

tried the once a few weeks ago but tried again today and got on 3rd go.

james.f.williamson 17/Nov/13 Sent
birdie1989 11/Nov/13 -
Stingraypoindex 05/Nov/13 Sent

Good and hard! Had just about given up on it then figured out the beta of getting the hand back below the break. Just scraped my way up last go.

AshWH 03/Nov/13 Sent β
with crew
Ewan Russell 29/Oct/13 Sent x

Pleased. Never thought I would do this. Lot easier now im a bit stronger.

with Myself!
geddicakes 26/Oct/13 Sent dnf

Got to the break and fell of going from the ear to the mono. *facepalm*

petellis 26/Oct/13 Sent dnf
with Broomy
AlistairB 17/Oct/13 Sent x

Flailed a lot on this in the past, finally found a sequence that works for me. Good to finally get it done, not too bad when it all clicks.

Hidden 05/Oct/13 Sent
Rockwarrior 18/Aug/13 Sent dnf
with Aran O'Carrol
dannyboy83 11/Aug/13 Sent x
np134 02/Jun/13 Sent
TRFrost 12/May/13 Sent x
MikeLeeds 30/Apr/13 Sent x

Softer shoe makes it easier to get your toe in the mid-way hold in the roof. Get a good crimp on the hold half way up the wall rather than open handed.

with Dave Clark
ape1980 29/Apr/13 Sent dnf
Hidden 21/Apr/13 Sent rpt
markalmack 15/Apr/13 Sent
Hidden 15/Apr/13 Sent x
pie_eater_pete 21/Mar/13 Sent x
with bwestwood
Alison2 17/Mar/13 Sent x
jkarran 03/Mar/13 Sent dnf
with Smith
Carter 03/Mar/13 Sent x

First 7A+, cool problem

Ally Smith 03/Mar/13 Sent rpt
with jkarran
monkeymyster 09/Feb/13 Sent x
Dave Mayes 09/Feb/13 Sent
Hidden 02/Feb/13 Sent
C coldwell-storry 13/Jan/13 Sent x

2nd go. great

with rob lay
robblackburn ??/2013 Sent dnf

1 short session. blowing a gale, raining and too much queueing. next time

Hidden 23/Dec/12 Sent rpt
mantle87 13/Dec/12 Sent
beegsyboy 11/Dec/12 Sent x
masonwoods101 03/Dec/12 Sent x
gowdy ?/Dec/12 Sent
akhughes 22/Nov/12 Sent

Easy when you know how.

efrance24234 18/Nov/12 Sent x
riven 03/Nov/12 Sent x
with Joe Swales, Callum
Bennykr 18/Oct/12 Sent x

my demon route finally ticked :D

philipjames 16/Oct/12 Sent
Tophe 16/Oct/12 Sent
with Phil
munch88 12/Oct/12 Sent x
Ian Broome 06/Oct/12 Sent rpt

Struggled to do dolphin belly slap today, but found this ok. Wierd as usually find this a nemesis. Done before, Nov '03

NDD 22/Sep/12 Sent
Hidden 01/Sep/12 Sent
munch88 31/Aug/12 Sent dnf
Hidden 28/Aug/12 Sent x
Harry Holmes 16/Aug/12 Sent rpt
willackers 16/Aug/12 Sent β
with The Boys From Hull
munch88 09/Aug/12 Sent dnf

Fingers to sore defiantly next time

Harry Holmes 26/Jul/12 Sent x
jkarran 06/May/12 Sent

Came together quite quickly

WB 21/Apr/12 Sent
sparkass 04/Apr/12 Sent x

2nd go.

jkarran 27/Mar/12 Sent dnf

Hotter than hell. Close but no cigar

with Grant
andy jennings 03/Mar/12 Sent x

Between showers

BenNorman 29/Feb/12 Sent x

About 3rd go and completely by light pollution, wicked problem!

Niels 26/Feb/12 Sent x
bencoope 26/Feb/12 -
bencoope 25/Feb/12 -
Hidden 19/Feb/12 Sent rpt
jfreeman 19/Feb/12 Sent β
with Ben Freeman, Greg Courtney, Daniel Turner
gregcourtney 19/Feb/12 Sent x
with Dan Turner, bfreeman
bfreeman 19/Feb/12 Sent x
with Greg Courtney, Jon Freeman, Dan Turner
CragDog 05/Feb/12 Sent x
PeteH 30/Jan/12 Sent x
Hidden 26/Jan/12 Sent x
Hidden 21/Jan/12 Sent dnf
jkarran 10/Jan/12 Sent dnf

All the moves in overlapping sections but not linked

Stewart B 06/Jan/12 Sent β
with Dave Redpath
innes ??/2012 Sent x
James Oakes 26/Dec/11 Sent x

Finally, nearly 2 years since I first tried it!

Hidden 18/Dec/11 Sent rpt
Dave Warburton 10/Dec/11 Sent x

Hmm finally managed the last move. Cool problem.

Hidden 19/Nov/11 Sent dnf
Dave Warburton 19/Nov/11 Sent dnf

Still fail that last move. Nice and solid up to there even after 8months without trying.

Hidden 12/Nov/11 Sent rpt
GPN 12/Nov/11 Sent
uptown 02/Nov/11 Sent
uptown 31/Oct/11 Sent
highrepute 31/Oct/11 Sent
uptown 26/Oct/11 Sent
with Dave
jkarran 23/Oct/11 Sent dnf

Need some good beta for the feet/heels

with Aly
jowgli 13/Oct/11 Sent x
jacobjacob 13/Oct/11 Sent x
Hidden ?/Oct/11 Sent
Hidden 09/Sep/11 Sent x
Andrew Barker 31/Aug/11 Sent x

Did it with the heel-toe in the roof - took a while to get it to stick.

clive-greenwood 16/Aug/11 Sent x
with Dave Clarke, Mike Nuttall
MikeLeeds 09/Aug/11 Sent x
Hidden 02/Jun/11 Sent x
markalmack ?/Jun/11 Sent x
Hidden 05/Apr/11 Sent
rockjedi 03/Apr/11 Sent x
DRHolmes 28/Mar/11 Sent
Jack00 20/Mar/11 Sent rpt
Hidden 26/Feb/11 Sent
BobbyG 24/Feb/11 Sent
with dave barret, james gowdy
Hidden 16/Feb/11 Sent x
uptown 08/Feb/11 Sent
with Dave
peterp 07/Jan/11 Sent x

went first time today using the 'back under' beta. Ace problem and the top out was a lot easier than expected

with just me
Hidden 02/Jan/11 Sent x
Hidden 01/Jan/11 Sent x
thebigfriendlymoose ??/2011 -
Bendal ??/2011 -
Mattyk 20/Dec/10 Sent rpt

1st time i've managed to repeat it. And i 'retro flashed' it Best conditions ever at Almscliff today! sunny but still frozen.. Superb!

with huw
Hidden ?/Dec/10 -
Jack00 24/Nov/10 Sent rpt
with Simon and Hannah
Hidden 20/Nov/10 Sent rpt
Hidden 07/Nov/10 Sent rpt
PaulOgden 07/Nov/10 Sent O/S
Hidden 06/Nov/10 Sent rpt
Hidden 30/Oct/10 Sent rpt
little dude 16/Oct/10 Sent
loonyclimber 02/Oct/10 Sent rpt

Nice to repeat, couldnt link the left hand.

with Lee & Big Rob
Hidden 16/Sep/10 Sent x
peewee2008 28/Aug/10 Sent rpt
Hidden 25/Jul/10 Sent rpt
Boj S 18/Jul/10 Sent x
peewee2008 11/Jul/10 Sent rpt
with Caleb
Hidden 22/Jun/10 Sent rpt
rtatham ?/Jun/10 -
Oliver 23/Apr/10 Sent


peewee2008 04/Apr/10 Sent rpt
with Caleb
Hidden 04/Apr/10 Sent rpt
Hidden 13/Mar/10 Sent x
Daniel_Boocock 13/Mar/10 Sent x
Chad123 06/Mar/10 Sent dnf

Making progress but still finding crux hard....

with James Humble
Hidden ?/Feb/10 Sent rpt
mattyork2 23/Jan/10 Sent dnf
with Johnny Richard, James Karran, Pete Ellis, Alistair Robertson
Hidden 23/Jan/10 Sent dnf
jkarran 23/Jan/10 Sent dnf

Couple of quick goes. Looks and feels doable with work. Good possible winter/spring project.

with Team
leepip 23/Jan/10 Sent

did it heel hook way brilliant problem

with ben, justine, GUY VG
simon kimber ??/2010 Sent
CBA ??/2010 -
RossG ??/2010 -
Mike Goldthorp 28/Dec/09 Sent x

Easy when you know how

hebson 26/Dec/09 Sent
GPN 26/Dec/09 Sent
with Annette
Alex Mason 22/Dec/09 Sent x

Psyched, just, just tall enough to reach crimp with feet on back, technical.

with Joel Nunn, Billy Laurence
Will Hunt 13/Dec/09 Sent x

Took long enough! About 4 sessions worth of work to get the right sequence and cold conditions when I wasn't injured in some way before a quick send. RH to jug. LH to lip. Left toe on the block and right toe in the toe dish. RH lip. LH crimp. Match. Shift foot to jug. Go!

Rowansb 13/Dec/09 Sent x
peewee2008 13/Dec/09 Sent x

3 tries ,ace problem, really nacky, easy once it goes

with Caleb
Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe 05/Dec/09 Sent
with Rachel Hassall
petellis 13/Nov/09 Sent dnf
Hidden 07/Nov/09 Sent rpt
JM 10/Oct/09 Sent x
with Ashley Clarke
Jack00 02/Aug/09 Sent rpt
clairey ?/Jul/09 Sent
loonyclimber 12/May/09 Sent x

Finally! Cheers to Steve R for the heel beta! I knew there must be a short blokes way!

Hidden 03/May/09 Sent
kippa 15/Apr/09 Sent
Hidden 01/Apr/09 Sent
Jack00 31/Mar/09 Sent rpt
nai 18/Mar/09 Sent x
Hidden 11/Mar/09 Sent rpt
Hidden 23/Feb/09 Sent rpt
Hidden 14/Feb/09 Sent x
Nik Jennings ??/2009 Sent x
mugglewump ??/2009 Sent
Hidden ??/2009 -
OffshoreAndy 07/Dec/08 Sent
Ram MkiV 28/Oct/08 Sent

did this + others, si's, etc. then had a quick session on underhand. Got good beta and figured out but too cold/dark/tired to convert. can't wait to go back

with Al
AndyGodber75 27/Oct/08 Sent
with Rhys P
Mattyk 27/Oct/08 Sent x

I haven't been this happy since i climbed great western, felt strong on it. 1st go nowhere near, 2nd go, latched rail for 1st time, 3rd go: messed up top out sequence 4th go: YES!!! 3rd session this season! great start to the winter just don;t know what to get on next :o)

Jack00 02/Oct/08 Sent x

Finally after a few days of effort. Went up after work and did it 4th go in the dark! Awesome problem.

Hidden ?/Apr/08 Sent x
Mattyk 27/Feb/08 Sent dnf

Up because bad day at work, needed fresh air. Got some valuable beta... another way of doing it... maybe this way will work?

Hidden 10/Feb/08 Sent rpt
andy gravestock 28/Jan/08 Sent x

got the beta from local andy.

Ram MkiV 19/Jan/08 Sent x

2nd go today since last doing doing it. Remembered the sequence though!

with andi e
Hidden 19/Jan/08 Sent x
Hidden 06/Jan/08 Sent rpt
Arisdad ??/2008 Sent
Richard Hession 30/Dec/07 Sent x
Chazz 23/Dec/07 Sent x
Hidden 22/Dec/07 Sent rpt
Hidden 01/Dec/07 Sent rpt
Hidden 12/Nov/07 Sent rpt
Hidden ?/Nov/07 Sent x
alaan 31/Oct/07 Sent x
Hidden 13/May/07 Sent rpt
RossG123 ??/2007 -
Hidden ??/2007 -
lx 22/Dec/06 Sent
with rupert
Hidden 21/Dec/06 Sent β
Hidden User 56 19/Nov/06 Sent x
with Andi_e
Nick Beckett ?/Sep/06 Lead
with various
Nick Beckett ?/Sep/06 Lead
with various
Nick Beckett ?/Sep/06 Lead
with various
Nick Beckett ?/Sep/06 Lead
with various
Hidden 28/Mar/06 Sent rpt
nige 04/Mar/06 Sent
Ram MkiV 04/Feb/06 Sent

to top break. Was the first time doing the easier moves via mono after the first good break - nearly muffed it.

with Webbo, Rob & Al
Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe 15/Jan/06 Sent rpt
with Big team
oldmanrivers ??/2006 Lead
Nick Beckett ??/2006 Solo
ewen ??/2006 -
ewen ??/2006 -
Boy ??/2006 -
Strong Steve 13/Nov/05 Sent x
Hidden 29/Oct/05 Sent x
Grimny-lyn - the merry dwarf ?/Aug/05 Sent x
pezzerrr ??/2005 Sent x
Chris Reid ??/2005 -
Hidden ?/Oct/04 Sent x
jamesrhindle ??/2004 -
Dave Douglas ??/2004 Sent
Hidden ??/2004 -
Hidden 05/Apr/03 Sent x
Hidden ?/Mar/03 Sent x
Hidden ?/Apr/02 Sent x
whispering nic ?/Mar/02 Solo
whispering nic ?/Mar/02 Solo
Hidden ?/Feb/02 Sent
+4apeindex ??/2002 -
Paul Boardman ??/2002 Sent x
Hidden 04/Oct/01 Sent
Hidden ?/Feb/01 Sent
Hidden User 56 ??/2001 -
Hidden User 56 ??/2001 -
Hidden ??/2000 -
jameshiggins ??/1998 -
Mike Owen ?/Oct/97 Sent
with Ewan McCallum, Pete Chadwick, Mark Hounsley, Elaine Owen
John Southworth ?/Feb/97 Sent
John Southworth ?/Feb/97 Sent x
switch ??/1997 Sent x
leathers ?/Sep/96 Sent x
Hidden ??/1996 Sent
Paul Clarke ??/1992 Sent
with Unsure
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