Felicity Eperon 13/Jan Solo
with Stephen
Hidden 11/Jan Solo
AliGilmour 11/Jan Solo O/S

An after-Birthday day out! Stunning day!

Liam Watson 11/Jan Solo rpt
adamvisick 11/Jan Solo O/S

Impeccable conditions, first one's across of the day. Quite literally t-shirt weather, was so fine as to be able to see all the way to the Cuillin!

with Butler!
Chirs 11/Jan Solo
sblake 07/Jan Solo O/S
with matt
Hidden 07/Jan -
Simnel 07/Jan -
dmorgan27 06/Jan AltLd

Deep snow. First on route meant kicking steps and route finding. Started and finished in dark, 10 hours. One abseil just after Am Bodach. Roped up for pinnacles about 3/4 of the way.

J Whittaker 28/Dec/17 AltLd O/S
with Ben Turner
Hidden 28/Dec/17 -
Hidden 28/Dec/17 -
PatrickBoothroyd 20/Dec/17 Solo

Thick fog throughout climb. Descent hardest part

with MegWan
JFT 16/Dec/17 Lead

Turns out 30 meters isn't enough rope for abseil at the start so did in two. Rope got stuck on 2nd abseil and had to climb to re-adjust; twice! Great weather and while there was no neve, conditions were good. All round superb day and very happy to of got this route in before the turbo thaw...

with Hayden
Pero 09/Dec/17 Solo

Tricky snow conditions.

Alex the Alex 01/Dec/17 Lead
with Jake A
Kevin Woods 29/Nov/17 Solo

By headtorch and moon; up mid evening, down after midnight. Brilliant.

with Oliver Skeoch
Lamb 26/Nov/17 Solo O/S

7 hours Glen to Glen. First time on the ridge, deep powder and snowed up rock condition. Beautiful afternoon. Braw times.

with Lewis Ferguson
alexcollins123 18/Nov/17 Solo O/S

Not quite full on winter yet, but iced up throughout. Superb conditions. 4.5 hours from car to the end. Another hour getting down, and another hour back to the car.

with Ro Ro
Retro Rowan 18/Nov/17 Solo O/S


joeflan 12/Nov/17 Solo O/S

roped together, brilliant day out amazing light

edprince 13/Apr/17 Lead

Took a group of 6 up, fabulous day.

aldoh 26/Mar/17 2nd

Scottish Guide Weekend Winter Grade 2

Hidden 23/Mar/17 Solo
dan_waterston 22/Mar/17 2nd
RhinoUK 18/Mar/17 Solo
with LJJ77
LJJ77 18/Mar/17 Solo O/S

Lots of soft slushy snow and wet elsewhere but a really good route ended up just taking the rope for a walk but better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it very slippery but nice enjoyable scrambling my favourite ridge route now

with Dave
rwight 11/Mar/17 Solo

Did East-West. Snow wet & slushy. Rock very greasy. Abbed off last big pinnacle down greasy slabs.

with Andy H
badgerjockey 11/Mar/17 Lead

Not much snow - only had crampons on for short sections. Cloud came and went so exposure levels shifted but ended up glorious once the worst was over. Great pub at the bottom! Pine marten scat at the top?

with Si
Chris Homewood (Swindon MC) 09/Mar/17 -

Ropes up. Clive led. Andy, Lee & Theresa were in a 3 also.

with Clive Vardakis, Martin Newman, Ed Watts, Simon Preuss
George.D 05/Mar/17 AltLd
Baggie 05/Mar/17 Solo

Lovely day for it.

wchan 05/Mar/17 -
Mr Fuller 05/Mar/17 Solo
with Rich Pooley
Daniela Balslev 05/Mar/17 Solo

excellent conditions and sunshine

ChrisH89 04/Mar/17 Solo O/S

West to east traverse. Wet, windy and generally miserable weather gave way to benign if a little cloudy conditions just as we reached the start of the ridge. Decent conditions with reasonably consolidated snow. Carried rope and small rack but the climbing was never hard or sustained enough to require it. Crux was probably the final ascent to Am Bodach which is often abseiled on a traverse in the opposite direction - involved a slightly sketchy traverse above a big drop.

Alpenglow 04/Mar/17 Solo O/S

Day started off with rain and strong winds but once up on the ridge it was surprisingly good weather, with little wind. Visibility was patchy. Went west to east and the ridge was technically interesting but never too hard as we didn't have to get the rope out.

with Alice B, Chris H, Jem
BStar 03/Mar/17 AltLd O/S

What an amazing day. Very warm, blue sky, snow a bit soft, very alpine. 7:45 set off, 1.25h to the ridge, last summit at 14:00, descent down by pap 1.5h, hitch hiked back to the car for 16:00.

lucyh 03/Mar/17 -

Brilliant weather-cloudless skies, brilliant day. Snow could have been more consolidated in places. Moving together

wjcdean 03/Mar/17 AltLd O/S

Probably the best weather I've ever had in scotland. The route looked completely stripped from the road but actually there is quite a lot of snow up there. Pitched 2 or 3 sections and moved together for the rest. Descended towards the pap then down to the road. 8.25 hours total. Managed to hitch a lift back to car pretty much straight away which was the best feeling ever.

epic ed 03/Mar/17 -
with John Barrett, Ben M
Ian Hinkins 01/Mar/17 Solo
Hidden ?/Mar/17 -
Mattlloyd10 28/Feb/17 -
Hidden 27/Feb/17 AltLd rpt
Juliankitesurfer 27/Feb/17 AltLd
Jon Ellis 25/Feb/17 Solo

The heavy rain and warm temperatures Fri night/ Sat morning have almost stripped the route bare of snow. Axe and crampons were not used. Any snow left was unconsolidated but mainly isolated to higher level ground. Very wet rock but enjoyable day. Horrible walk up to Am Bodach but the weather gamble paid off at the summit when the cloud and rain cleared with spectacular views for the whole afternoon. Not correct to log this as a winter climb but did so in case others wanted info on conditions.

Trace 24/Feb/17 AltLd
arose 24/Feb/17 Lead

Lots of snow and very busy. Should consolidate nicely over the next couple of days.

with Clients
Fino 23/Feb/17 AltLd
Tom Livingstone 17/Feb/17 Solo

59 minutes for the ridge.

with Doman
Hidden 17/Feb/17 Solo
Neil McA 17/Feb/17 Lead rpt
with chris tennel, matt gowar
Naomi.P 17/Feb/17 Solo O/S

Not really summer or winter conditions. Wore winter boots and had an axe for stability but not a huge amount of snow. Really fun! Drove up from London overnight, slept for an hour in the layby then got on it and down around 2- not a quick traverse! Sun shone :)

with Leo H
leopolian 17/Feb/17 Solo

Not really winter conditions at all... Slushy mess in parts. Still a fantastic route and did it on an hours sleep after driving up from London that day!

Hidden 17/Feb/17 Solo O/S
Dave Richards 13/Feb/17 -

Moved together as a 3, me at the back. Low visibility and quite gusty in places made for an adventurous day out.

with sjbrook, Dan PMC
sjbrook 13/Feb/17 -

Amazing long route. Moved together. Only used 1 axe. Abseiled on to ridge at start and down slab after pinnacles. Snow was thin and unconsolidated in places. Very wind on the walk in and walk off but not too problematic on the ridge itself. Thank you so much to whoever found our Axe's and placed them under the van and stuck the sign on the window, would totally have lost them!

with Dan , PMC, Dave Richards
olddirtydoggy 12/Feb/17 Solo O/S

Amazing alpine route. Conditions were sporty.

papasmurf 12/Feb/17 2nd

Very windy day but settled across some parts of the ridge especially the pinnacles...lovely day, wind gusts quite strong 50-60 mph at times but no real difficulties.

with Simon Stokes
Hidden 11/Feb/17 Solo O/S
salix 11/Feb/17 Solo

Brilliant day. Dawdling up in high winds, then caught the lovely weather on the pinnacles. Turf frozen, powder beginning to consolidate but not there yet. One axe, though often better with just hands. Needed one ab at end of pinnacles section down tricky slab.

bc44caesar 11/Feb/17 AltLd
HP9 10/Feb/17 Solo

Great day out. Plenty of snow, but not well consolidated and no ice. 8 hrs round trip.

with Finbarr Mullin
Hidden 08/Feb/17 AltLd rpt
Hidden 08/Feb/17 Lead rpt
DaveThexton 07/Feb/17 AltLd O/S
Jenn_Stretton 07/Feb/17 AltLd
cacheson 05/Feb/17 -
with SarahA
SarahA 05/Feb/17 -

Soloed most of it with a rope on one tricky slab on Pinnacles. Quite pleasant weather despite complete lack of view. Deep powder on most of it. Also with Augmas and Ben.

bljp 05/Feb/17 Solo O/S
JamieGreig 05/Feb/17 AltLd O/S
Quid04 29/Jan/17 Solo
Derek Graham 23/Jan/17 Solo
wheelsucker 23/Jan/17 Solo

Very dry conditions with some verglas on the shaded side of the ridge

luckyjim 22/Jan/17 Lead
with Savannah
Jonny Holmes 14/Jan/17 Solo
with Gareth Chalker
Gemmazrobo ?/Jan/17 Solo

wet snow made slow going not to slide down slabs, visibility poor but found something wintery enough

graemew ??/2017 -
graemew ??/2017 -
Ids1165 ??/2017 Lead
Pete96 ??/2017 -
Hidden ??/2017 -
Hidden ??/2017 Solo
boyson 27/Nov/16 AltLd

Mixture of old snow and extremely verglassed rock.

Hidden 26/Nov/16 AltLd
PeteMc 26/Nov/16 AltLd O/S

Moving together

HaddRoots 24/Nov/16 Solo
Garry_C 24/Nov/16 Solo
Hidden 24/Nov/16 Solo
Hidden 23/Nov/16 -
joe_lancs 23/Nov/16 -

2 abseils (already equipped)

HarrisonConnie1996 20/Nov/16 Lead

Stunning weather & views, plenty of fresh snow making some sections awkward - Soloed easier sections and pitched a few tricky bits - 2 abseils required.

with John Reilly & Ian Proudfoot
Pete Lindley 05/Nov/16 Solo
Hidden ?/Nov/16 -
Gawyllie 09/Apr/16 Solo

West to East, Interesting conditions, couple of inches of fresh snow on wet rock.

nathalierr 31/Mar/16 2nd
7toes 31/Mar/16 Solo
neal 30/Mar/16 Solo

Very benign snow conditions, poor vis at first then glorious sunshine. Could have done it in fell shoes and a pair ahead of us did.

Garry_C 30/Mar/16 Solo

Fantastic ridge, snow was soft so axe wasn't useful for the 'climbing' was more winter scrambling conditions, brilliant none the less. Gave Boli a fright with a stupid unnecessary fall of one of the pinnacles, managed fine second time round. Pinnacles lasted longer than I was expecting - a bonus.

with Balaz
Cornish boy 29/Mar/16 Lead O/S

A very long day...and night! We underestimated the length and seriousness of the route. Lots of fresh snow and moving as a three on the rope made for slow progress. We pitched quite a few sections, especially after darkness fell. 35m rope was just long enough for the 2 abseils [off Am Bodach and just after the pinnacles]. Despite having a bit of an epic in really tricky conditions it was a memorable day out and, for us, a real mountaineering challenge and adventure. However, we need to be more efficient at moving quickly over exposed terrain.

with Sean, Adam Yearnshire
abi.k.l 28/Mar/16 AltLd O/S
with David
David Kay 28/Mar/16 AltLd O/S
Jon Chilton 10/Mar/16 2nd

Beautiful. Lead by Dave Woods - learnt a lot. Knots, rope work, quick belays, moving as a team.

peachos 10/Mar/16 Lead

Roped up and moved together the whole Ridge leading James and Dave. Great learning experience. Dave and Jon following.

Hidden 10/Mar/16 AltLd rpt
Ghastlyrabbitfat 10/Mar/16 Lead

Fantastic weather and ridge in superb condition: a full three star day. Followed Peachos rope of three with Jon.

with Jon Chilton
Will Jerram 09/Mar/16 2nd O/S

A perfect Winter blue sky, fresh snow day makes this a great day. Superb conditions. Tough on the old knees for decent. Its a must.

with Jon Jerram, Mike Pescod
stuart34 09/Mar/16 Solo
with Fowler
AndyL 07/Mar/16 Solo O/S
jamiefoxen 07/Mar/16 Solo
atthedropofahat 06/Mar/16 AltLd

What a route, Sammy's first winter route. Excellent weather, good snow conditions. Long day due to skill fade. Moved most of the ridge together. 3 Pitches, 3 abseils.

Joel Miller 06/Mar/16 Solo
with Charlotte Nelson, Will, Erin Stoll
sammyblack 06/Mar/16 AltLd O/S
Hidden 06/Mar/16 Lead
Charlotte Nelson 06/Mar/16 Solo
with Erin, will, Joel
crag_hopper_Jay 06/Mar/16 Solo O/S
nicjbuk 05/Mar/16 AltLd

Ok condition. Not much usable ice for axe but good snow cover. 6.5 hours glen to glen. Descent via the pap .

Hidden 05/Mar/16 Solo O/S
Hidden 05/Mar/16 Solo
TeeBee 05/Mar/16 Solo

W to E - calm & clear

Nicholas Wylie 05/Mar/16 Solo
Euan Todd 05/Mar/16 Solo rpt

Done with 10 SUMC folk. Abbed off Am Bodach and soloed the rest, awesome sunny winter day!

HardenClimber 04/Mar/16 Solo

Superb outing. Quite windy, lots of snow and ice. Quite delicate in places - at the harder end of what it can. Abseiled awkward descent (holds covered with soft snow).

with Tony Westcott, Adrian Hart, Hamish Gillespie, Ben Wyatt
Keenb 03/Mar/16 AltLd
Steton Krawspracht 03/Mar/16 Lead

Beautiful start to the day turning cloudy but hardly any wind. Abseiled `the difficult bit` down from the summit of Am Bodach. Snow slushy in places. Roped to partner on `the Pinnacles`. Interested to compare this scramble in Summer. Took a while until the easier section after Sgorr nam Fiannaidh. Long day but great experience.

with Deanna
Liam Watson ?/Mar/16 Solo rpt
doc_h 28/Feb/16 Solo rpt

With daughter and her partner, (both a third of my age). No cloud, no wind until later in the day. Lovely cold crisp conditions. Descent from Am Bodach needed some thought but everywhere else really straight forward and a fantastic winter outing yet again. Left car at around 8:30am, Reached Am Bodach summit at around 10am, Sgorr nam Finnaidh at about 2pm including lunch stop. Finally a rather tedious descent back to road and up to the Clachaig. Then my daughter's partner got changed into shorts and and running shoes and ran back up the road to get the car while we downed a pint!

stuart90 28/Feb/16 Solo

Abseiled first difficulties. Great route, well trodden path. Conor put up a serious pace.

westleas 28/Feb/16 Lead rpt

Glorious day, great conditions

with Rebecca
gilmour_789 28/Feb/16 Solo

5hrs 25mis glen to glen. Amazing day! First on the ridge, t shirt and sunglasses all the way and a few bum-slides on the descent! Path firm and well consolidated but the untouched snow is entirely unbonded

HelenB 27/Feb/16 Solo
with Paul, TimDay
Flood 27/Feb/16 Solo

Great day day out with exceptional weather.

timday 27/Feb/16 Solo

Just fantastic; on a weekend of exceptionally good weather too. Abbed a couple of descents (offered a couple of parties behind use of our rope off Am Bodach, which was reciprocated later thanks) and briefly roped up with Paul and moved together to thread the trickiest bit of the pinnacles.

with PaulA, HelenB
RUDIN.J.D.H 27/Feb/16 AltLd O/S

Perfect condition made even easier with a well trodden and defined route. Enjoyed every moment of the ridge. Well worth the wait

with Phil Behen
paul_the_northerner 27/Feb/16 -

amazing weather, snow beginning to melt in some places late in the day.....sun was setting when we began our decent so it was dark once we got to the road.

MysteriousCeorl 26/Feb/16 -
with Simon
SJPowderham1 26/Feb/16 Lead

Incredible conditions - amazing winter day out.

with Dave Harrison, Ben Davies, Matt Walne
greylag 26/Feb/16 AltLd
andymcronald 26/Feb/16 -
Pero 26/Feb/16 -
Gem Minihan 26/Feb/16 Solo
Barry Kerslake 26/Feb/16 Solo
with Gem
bradholmes 25/Feb/16 AltLd O/S

Nice abseil near the start of the ridge proper. Still some soft snow and ice thin in places but in good nick.

with Neil
r_o_b_h2 25/Feb/16 AltLd O/S

Great route and a nice still day with a high cloud base giving some great views. The slog up Am Bodach went on forever. Moved together with powdery conditions. Bit of a circus at the first tricky descent section. Abbed this and overtook three parties, abbed the slab near the end. 6hrs road to road and a successful hitch from outside the SYH from a friendly local.

with Chris Moore
CMoore 25/Feb/16 -
NeilHowarth 25/Feb/16 AltLd O/S
place1323 24/Feb/16 -

Awesome weather and great conditions

Hidden 23/Feb/16 Lead O/S
Anna Riley 23/Feb/16 Solo
Alex Riley 23/Feb/16 Solo O/S

Amazing weather

Davesmith1981 22/Feb/16 Solo

solo with dave

with Dave Percy
Roger Burrows 20/Feb/16 AltLd dnf

Headed to Glen Coe from Edinburgh Friday night/Saturday Morning. Weather was not promising. Started out at 7.30am and were heading back by 11.00am, after two of our party of four decided the weather was too bad and we should head back. A good decision, as on the way back it was white out conditions and we got lost near some very steep slopes and had to navigate our way down. We had roped up at the summit of Am Bodach, ready for the ridge, and had made it to the abseil at the start. The wind was really blowing, and so with loads of spindrift and only 100m visability we decided it wasn't to be. A rather rubbish day but was made better by lots of beer and being safe and warm in the Clachaig!

martin c 15/Feb/16 Lead O/S

with Steve and Marco from WMC great day and conditions

Hidden 15/Feb/16 AltLd O/S
JenRoberts 15/Feb/16 2nd

An utterly immmense day with great weather and stunning views.

with Ollie
nelstrop 14/Feb/16 Solo O/S

Aonach eagach with Claire and coops. Amazing day out, good down about 2!

Zoe Cockburn 14/Feb/16 Solo

Abbed the first section from Am Bodach, soloed the rest. The pinancles were great fun

Hidden 14/Feb/16 Solo O/S
Mike Hewitt 14/Feb/16 AltLd O/S

One ab at the start, moved together for most of the rest. Was glad of the rope for a 2 or 3 sections. Would solo in good conditions, after a little more practice with my tools.

Hidden 14/Feb/16 Solo
Hidden 14/Feb/16 AltLd O/S
Hidden 12/Feb/16 -
roym 12/Feb/16 Solo
with Ben Maybee, Eliot Bianco
BMaybee 12/Feb/16 Solo
with Eliot Bianco, roym
Hidden 12/Feb/16 AltLd
DavidMcK 11/Feb/16 Solo

Night ascent

Richard Abel 11/Feb/16 Solo
with Hugh
mzchambers 11/Feb/16 Solo O/S
lu 11/Feb/16 Solo
Timothy Miller 11/Feb/16 Solo O/S

night ascent

Martin McKenna - UKC 11/Feb/16 Solo

Night Traverse. Left car at 10:45pm. Back at 4:40am

calumhicks 11/Feb/16 Solo O/S

Night traverse

with Lucie, Tim Miller, Martin Mckenna, Richard, David McKinney, Adz, Hugh Simons
Hidden 11/Feb/16 -
Hugh Simons 11/Feb/16 Solo O/S

Night traverse under a clear starry sky, no moon. Saw the Aurora too. Very enjoyable and in good condition just now!

Hidden 11/Feb/16 2nd
sparbus 06/Feb/16 Solo

main section of interest took 2 hours

with mike b
flying el burro ?/Feb/16 -
Sam Husband 16/Jan/16 -

Roped up with Tom for most of the ridge whilst Ed soloed around in an excitable frenzy. Lots of powder everywhere and snow was quite heavy at times. Learnt about the versatility of a pair of Black Diamond ice axes, as they are also quite good at clawing on to turf and rocks underneath a few feet of snow. Approx 8hrs.

with Ed, Tom
Stroppy 16/Jan/16 Solo

Definitely worth the drive up from Manchester (and the 3hrs of freezing cold sleep in a pop up tent on the side of the road). weather was not kind with low cloud and wind whipping the snow up - gave it all a very epic feeling though. Quite precarious in sections with a lot of unconsolidated powder.

tombushell 16/Jan/16 -
kermit_uk 14/Jan/16 Solo O/S

Used rope to ab 2 short sections solo'd the rest. Great day out though longer and harder than expected, very soft powdery snow everywhere. No neve and lots of soft turf underneath.

with Steve Woolass
Samantha Dickson 13/Jan/16 2nd
with Tom Shaw
Hidden 13/Jan/16 Lead O/S
euanmci 12/Jan/16 Solo

Fairly deep snow along ridge, tough going on more gentle and sheltered sections of walking. Turf frozen. Team of three, although rope never used and only five crampons worn.

Robertgiddy 12/Jan/16 Solo

Climbed with one crampon which made it interesting.

tomdude 09/Jan/16 -

Thoroughly enjoyable, excepting the direct descent S from Sgurr nam F at the end

with marie
marie_p 09/Jan/16 -

Nice frozen turf, plenty of snow but not particularly consolidated. A quiet day up there but lots of fun!

with Tom
PEccleston 01/Jan/16 2nd
JonoDHawkins 01/Jan/16 AltLd

First real winter route, and in what poor nick it was. Lots of sketch moments with soft snow on the surface and thawing turf but all in all a reasonable introduction I think!

DavidWilby 01/Jan/16 AltLd
laurence_falconer 01/Jan/16 Lead
with Anna Bienkowska
duncanedgley 01/Jan/16 Lead
Hidden ?/Jan/16 Solo
duncanbutler ?/Jan/16 -
Hidden ??/2016 -
mountain musher ??/2016 -
mountain musher ??/2016 -
a_hein 13/Dec/15 -

Great day out!

with Clare, Rob Adams, Sam Chinnery
robertmichaellovell 13/Dec/15 -

untracked wading, very good

with Sam, Clare, Andy H
jamesgr87 22/Nov/15 AltLd O/S
Pina 21/Nov/15 Solo

Fairly wintery but not quite winter 'nick', dusting of snow, surface ice in places but didn't use spikes.

with Pete, Ryan
Dingchav 21/Nov/15 Solo
petecurt 21/Nov/15 Solo

Snow not quite consolidated, so scrambled with care. Great ridge, blue skies and only one other group on the ridge all day!

with Ryan, Jo
dtbrad 21/Nov/15 Solo O/S

Fantastic day, lots of snow for that time of year, skys were clear throughout so got the views we were after

with Lewis Mckenzie, Andy Harris, Neil Hall
Hidden 12/Apr/15 Lead
ESmith 12/Apr/15 2nd
with Katie
Little AndyH 05/Apr/15 AltLd O/S
EuanM 04/Apr/15 AltLd

Not ideal conditions with wet heavy snow, verglas rock and no visibility. Still good fun and a challenging day out. Abseiled down the initial crux as we weren't confident down climbing.

Avinash Aujayeb 01/Apr/15 -
with Max Hunter
roym ?/Apr/15 Solo
Hidden 27/Mar/15 Solo
Hidden 21/Mar/15 -
Siobhann 21/Mar/15 -
sj87 21/Mar/15 Solo
seanhendo123 14/Mar/15 Solo

Not really a winter traverse but not a summer one either. Crampons and axe were needed for a while but then turned into a scramble missing the scattered icy sections. Great day out none the less with perfect weather all day. Will get back next season for a "proper" winter traverse

with Sarah
Andrew Holden 14/Mar/15 Solo
JasonV 13/Mar/15 -
with John, Jon
Andy Syme 13/Mar/15 Solo

More alpine than full winter conditions, but with the great weather conditions it was a cracking day out

with Pete Elliott
thrutch 28/Feb/15 Lead O/S
with Craig
flat eric 25/Feb/15 AltLd
with Jacob K
danieleaston 21/Feb/15 AltLd

Great day. Deep soft snow made progress slow

with Matt
Hidden 21/Feb/15 2nd
LJC 16/Feb/15 Lead

Good neve to start with, before everything got covered in 10cm of fresh powder. Moved together for most of it, and short roped Alex on some of the steep downclimbs, and pinnacles. 7:30hrs car to car.

with Alex
Hidden 15/Feb/15 AltLd O/S
Hidden 14/Feb/15 AltLd O/S
Euan Todd 14/Feb/15 -

Did on the first day of an SUMC trip with Liam. Started nice and early and finished in plenty time. Moved together for the Pinnacles but it felt pretty easy (good practice with the rope at least!) Great day out!

veletron 14/Feb/15 -

We were the 2x3 and 1x2 groups. Good day out, but pretty bare over pinnacles especially. Weather better than expected with some views. Used slings for last man down over pinnacles. 50M rope needed for initial ab.

with Jim, Harvey
Alfie Maun 14/Feb/15 AltLd O/S

snow line was high ~900m, nice neve ontop.

Hidden 14/Feb/15 -
barney@helmshore 14/Feb/15 -

Great day out with James. Roped up from the initial abseil and moved together till after the pinnacles. Snow was ok, but soft in places, hardly used the axes. needed a 50m rope to be safe on abseil and although we took a rack didn't use it. However did see plenty of others using gear. For anybody wondering what to take a few slings and maybe some hex's should cover it.

with James W
steve7734 14/Feb/15 Lead O/S

Pretty bare conditions for the time of year, with lots of crampons against bare rock. Great fun though. Moved solo for most of it but roped up and moved together over the pinnacles

with Rich Preston
dakidunn 12/Feb/15 Solo
BnB 12/Feb/15 -

Good neve but conditions need a refresh. We soloed as a rope seems too much faff.

Hidden 08/Feb/15 -
Alex Thomson 08/Feb/15 Solo
Somerset swede basher 08/Feb/15 Solo O/S
with Jon Miles
Hidden 07/Feb/15 Solo
Hidden 07/Feb/15 Solo
alan.rodger 06/Feb/15 AltLd rpt

Moved together in superb winter conditions.

morsg 06/Feb/15 -
danwilliams99 02/Feb/15 -
with Dan Gyi
DanielGyi 02/Feb/15 -

Took a while

rambler_gary 02/Feb/15 2nd


with Haydn
Hidden 02/Feb/15 -
bigrik30 01/Feb/15 -
hlegge ?/Feb/15 AltLd O/S
benw681 30/Jan/15 Solo

First time in crampons and axes. Lots of snow, woop woop!

with Bob Hamilton
tomwhitchurch 25/Jan/15 Solo
Hidden 22/Jan/15 Solo
Hidden 22/Jan/15 Solo
connor 22/Jan/15 Solo

Brilliant day

with james cooper
nicjbuk 22/Jan/15 AltLd

Lots of u consolidated powder made for a hard slog!!

with ross nicol esq
boyson 22/Jan/15 2nd
luckyjim 22/Jan/15 Solo

picked up a sling along the way if the owner wants it back !

rossn 22/Jan/15 AltLd

Tough going in deep powder snow. Weather wasnt too bad though.

with Nick Bryan
Hugh Macgregor 18/Jan/15 -
with Stewart Whiting
annep11 18/Jan/15 Lead O/S
with Sam, Catrin, Josh, Liam Ingram
Cloverleaf 18/Jan/15 -

Moving together, lots of powder. Two abseils at the start and lots of spindrift. Gully exits looked sketchy so we continued to the end and dropped in beyond the Clachaig on the Glencoe village road. Lucky hitch-hike back to the car at the end saved a long walk.

with Colin B
bandersnatch 18/Jan/15 -
with Ali Mac
Sam Parker 18/Jan/15 AltLd O/S
with EUMC
Liam Ingram 18/Jan/15 Sent

East to West. Lots of powder and much harder than expected.

with Josh Williams, Sam Parker, Anne Peale, Catrin Nichols
catrin289 18/Jan/15 2nd
with Sam, Josh, Anne, Liam Ingram
Adamski1986 17/Jan/15 Lead
Gabe Oliver 17/Jan/15 -

so much powder, but a quality big day out!

PPP 05/Jan/15 Solo O/S

Did West to East instead of traditional East to West. Route finding can be tricky - had some more difficulties than I expected. However, it really requires to move fast enough not to be benighted.

Tadams 03/Jan/15 Lead
with Hannah Price, Soraya Cherry
Hidden 03/Jan/15 Lead O/S
lanky and weak 03/Jan/15 AltLd

6/7 hours Van to Clachaig Inn. Clear skies, gentle breeze, thin covering of snow and ice. Quad busting descent to the pub

with Lyndon Chatting-Walters
Ben Hollands 03/Jan/15 Solo
with Dan the man, Chris Harding, Wendy Anderson
mrginna ?/Jan/15 Solo O/S
with Helen Rudkin, Mike A
catrin289 ??/2015 -
with Sam P, Josh, Anne, Liam Ingram
Hidden ??/2015 -
Hidden ??/2015 -
plain kitten ??/2015 -
Josh Wade ??/2015 -
Malcolm Bass ??/2015 -
Hidden ??/2015 -
Andy Hewison 29/Dec/14 Solo

Parked van at the Clachaig and walked to the start of the route. Ice on ascent path was a bit tricky and then snow started about 700m. We just soloed the route without the need for a rope. Not much neve, ice or frozen turf but still good. Descent path was icy and more frozen than the top!

with Paul
DavidR 29/Dec/14 Solo O/S
with Dave Clark, Mike Nuttall, Holly Adamthwaite
Steve Bartle 29/Dec/14 -
Hidden 29/Dec/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 29/Dec/14 Solo
georgedunton 27/Dec/14 Solo O/S

Great condition, great weather

machars 27/Dec/14 Solo
tennantbell 26/Dec/14 Solo
HarryNewmark 20/Dec/14 Solo
augustus trout 20/Dec/14 Lead O/S
with James B
Colin Dyer 08/Dec/14 Solo
with Paul Reilly
Hidden ?/Dec/14 Solo
Hidden ?/Nov/14 -
ladislav 27/Mar/14 AltLd β
with Alan
Hidden 27/Mar/14 Solo
stratandrew 26/Mar/14 Solo O/S

Abseiled down the bad step from Am Bodach. Solo'd the rest. snow soft. plenty of rock. No wind, great views. Amazing day out. 8 hrs car to clachaig.

with Stuart Hurworth, Jim Symon
Stuart Hurworth 26/Mar/14 Solo O/S

Excellent traverse - beautiful day. Would be fun with a bit more snow! Easy scrambling apart from one abseil near the start.

with Manchester Climbing Club
JackM92 24/Mar/14 Solo

Solo'd after 0400 start. Stunning sunrise. Unstable powder on pinnacles.

Ly-Cilph 23/Mar/14 AltLd dnf

Thwarted by large amounts of unconsolidated powder around the pinnacles. Gorgeous day out though.

Jim Slater 23/Mar/14 AltLd dnf

Foiled again, too much deep powder snow, made progress too slow. Decided to reverse the ridge line about halfway along.

James90 13/Mar/14 Solo
MightyStew 13/Mar/14 Solo O/S
sebbi30 13/Mar/14 -
2010_graham 04/Mar/14 Lead O/S
maria85 02/Mar/14 -

Moved together for the harder part, soloed the rest. Beautiful day, great views.

with Tom P, Jules
Hidden 01/Mar/14 -
Tim Hamlet 01/Mar/14 Solo
Davy B 01/Mar/14 -
gjt 01/Mar/14 Solo β
with Roo
Hidden 01/Mar/14 Solo O/S
blue-icefox 01/Mar/14 2nd O/S

Great route, great weather. 1 abseil, moving together on the pinnacles, soloed rest, lots of deep snow and big cornices. Popular day, was like being in the Alps;-).

Hidden ?/Mar/14 Lead
lberry ?/Mar/14 -
Two Cams Tom 28/Feb/14 -
Hidden 28/Feb/14 -
Hidden 28/Feb/14 -
Hidden 27/Feb/14 Lead
monkeyboyraw 26/Feb/14 AltLd O/S

Climbed as a team of 3. mostly soloed but roped on trickier sections. Good snow underfoot but strong winds and driving snow at times which made it even more fun!!

Ollie B 26/Feb/14 Solo O/S
with S.Bennett
JonHarvey 24/Feb/14 Solo O/S

Great conditions, even got some visibility towards the end! Been on the list for years, as good as I expected :-) 6.5 hours valley to valley.

Ronan O Keeffe 24/Feb/14 -

Soloed 90% of it. Snow was loose in places. Sean ended up upside down hanging by one leg thanks to a snow ridge collapsing. Some laugh after the fact. Ended as being one of the worst days I've ever spent in the hills from a dehydration and exhaustion point of view. Not sure what happened, I've done tougher and longer multi day trips and been much better. Great way to spend my birthday nonetheless.

with Olga Joensuu, John O Keeffe, Damien Hawkins, Sean Martin
Purely 24/Feb/14 -

Moved together most of the way. Two abs. Couple of pitched sections. Snow pretty cruddy in places. 11 hours car to car.

with Mat Adams, Rubisco
rubisco 24/Feb/14 -
with Purely
nicjbuk 19/Feb/14 -

6hrs car to car

with ross nicol esq
Stephen Halliday 19/Feb/14 Solo
Finn Curry 19/Feb/14 Solo
Louvet 18/Feb/14 -
with Tarquin
Cheese Monkey 18/Feb/14 AltLd

Busy, but amazing, beautiful day

with David, Mike
Hidden 18/Feb/14 2nd O/S
andrzej kierzek 18/Feb/14 Solo O/S
Hidden 18/Feb/14 AltLd
dbm 18/Feb/14 AltLd O/S


sacdenouilles 18/Feb/14 -

On a fait la trace dans la montée de Am Bodach. Puis un couple sympa a pris le relais. Superbe journée. Très convivial pendant l'attente dans les arêtes.

with A Redvers, J F Philippe
vix 18/Feb/14 -

Moving together. 2 hours up, 7 hours on the ridge (with 1 hour traffic jam). 2 down, to the pub. Lovely weather, to warm if anything. Great day out. (take a 60m rope if you want to do the abseil)

with JP, Jonny
Tarquin 18/Feb/14 -
with Louise
J25 18/Feb/14 -
froglette 18/Feb/14 -

Moved together. Patrick led cruxes

with Jean Francois Philippe, Patrick Guinard
thedatastream 18/Feb/14 Lead O/S

Good day out, moved together

with J25, Vix
Hidden 16/Feb/14 AltLd O/S
Hidden 16/Feb/14 -
Monkey_Alan 16/Feb/14 Solo O/S

Fantastic day out. Good snow all along the ridge.

with Dave Milner, Lawrence Dudley, Tom Starks
Hidden 16/Feb/14 AltLd
Hidden 16/Feb/14 AltLd β
ecromwell 16/Feb/14 -
bob johnson 16/Feb/14 -
with Rich Ball
Hidden 16/Feb/14 -
tomshanti 16/Feb/14 Solo O/S
STWright 14/Feb/14 Solo O/S

Great climb in a week of pretty terrible weather. Walk in has a few parts of deep snow but still only 1:45hr to top of Am Bodach. The full ridge has a lot of snow but again nothing unmanageable. Watch out for the Cornices though, there are some bigs ones from the recent weather. Awesome route but I'd say grade II at the most.

Hidden 10/Feb/14 Solo
Hidden 10/Feb/14 Solo
K_Maywood 10/Feb/14 Solo
Mike-W-99 07/Feb/14 -

Lots of snow and very busy!

with Fiona
tomtom89 07/Feb/14 -
with Chris
ross brinson 07/Feb/14 Solo
with Devin Farkas
Fiona Reid 07/Feb/14 AltLd

Loads of unconsolidated snow and lots of parties. Abseiled from Am Bodach and pitched one short section otherwise soloed.

with Mike
ali macphee 04/Feb/14 2nd
Hidden 04/Feb/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 04/Feb/14 2nd O/S
Tarquin 04/Feb/14 -


tiga271 ?/Feb/14 AltLd

Moved together

with P.P
ChrisWills ?/Feb/14 2nd O/S

Cracking day out - the abseil at the beginning made things much more straight forward than the down climb might of

with Sam Turton, Aaron O'Leary, Tom Dewhurst
Climbslikeaduck 30/Jan/14 -

Amazing weather, moved together, felt alpine: shit tonnes of powder.

with Owen Largey
ThomasO'Hagan 30/Jan/14 AltLd O/S
with Amiee
planetmarshall 30/Jan/14 Solo

Beautiful day, but the ridge was in tricky climbing condition with lots of unconsolidated powder.

aimees 30/Jan/14 -

Amazing weather but tough conditions

Hidden 30/Jan/14 Solo
kelliroberts3 28/Jan/14 Solo
Hidden 28/Jan/14 2nd
Pete Rigby 28/Jan/14 -
with Kelli Roberts
alan barnes 28/Jan/14 -
with chris baum, tom sylvester, julie baum, Wesley Hunter
gilandcoop 28/Jan/14 2nd O/S

With Sam Gleave (lead) and Ted Milward on WCF Coourse

Tom Seccombe 22/Jan/14 Solo
wildbill 20/Jan/14 Solo O/S

Snow was starting to get a bit wet. Cracking way to spend my birthday. Shame doing it solo results in a two hour walk back to the start.

Kyrros 20/Jan/14 Solo
Guy Chater 20/Jan/14 Solo
tommytuffa 20/Jan/14 -
with Tim C
arose 14/Jan/14 Solo

Lots of snow. Stunning dawn from the first summit.

with Georgia Hancock, Luis Parsons
joe hallam 11/Jan/14 -
Mackinclimb 05/Jan/14 Solo
arose 04/Jan/14 Solo

Great conditions. Simple grade 2 climbing with loads of powder.

gi 04/Jan/14 Solo
with arose
mattnuttall 01/Jan/14 Solo O/S

superb, quick crossing from Am Bodach West... under five hours and hitched back to car. Superb, got really quite windy / sleety / rainy later... and drive back home was the last straw! Lot of coffee needed.

aneate ?/Jan/14 -
Matt_Hardy ?/Jan/14 Solo O/S
Hidden ??/2014 -
crustypunkuk ??/2014 -
JimH ??/2014 -
Harry Holmes 31/Dec/13 Solo O/S
royalste45 13/Dec/13 2nd O/S
Hidden ?/Dec/13 AltLd
Brian Pollock 23/Nov/13 Solo O/S

Plenty of powder and and some ice on the ridge.

with Stewart, Luca
Hidden 23/Nov/13 Solo O/S
stewart100 23/Nov/13 Solo O/S
with Luca, Brian Pollock
Hidden 23/Nov/13 AltLd
Hidden 23/Nov/13 AltLd O/S
aldo56 23/Nov/13 Solo rpt

Lovely stuff, good nick and fine weather.

wynaptomos 22/Nov/13 -
tom.e 21/Nov/13 Solo O/S
with Claire
tallpaulselfridge 10/Nov/13 Solo
Dougbart 10/Nov/13 -
with paul selfrige
tallpaulselfridge 10/Nov/13 Solo
Hidden 02/Nov/13 Solo O/S
peter.herd 02/Nov/13 Solo

Lairig - 2 teams of five. Bit wild and more wintry than expected. First visit to Clachaig afterwards was a positive one!

with Lairig
Quallim 02/Nov/13 -
Uisdean hawthorn 02/Nov/13 Solo
davesa ?/Nov/13 -
sleeplessjb 14/Aug/13 Solo
with Damon
innes 05/Apr/13 Solo

More akin to summer alpinism than Scottish winter climbing. Superb day.

with Ruth
ryan1410 05/Apr/13 Lead O/S

Perfect clear sunny day. Whole ridge was snow covered. Crampons & ice for whole route.

with Craig Thomson
rob16 05/Apr/13 Solo
markwarner ?/Apr/13 AltLd
michaelmurray 31/Mar/13 -

Awesome day out! Great conditions and weather with an easy descent on soft snow whilst watching the sunset over Loch Leven! Moved together the whole way led by James. Amazing way to spend Easter Sunday!

with Matt Myerscough, James
Jenny Hall 30/Mar/13 2nd O/S

amazing conditions

with Louis
jaamez 30/Mar/13 -

Perfect conditions, cracking company, easter egg on route and a nice soft descent made for an amazing day out on this brilliant route

with Matthew Myerscough, Mike Murray
Rich A 30/Mar/13 -

El's birthday. Superb conditions

nicjbuk 29/Mar/13 Lead
andybroadway 29/Mar/13 AltLd O/S

Excellent day out, great weather and conditions. Moved together.

Bob1984 29/Mar/13 -

Good conditions, Moved together.

with Andrew Broadway
mattvitel 28/Mar/13 -
hedgehog_john 27/Mar/13 AltLd
Roch 25/Mar/13 AltLd O/S

Gordo led past the pinnacles and then I took over. Plenty of snow, but not enough to impede progress.

with Gordon Henderson, Rob Slack
gordon henderson 25/Mar/13 AltLd O/S
with Paul Rochford, rob slack
arduff 23/Mar/13 AltLd

Stunnin day

NielsC 17/Mar/13 AltLd
Hidden 27/Feb/13 -
MartinLister 27/Feb/13 Solo

Ridge about 3h40 to last summit; whole route 8h30; total distance 10.8 miles

with Peter Brown
TomPollock 25/Feb/13 -
Dustin 25/Feb/13 -
Hidden 24/Feb/13 -
Hidden 23/Feb/13 Solo
timmsy 23/Feb/13 2nd
bigredsquirrel 23/Feb/13 Solo O/S
with Katie Farrell, Lewis Gibbs, Paul Gibbison
Hidden 23/Feb/13 -
pebbles 23/Feb/13 AltLd

some sections very snowy, others quite bare. roped up and moved alpine stylee just for the pinnacles. fantasic weather, absolutely stunning.

with alastair
Hidden 23/Feb/13 -
Hidden 23/Feb/13 Solo
Hidden 23/Feb/13 AltLd
David_Gledson 23/Feb/13 Lead O/S

Perfect weather, alpine conditions, with bare rock in places. With rich, Carmel, Gary and Keith. Awesome! Notuch exposure

vincentvega 23/Feb/13 -
with danny robb
jon59 23/Feb/13 Lead

Forgotton how good this route was in winter, great conditions and great company

droberts 22/Feb/13 Solo

seemed very easy for a grade 2 soloed the whole route comfortably

with fergus roberts
Palindrome 21/Feb/13 Solo O/S

Roped to traverse around the pinnacles; was a bit awkward with crampons. Excellent neve and ice with fabulous sunshine!

Cadairmanuk 21/Feb/13 Lead
with John Weale
Gawyllie 21/Feb/13 Solo
D.botts87 20/Feb/13 -
John Green 20/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
with Danny Bottomley, Wayne Lord, George Cowan
Hidden 20/Feb/13 -
stevelismore 19/Feb/13 AltLd O/S

Fantastic route in bright sun and excellent visibility. Mainly moving togetehr but soloing easier sections. Very little snow on the towers so a bit of exercise in mixed climbing.Got lost on descent and struggled down a loose and vertical gully.

with Fran Cole PCC, Julian PCC, Maia PCC
Hidden 19/Feb/13 Solo O/S
Alastair MacSween 18/Feb/13 Solo
with Graham Hunter
danny269 17/Feb/13 AltLd

snow was pretty sugary on main ridge & gullys + bare rock in places

with Louise
nokishatov 16/Feb/13 Solo O/S

Misty all day, slowly thawing, great day out though. Knackered at the end, as we had to walk back to the start up the road. Curse you if you drove past us trying to hitch a lift!

ste_d 16/Feb/13 Solo O/S
with mik
5eamuz 15/Feb/13 2nd O/S

With JH, MG, GC and AD

Hidden 15/Feb/13 -
Hidden 15/Feb/13 Lead
GOS 15/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
alastairbegley 12/Feb/13 Lead O/S

Brilliant but long day due to being with two inexperienced people so having to spend a lot of time roped up.

Tinley 09/Feb/13 2nd
Hidden 09/Feb/13 Solo O/S
Simon Yearsley 07/Feb/13 AltLd
cat22 02/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
with Mike
Hidden 02/Feb/13 Solo
RKernan 02/Feb/13 Solo

Lovely day, lovely route. Earliest finish I've had on a Scottish day out, ever!

with Alek Zholobenko
RichardThorpe 02/Feb/13 -
Craig Holden 02/Feb/13 Solo O/S
scottie390 02/Feb/13 -

Cracking day, good weather, quite busy though.

with Andy Hague, Craig McDonald
Hidden ?/Feb/13 -
Hidden ?/Feb/13 Lead
NickBrown 26/Jan/13 AltLd O/S

Lots of powder snow made for slow going and added interest to some of the slabby descents.

with Tim
Hidden 26/Jan/13 Lead rpt
Hidden 26/Jan/13 -
Hidden 20/Jan/13 Solo
Hidden 16/Jan/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 15/Jan/13 -
SiRob ?/Jan/13 Solo

With AM & KH

wynaptomos ??/2013 Lead O/S
Jenny Hall ??/2013 -
with louis
Busby ??/2013 Solo O/S
Hidden ??/2013 Solo
Darkskys ??/2013 -
Louis Hume ??/2013 -
with Jenny
Alastair MacSween ??/2013 -
steve_gibbs 21/Dec/12 AltLd O/S
with Laurence Falconer
stafford101 21/Dec/12 Lead rpt

Excellent as always!

R_W_M 21/Dec/12 Lead

Went West-East for Logistical reasons. Makes it at least half a grade harder because you have to descend the steep sides of most of the pinnacles and it is more difficult to pick easy lines from above. Lots of slightly damp snow lying about. Some turf frozen.

with Sam
kenneM 18/Dec/12 Solo
with Davey Luke, Paul Elliott, Will Taylor
HarryB 18/Dec/12 Solo O/S

Nice hard snow. 5.5 hours road to road, 2.5 hours on ridge

mark12345 13/Dec/12 -
Hidden 13/Dec/12 Lead
Andy Moles 11/Dec/12 Solo
with Greg Cain, Annie
johannes 02/Dec/12 Solo O/S

Big thanks to the Lady who gave us a lift back along the A82

Hidden 01/Dec/12 AltLd O/S
Hidden 01/Dec/12 -
Ben Sharp 29/Nov/12 AltLd
with loz
jandyd05 28/Nov/12 AltLd O/S
with Ian Warren
Jamie B 28/Nov/12 Lead
with Brian Moher
Hidden 27/Nov/12 AltLd
Pete23 24/Nov/12 AltLd
with Stephen Mors
dav_713 24/Nov/12 -
with Craig McKay, Davie Scott, Kev
morsy 24/Nov/12 -
with peter berwick
Hidden 01/Mar/12 Solo O/S
rockstott ?/Mar/12 Solo
sharpie530 19/Feb/12 -
with Jon Rous
a13x 19/Feb/12 AltLd O/S
with Tim Selby, Henry Hakkinen, Jordan Phethean
Hidden 19/Feb/12 Solo
bowls 12/Feb/12 AltLd

Soloed most of it, Mixed conditions

jacobfinn 11/Feb/12 -
with Baileys walk
Hidden 10/Feb/12 Lead O/S
Tarquin 07/Feb/12 -
with jimmy
Andynsloan 07/Feb/12 2nd O/S

Perfect day. Blue skies, crisp snow, full hearts. With Ash, Mikey and Pog. The Pinnacles were terrifying. Left early and finished in good time though. No benightment as moved together most of the way.

with Mike Morton, Ashley Brewer, Paul Pattison
Mr-Cowdrey 06/Feb/12 Solo O/S

perfect Alpine day. No wind, amazing views and frozen turf. Snow abit powdery in places. Decended via Clachaig gully. 9.5hours from car to pub.

with chris ridgers
Hidden 06/Feb/12 -
Hidden 06/Feb/12 AltLd
Hidden 06/Feb/12 -
iwanap 06/Feb/12 Solo O/S

Used the rope to abseil the first section then roped up over the pinnacles.

with Gerwyn, Euryn
Hidden 06/Feb/12 TR RP
Hidden 06/Feb/12 2nd O/S
Rick Ashton 05/Feb/12 Solo
deklan 05/Feb/12 Solo
johnrich 03/Feb/12 -
Hidden 01/Feb/12 Solo
Lawrie Brand 01/Feb/12 Solo O/S

Belter of a day. Good snow conditions on ridge..

Hidden ?/Feb/12 Lead
RocKalina ?/Feb/12 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Feb/12 Solo rpt
Hidden ?/Feb/12 Solo
Matt Dolan ?/Feb/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 31/Jan/12 Solo
tsl42 29/Jan/12 Solo O/S


with Liam Brown, William Gann, Chris Davis
adam clarke 27/Jan/12 AltLd
with James Hulme
Abrockalypse 26/Jan/12 2nd

Slow progress moving along the ridge due to second party, good climbing and traversing around pinaccles. Epic views in the morning, visibility dropped in early afternoon. Very long day and late finish.

Hidden 26/Jan/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Jan/12 Lead O/S
Meinertzhagen 26/Jan/12 2nd
JBROWN41 26/Jan/12 -
Hidden 25/Jan/12 -
pete87abs 24/Jan/12 Solo
with Rosie Crossley, Dave Brigham
hwackerhage 15/Jan/12 -

Spring conditions

with Robbie Miller
R0bbie 15/Jan/12 -
with Henning
GRITTYTEA 14/Jan/12 Lead
tluke 14/Jan/12 -
cmars89 14/Jan/12 Lead
with Hodge
saffy 10/Jan/12 AltLd
67hours 02/Jan/12 Solo O/S
Flett ?/Jan/12 -
Hidden ??/2012 -
Callum Anderson ??/2012 -
Adamski1986 31/Dec/11 Solo O/S
Tim Rodgers 31/Dec/11 Solo


stafford101 30/Dec/11 Lead
Ragingpossum 30/Dec/11 AltLd
cbeard 30/Dec/11 Lead

Powdery with a slight glaze of ice near the start, melting out as we progressed

Katherine Ross 30/Dec/11 2nd

My hardest winter route so far... I found it quite scary in places!

Hidden 30/Dec/11 AltLd O/S
scottie390 20/Dec/11 AltLd O/S


Hidden 17/Dec/11 Solo
Colin Mcgregor 17/Dec/11 Solo
Hidden 10/Dec/11 Lead
Hidden 10/Dec/11 -
martinh13 10/Dec/11 -
with Chris
Hidden 23/Mar/11 Solo
Hidden 23/Mar/11 AltLd
allyrocke 19/Mar/11 Solo O/S
with Mark Williams, Rob Young
Hidden 19/Mar/11 Solo
Hidden 16/Mar/11 Lead β
sacdenouilles 03/Mar/11 Solo
with J F Philippe, D Pemble
Hidden 03/Mar/11 Solo O/S
davidbird63 02/Mar/11 Solo

great day out but hairy descent as came down too soon

with James Rodgers, David Adcock
ten4dave 02/Mar/11 Solo
Hidden 01/Mar/11 AltLd
robgixer ?/Mar/11 Solo
JoeWill18 28/Feb/11 2nd O/S

Not much snow, but enough for crampons & mountaineering axe at points. Some nicely exposed sections to keep you very focused! Beaten by a lovely group of 73+ year olds!!

with Jessie Hill, Ben Armstrong
tk1991 24/Feb/11 AltLd
bazpearson 22/Feb/11 Lead O/S
lumbard 21/Feb/11 2nd

wet heavy snow

Hidden 20/Feb/11 -
Hidden 18/Feb/11 Solo
Mark Collins 17/Feb/11 Solo O/S
monkeyman79 17/Feb/11 -

Quality winter route with a great guide ;-)

with Roger Mear, David Edmondson
Alpinehero 17/Feb/11 -
Hidden 17/Feb/11 2nd O/S
mr.benton 17/Feb/11 2nd

Good snow, good weather crossing took 6 hours

Wesley Evans - BAD SELLAR 15/Feb/11 2nd O/S

Had to rope up at the crux to cross the pinnacles

IanC 12/Feb/11 Solo O/S

solo with 2 roped abs at either end. Great day out, conditions:loose fresh snow on slippery rock.

Hidden 08/Feb/11 Lead rpt
Hidden 29/Jan/11 Solo
richie88 25/Jan/11 -
pldarch 22/Jan/11 -
sambosanquet101 22/Jan/11 -
Hidden 13/Jan/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 11/Jan/11 AltLd dnf
andy mcc 09/Jan/11 AltLd O/S

Brilliant alpine-style day out, superb views and the route in full winter condition.

with Jason King
Rob N 08/Jan/11 Solo
liamo333 08/Jan/11 Solo
colenn 08/Jan/11 Solo rpt
with Rob Noone, Peter Britton
Hidden 07/Jan/11 -
Hidden 07/Jan/11 -
Hidden 02/Jan/11 Solo O/S
67hours 02/Jan/11 Solo
with Eleri
LouiseP 01/Jan/11 Solo O/S
with Harry, Clay
Clay C 01/Jan/11 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Jan/11 -
Doogleman ?/Jan/11 Solo
ZA ?/Jan/11 -
with smcw
smcw ?/Jan/11 -

Sunny but freezing. Great day out. Roped together all the way.

darcan ??/2011 AltLd
Luke Brooks ??/2011 Solo
ConorC ??/2011 -
Paul Boggis ??/2011 Solo
JamesM ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 -
The Mountain Goat ??/2011 -
RM199 31/Dec/10 AltLd O/S

alpine conditions, moved together

Hidden 30/Dec/10 Solo O/S
garethsteel 30/Dec/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 29/Dec/10 Solo O/S
cas smerdon 23/Dec/10 Solo

Perfect conditions. Plenty of crisp snow. Sunny and clear all day.

with Mark S
benjaminireland 22/Dec/10 -
with Simon wild
dan doran 18/Dec/10 -
with D Mitchell
Chirs 13/Dec/10 Solo
markhammonds 05/Dec/10 -

Fantastic day, and really enjoyable route, although I had a few 'moments' (not helped by the soft snow). Got very cold gearing-up so abseiled off the first tricky descent (Am Bodach). Moved together over the Pinnacles. Took about 10 hours, car to pub.

fall-line 05/Dec/10 -

A classic mountaineering day out - perfect weather, snow could have done with being a bit more consolidated. Fairly straightforward, down in the dark followed by dinner at the Clachaig.

with Mark Hammonds
thomasaneurinsmith 04/Dec/10 Lead O/S
with Euan Jamieson, Marie Penman
Hidden ?/Dec/10 Solo
mhawk 29/Nov/10 Solo O/S
Nic DW 28/Nov/10 Solo O/S
with Caitlin Douglas
karinh 27/Nov/10 -
Hidden 27/Nov/10 Solo β
Hidden 26/Nov/10 Solo
Hidden 20/Nov/10 Solo
richardt 20/Nov/10 Solo
Hidden 20/Nov/10 Solo
glaramara 15/Nov/10 Lead

under difficult powder conditions

with james
jfmchivall 14/Nov/10 -

Ridge was buried under power. Slow going through the deeper drifts and over the pinnacles.

with Jeremy Morris, Mark Gorin
finos 04/Apr/10 Solo
with Alex Burns , Ben Greatorix
Hidden 04/Apr/10 AltLd O/S
freemanTom 04/Apr/10 Solo

Stonking day out. Most challenging, far more technical than I expected. Especially with unconsolidated snow and crampons balling up every step. Had to ditch them for most of the ridge and put on for any rocky bits. Used my knees more than my front points. Coups was very patient with my incompetence.

with Coups
Hidden 02/Apr/10 -
kevburr 20/Mar/10 Lead O/S

More mixed than true winter conditions but a great route and great day out.

with Paul Crowther, Mark Harrison
Hidden 16/Mar/10 Solo
bigbobbyking 16/Mar/10 AltLd O/S

Just in winter condition, although most of the 'crux' rocky steps were dry so just a scramble with crampons on. A great day out.

with Sesh
PanzerHanzler 12/Mar/10 Lead O/S
with Sheila Norman, Adrian Fagg
Erik_M 10/Mar/10 2nd O/S
with Alex Tuck
Hidden 07/Mar/10 -
Hidden 07/Mar/10 Lead O/S
Feeling bold 07/Mar/10 -

The forecasted sunshine and blue skies didn't happen, but winter conditions were kind enough at 0 to -2C. Some great snow and ice sections, some areas of down climbing were a bit thin on ice and made us concentrate a little harder. Used one axe with proper leash which came into its own. Fun..thrilling...scarey....and tiring. Wonder what it's like in summer?

with Egons - Rich
Hidden 07/Mar/10 -
KeithAlexander 06/Mar/10 Solo

snow was pretty wet. pleasant day. about 4.5 hours road to road. maybe easier than summer, except for the descent down the ridge at the start.

cubehead 06/Mar/10 2nd
Hidden 06/Mar/10 Lead O/S
Becks87 06/Mar/10 Solo
with Powsers
Hidden 04/Mar/10 Lead
Dougie Harvey 01/Mar/10 -
with Finlay Wild
tim newton 01/Mar/10 Solo O/S
NathanP 01/Mar/10 Solo

Abseil descent from Am Bodach and moved together roped over the final pinacle. Soloed the rest

Hidden 01/Mar/10 Solo
viking ?/Mar/10 Solo

Done on an amazingly sunny day with superb styrofoam neve - couldn't have been better

with rick
Hidden 23/Feb/10 -
isi_o 23/Feb/10 -

Great weather & good route. Lots of other folk out enjoying it too. Moved together over the pinnacles - although wouldn't have if we'd known how nice the snow was - and protected the down-climb at the chancellor.

with Dan Thomas, Lorraine McCall, Chris Brads
sacdenouilles 21/Feb/10 AltLd
with D Pemble
Elsier 21/Feb/10 Solo

Moved together, stunning day out in perfect conditions, felt very alpine

with Amy
Hidden 21/Feb/10 -
agray 21/Feb/10 -

Superb mountaineering route in perfect condition. What a day with great views across to Bidean Nam Bian

amy 21/Feb/10 -
with Elsie
Hidden 21/Feb/10 -
Hidden 21/Feb/10 AltLd O/S
freudy_love 20/Feb/10 AltLd O/S

I would rather have been NOWHERE else! Stunning weather provided awesome views and a mountaineering experience to savour for years! Thats the recce done for summer then :D

with Francis Williams, Julian Barber
Hidden 19/Feb/10 AltLd
Hidden 19/Feb/10 AltLd O/S
Hidden 19/Feb/10 Solo O/S
gareth scott borthwick 19/Feb/10 Solo
johnyspuitnik 19/Feb/10 -

Simply stunning weather and an awesome re-introduction after too many years away from Scotland.

Helen23 18/Feb/10 -
with Kit, Chris Jackson, Ben Hirst
Hidden 18/Feb/10 AltLd
tony wood 18/Feb/10 -
with scott, steve
willoates 16/Feb/10 -

Awesome! Difficult route finding on the descent, but the ridge is the best I have ever done.

with James, Chrissy, Steve, lawrence
ayuplass 16/Feb/10 -

2 abs, did it as party of 3 moving together. Excellent day!

da_cox 16/Feb/10 Solo O/S

Fanastic day out. 6.5 hours in total (west-east) with 2.5 hours for the ridge itself despite meeting several parties coming the other way. Weather clagged over during the ridge part but was excellent otherwise.

with James Kniffen, Joel Aston
Hidden 13/Feb/10 -
Spence22 13/Feb/10 Lead O/S
with Charlie
Hidden 13/Feb/10 Solo
stix 13/Feb/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 13/Feb/10 Solo
Hidden 13/Feb/10 Solo O/S
stuaart 13/Feb/10 Solo O/S

Downclimb (avoiding abbing parties), climb, downclimb, climb, downclimb, climb. That was our day.

with Carol Goodall, Craig Smith, Hannah Gibbs, Neil Redgrave
Hidden 12/Feb/10 Solo
Jimmy O 12/Feb/10 -
with Matt Down
Hidden 12/Feb/10 Solo
Hidden 11/Feb/10 Solo O/S
maxf 10/Feb/10 -
Only a hill 10/Feb/10 Solo rpt

An unbelievably good day.

Hidden 08/Feb/10 Lead
John Kettle 06/Feb/10 -
Hidden 06/Feb/10 Solo
geoff.comley 04/Feb/10 Solo O/S

Amazing day, excellent weather and a superb route. Awesome

Stuzz 04/Feb/10 Solo
Stuzz 04/Feb/10 Solo O/S

Plenty of powder, not much consolidated stuff. Climbed with Gwilym and Jeff. Lovely day, calm, clear skys till near the end. Soloed except for a few abs.

with Gwilym
Hidden 04/Feb/10 Solo O/S
tatz45 01/Feb/10 Lead O/S
with Dave Grant
lyndseymackay ?/Feb/10 -
dav_713 ?/Feb/10 Lead
with Glenda Anderson
Hidden ?/Feb/10 2nd
Phil Jennings 31/Jan/10 Solo O/S
with Clare Muir, Marcus Horgan, Calum Cuthill
Hidden 31/Jan/10 Solo O/S
Tomek S 31/Jan/10 Solo O/S
Wojttek 30/Jan/10 Solo
with Tomek S
SianR 24/Jan/10 Solo O/S

Plenty of consolidated snow. Crampons for the whole ridge. Spectacular views! Tried descending from Sgor nam Fiannaidh to Loch Achtriochtan but gave up due to horrible semi-frozen scree and turf. Returned to col and descended via longer route towards the Pap. Views down to Ballahulish and beyond were fantastic!

with Cora
Hidden 23/Jan/10 Solo
rclarke 23/Jan/10 Solo

pretty busy!

with Don
unbezonking 23/Jan/10 -

Long Day, very busy, spectacular views

with Ana, Johnny and Roddie
birbeck 23/Jan/10 Solo
with Richard Heard
Hidden 23/Jan/10 Solo
lizzie_malc 23/Jan/10 Solo

Fell off and hurt ankle.

Hidden 23/Jan/10 Solo
Hidden 23/Jan/10 Solo O/S
rodders24 23/Jan/10 Solo
with Anna, Jonny Young, Alistair Gray
PeteH 22/Jan/10 AltLd O/S

Thawing at all levels except the highest summit.

DaveLeonard 22/Jan/10 -

Mostly moved together, short pitching in places on the pinnacles. Freezing level above the summits, clagged in, but still a great day out.

with PeteH
Hidden 16/Jan/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 09/Jan/10 Solo
Hidden 09/Jan/10 Lead
Malcolm Auchie 07/Jan/10 AltLd β

Superb day out. Recommend to anyone who hasnt yet been on it. Long day out though, would put aside 12 hours for the trip.

with Adele Martin
Mowglee 01/Jan/10 Solo O/S
with Tim E
MPSBunny ?/Jan/10 Solo O/S

Due to conditions probably not as hard as it could be.

ndraper1 ?/Jan/10 AltLd
simonward ?/Jan/10 AltLd O/S
simonward ?/Jan/10 AltLd O/S
davidrj1 ?/Jan/10 Lead

Party of two, fantastic day with alpine conditions and views to die for!! Felt properly alpine too as it was exposed, committing and long. Limited day light means you have to get a move on.

Julie Carroll ?/Jan/10 AltLd

Another brilliant day out, perfect conditions!

with Steve Rivers
keith leonard ?/Jan/10 Solo
Hidden ??/2010 -
declanj ??/2010 Lead O/S
alancash100 ??/2010 AltLd
Christian Beck ??/2010 Solo O/S
Hidden 30/Dec/09 AltLd
Simon Caldwell 29/Dec/09 -

I've waited for years to find this in proper winter condition, and it was definitely worth the wait. No ice, a little frozen turf, and loads of powder made for slow going. Temperatures ranged from -6 to -8 but luckily we missed the strong winds that hit other nearby summits that day. Soloed most of it but got the ropes out for the pinnacle section. Just managed to finish the hard bits before the sun set, the torches didn't come out until the final Munro. Descended from near the col before the Pap. A long day, almost 12 hours to the Youth Hostel where we'd left our 2nd car.

with Alan, Jenny, Rich, Carmen
Hidden 29/Dec/09 Lead β
Peeley.b 13/Dec/09 -

Great conditions but hardly winter!

with Sean ?, Dave Broom, Mad Mark Bathe, Kev Gibbs
Hidden ?/Dec/09 Solo
richardshoes 27/Nov/09 Solo O/S

No snow - Technically not too bad. A good one to do in the snow with crampons and ice axe.

Hidden 26/Nov/09 AltLd
markfairbank 28/Mar/09 Solo O/S

Excellent day out in perfect weather, rope stayed in the rucksack. Picked a poor route of descent, but managed to hitch a lift back to the car.

with SteveyM
SteveMyatt 28/Mar/09 Solo O/S

Great day out. Fresh powder, first party up and the sun was out. . .

with Mark Fairbank
Hidden 15/Mar/09 Solo
Badam 10/Mar/09 2nd O/S

Scramble along the ridge with falkirk outdoor ed,spectacular views, a bit concerning in places and very,very tiring

with Euan Whittaker
mikemartin 06/Mar/09 Solo
joe larner 06/Mar/09 -
with Mike
Shaun Spavin ?/Mar/09 AltLd

Park up in Glencoe,long walk up to the start of the route, however once started one summit after the other follows, very long day,early start in winter required,bad vis can make certain sections tricky to negotiate,we short roped the middle section,no escape route either until the pap,once started you must finish or be prepared to stay out.Good day,great views of Glencoe, Loch Leven.Would love to repeat.

with Kenneth David Hook
Col Kingshott ?/Mar/09 -
Rachel S 14/Feb/09 Solo
with Alistair Meikle
John Kettle 11/Feb/09 Lead
jack_eadie 11/Feb/09 Solo
Only a hill 11/Feb/09 Solo O/S

In superb Alpine nick, another fine mountaineering day out. Absolutely clear weather, good snow and frozen turf ... what more could one want?

with Jack Eadie and Alex Balch
Stuart Macfarlane 08/Feb/09 AltLd rpt

Alpine style, moving together, used the occassional runner.

with Jeanie
Hidden 07/Feb/09 Lead
Dunx 05/Feb/09 Solo
with Joe M, Adam
BobbyMotherwell ?/Feb/09 Lead O/S
with Sue Richies, Ken Brown, Ken Harris
anderson405 24/Jan/09 -

was crossing on the day of the avalanch half way across heard a cry for help called m/r after hearing whistle blast rescue 177 winched casualty to fort william

with son Donald
DJayB 21/Jan/09 -

Moved together. very good conditions. desceneded after the pinnacles to avoid bad weather

Callum T 21/Jan/09 -
with Dave Brigham, Alex Pickard
Hidden 06/Jan/09 Lead O/S
Stephen18 06/Jan/09 -
MartinJWood 06/Jan/09 -
with Will Fry, Cameron Ruckley
Glyn 03/Jan/09 Lead O/S

During winter, but defiantly NOT proper winter conditions! Ice and frost in places on the rock but that was about it!

GiveHerHelen 02/Jan/09 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Jan/09 Lead
CT6419 ??/2009 Solo
Jasonic ??/2009 Lead
David Sherratt ??/2009 Solo
tjmillen ??/2009 Solo
with simon hall
Nicholas Livesey 31/Dec/08 -
griggj 31/Dec/08 -

not strictly a winter ascent. Twas in winter that we did it but not really full on winter nick just very slippery and icey

with nick livesey
Ally Baba 20/Dec/08 Lead O/S

Great day out

with Gav Swinton
J Brown 06/Dec/08 AltLd rpt


with RK
Hidden 06/Dec/08 AltLd
guyscott 06/Dec/08 AltLd

Conditions were quite incredible - clear skies all day and not a breath of wind. Felt like a one in a million day, quite special and brilliant fun (bar the descent)! 9 hrs start to finish.

with Klas
oliverk 06/Dec/08 AltLd

Stunning day. Moved together throughout.

with Michael, Malcolm
bigdunk 05/Dec/08 -
with Kieran McDonald
Matt crawford 02/Dec/08 -

Plenty of fresh powder from the night before, spend a long time breaking fresh tracks. Had some stunning views. Wicked first winter route.

with Taba
Hidden ?/Dec/08 Lead
dicky79 29/Nov/08 AltLd O/S

Powder on top of unfrozen turf. Clear skies and beautiful day. Great day out but 10 hours as pitched a few sections.

with Mike Bottomley
jazzyjackson 02/Nov/08 Solo

Most beautiful high pressure day ever, could see everything 360 degrees. Mild winter conditions today. Used crampons for 50% and removed after the pinnacles.Icey verglas on North aspects and dry rock on South aspects. Great day out.

with Jimbob
frecro 01/Nov/08 Solo

thin winter conditions. but definetly not summer...

with Zoe Thornton
Hidden 20/Oct/08 Solo
nicjbuk 07/Apr/08 AltLd
with paul freeman
Col Kingshott ?/Apr/08 -
Hannah Evans 26/Mar/08 AltLd
with Andy Barker
Hidden 25/Mar/08 Solo
Hidden 24/Mar/08 Solo
mattf77 23/Mar/08 -
with matt+mark
dan gibson 18/Mar/08 AltLd O/S
with brian
Tom Stoddart 17/Mar/08 Solo

Gorgeous conditions - amazing views and good snow

with Tom Slade, Iain Leverett, David Battley, James Wright
J Brown 15/Mar/08 2nd O/S

Moving together. A stunning day out.

with Nick Richardson
wushu 15/Mar/08 Solo O/S
andymoin 15/Mar/08 AltLd O/S

Almost perfect conditions... A good covering of snow that was consolidated for the most, blue skys and light winds made for a great day out. Not as hard as I cyked it up to be. If you climb II and don't mind exposure do it asap. Will be back for the solo sometime.

with Sean, paul
Sean Bell 15/Mar/08 AltLd
with Andy, Paul
goatee 05/Mar/08 -
with tim long
Hidden ?/Mar/08 Solo O/S
benman ?/Mar/08 AltLd

moved together all the way. stunning weather

with roge
Gawyllie ?/Mar/08 AltLd

moved together whole route, except down climbed chancellor solo

with john meechan
barrington1978 ?/Mar/08 -
lazyhopkins 15/Feb/08 -

Some snow and ice but far from winter conditions.

with David Thomson
joe king 11/Feb/08 Solo

i may have stepped on some snow

with Rose
Rosey Posey 11/Feb/08 2nd O/S
with Paul
Hidden 06/Feb/08 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Feb/08 Solo
broc 29/Jan/08 Solo O/S

Small amount of fresh, wet snow. Not the winter tick.

with Alex, John
Hidden 21/Jan/08 Lead
Boistelle 21/Jan/08 Lead O/S
with Steve Boistelle
jonnie3430 12/Jan/08 Solo
with Anna and Ewan
robshep 05/Jan/08 Solo O/S
with Ryan Brooks, Luke Farrar, Luke Brooks, Francis Blunt,
ChalkBall 05/Jan/08 Solo O/S

Excellent route in good conditions. Well frozen along the ridge although it was raining below the first peak.

Hidden ?/Jan/08 -
Piaras Kerry ?/Jan/08 Lead
Hidden ?/Jan/08 Solo
JDSwain ?/Jan/08 Solo

Lots of soft snow

yellow ?/Jan/08 Solo
AndrewJenkins ??/2008 -
mickd ??/2008 -
Hidden ??/2008 Solo
JasonK ??/2008 -
with Tori King
carl_123 30/Dec/07 Solo

wasn't quite prepared for the seriousness and exposure with only one axe and negative crampons. not so thrilling night decent.

with speakman and nelson
Jim Slater 10/Dec/07 AltLd dnf

First winter route (and nearly the last). Classic case of 'got the gear no idea'. Benighted halfway along ridge and stupidly decided to descend directly off the ridge via a steep gully. Descent took all night (with 2 scary abseils), got back to car for 11am the following day!! Lessons were learn't!

Andy White 10/Dec/07 AltLd

Finished overnight - Alpine Style

Hidden ?/Dec/07 AltLd
Hidden ?/Dec/07 Solo O/S
David Revill 20/Nov/07 2nd β

Epic day out, with guide from West Coast mountain Guides.

with West Coast Mountain Guides
Rycelow 05/May/07 -

East to west.

with Duncan, Graham, Frank, Phill, Alan and Kye
Hidden 24/Mar/07 -
aged_ape ?/Mar/07 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Mar/07 -
Hidden ??/2007 -
andybuckley ??/2007 Solo

Not in full nick, hence probably easier than the standard grade. Nice but not exceptional.

Hidden 17/Dec/06 Solo O/S
Bristoldave 17/Dec/06 Solo
with Raph & Doug
Billy Walker - Bad Seller 16/Dec/06 Solo O/S

My 3rd And 4th munros,a winter experience that got me hooked!

industrialiceman 17/Jun/06 Solo
stevomcd 06/Jun/06 Solo O/S

Solo summer traverse. Fantastic, although descended by the Clachaig Gully path, which was a lot worse than I remembered. Avoid!

abbeywall 09/Apr/06 Solo
with K
stuartm555 02/Apr/06 2nd
jfmchivall ?/Apr/06 AltLd
with Rob McCarthy
Tom Stoddart ?/Apr/06 Solo

Miserable weather, and not-quite-winter conditions, but a very atmospheric and enjoyable scramble regardless.

with Tom Slade, Iain Leverett, Dave Battley
Julie Carroll 17/Mar/06 2nd
with Malcolm Dyson
Hidden 09/Mar/06 AltLd
220bpm 04/Mar/06 Solo

Classic. As good as I hoped.

with Dave
Daigroom ?/Mar/06 2nd
with Mark Shrewry
Adam Humphreys 25/Feb/06 AltLd

was lucky with conditions, otherwise v-long day (pack spear batteries!)

with Joe m
Hidden 22/Feb/06 Solo
joe king 18/Feb/06 Solo rpt
with simon ringrose
George Ormerod 18/Feb/06 Lead O/S

Cracking winter nick under blue skies. Even caught the sun a bit.

with Clare W
Hidden 17/Feb/06 Solo O/S
Hidden 17/Feb/06 Solo O/S
dp1 ?/Feb/06 Solo
with nigel s
Hidden ?/Feb/06 -
Dunx 25/Jan/06 AltLd O/S
with Dom
Hidden 07/Jan/06 Lead
Hidden 01/Jan/06 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Jan/06 Lead
Irk the Purist ??/2006 -
jay.mac ??/2006 -
wee hippy ??/2006 Solo
Neil Adams ??/2006 -
Hidden ??/2006 -
Hidden ?/Dec/05 -
Simon K ?/Nov/05 2nd

With Donald King from Abacus

with JB
steven ?/May/05 Solo O/S
with Bld 400
darcy1 ?/Apr/05 -
with Team
barney_edin 06/Mar/05 AltLd
with Richard K
Hidden ?/Mar/05 AltLd O/S
Nicos 26/Feb/05 Lead O/S
with tom knight
Johannes Petersen 20/Feb/05 -

Done W to E

with Dom Porter
Alastair MacSween 19/Feb/05 Solo
d conacher 06/Feb/05 Solo
McGus 06/Feb/05 Lead

perfect conditions! At last...

with Ruth
Stuart Macfarlane 06/Feb/05 AltLd
with Fergal
Captain Solo 06/Feb/05 Solo
with Dougie
7toes 02/Feb/05 Solo
with Kit D, DavidW
Taylj1 ?/Feb/05 -
with George
Chris Plewa ?/Jan/05 -
with adam reid, arthur knight
gaz.marshall ?/Jan/05 AltLd
with ManJoe and Rosie
seanyt ??/2005 Lead
SteveM 31/Dec/04 Solo
with Rosie, Tobs
tom_holdsworth 19/Dec/04 Solo
with Mike Kennedy, Will Taylor
Jeremy Wilton 16/Dec/04 Solo
with Kevin Gibbs
tom_holdsworth 12/Dec/04 Solo
with Will Taylor
Hidden ?/May/04 Solo
dan cowley 23/Mar/04 AltLd O/S
with Angus Murray
jamie ward 11/Mar/04 AltLd O/S
with Shaun Blower
Ann S ?/Mar/04 AltLd
with Various
adamwesthead ?/Mar/04 AltLd O/S

and with Rob

with Hoult
Stuart Macfarlane 08/Feb/04 AltLd
with Iain F, Helen
John Andrew Simpson ?/Feb/04 AltLd O/S
with Steve James
Hidden ?/Feb/04 AltLd O/S
Alastair MacSween 24/Jan/04 Solo
Hidden ?/Jan/04 AltLd
Martyn ??/2004 Solo O/S
with James Williams
victim of mathematics 15/Dec/03 Solo O/S
with gwilym
Hidden ?/Dec/03 Solo O/S
MJH ?/Mar/03 Solo
with Terry/Pete/Cyrille
DerwentDiluted ?/Feb/03 Solo
with J. Ellson
Hidden ?/Feb/03 Solo O/S
tradandybrown ?/Feb/03 -
with Rob andrews, pete, jd
Hidden ?/Feb/03 -
John Kettle ??/2003 Solo
Hidden ??/2003 Solo
PenJD 29/Dec/02 -

May have been December but it was warm so no real ice to speak of, or snow. Little but of verglas. Good day out!

with Jenny, Andy and Jon
Jonny M ?/Dec/02 Solo O/S
Marmot Catcher 07/Jul/02 Solo
Stuart Macfarlane ?/Mar/02 AltLd
with Iain F
ian bryant ?/Mar/02 Solo O/S
Hidden 12/Jan/02 Solo
Mark Stevenson 05/Jan/02 Solo O/S
Hidden ??/2002 Solo
Hidden 31/Dec/01 AltLd O/S
Richard Alderton 31/Dec/01 -

Before hotfooting it down to Wasdale for NY.

with Curly
CathS 31/Dec/01 AltLd O/S

A good lesson in winter mountaineering. Took us 12 hours, mainly due to there being two complete novices in the party, and only having one rope between 5 of us. Route was generally in good condition, though snow a bit powdery and loose in places. The two inexperienced members of the party needed roping up on several sections, which slowed progress considerably - got very, very cold waiting around (numb hands). Otherwise, we only needed to pitch the pinnacles, and a nasty verglassed slab shortly afterwards. Did the whole of the descent in the dark, in a blizzard - horrendous! I thought I was going to die.... I'll do it again someday - but will wait for a perfect winter day, and do as an experienced party of 2 or 3.

with random!
niall_mac 31/Dec/01 AltLd

moved together roped for most of it

Hidden 30/Dec/01 AltLd
Hidden 29/Dec/01 -
Hidden ?/Sep/01 AltLd
The Bad Cough 17/Feb/01 Solo O/S
with Christian Minett
Stuart Macfarlane ?/Feb/01 AltLd
with Iain F
Martin Bennett 20/Feb/00 Solo
with Les Ward, Andy Hird, Chris Bell, MT
Jacob Ram 20/Feb/00 Solo
with anthony aylett
abbeywall 19/Feb/00 -
with K
Hidden 13/Feb/00 Solo β
Hidden ?/Feb/00 -
bandersnatch ?/Feb/00 Lead
Ratfeeder 18/Jan/00 Solo rpt
Hidden ??/2000 Solo
graeme gatherer ??/2000 -
Hidden ??/2000 -
Hidden ??/2000 Solo
Hidden 05/Mar/99 AltLd
EllieWoods 30/Jan/99 Solo O/S
with Kath Rosedale
Hidden ?/Jan/99 Solo O/S
Mickdenali ??/1999 Lead
Tenko ??/1999 -
Bruce Kerr 01/Nov/98 Solo
with Jenny Kerr
Hidden 21/Mar/98 AltLd O/S
Ratfeeder 15/Mar/98 Solo O/S

clag and rain, mainly rock

michael burrows 01/Feb/98 Solo
with mark ryan
Ali MacDonald 25/Jan/98 Solo O/S

RAF MRT Training

gypsy3006 ?/Jan/98 Solo
Louis Hume ??/1998 Lead
with Mustillos
chrisrogers ?/Dec/97 AltLd
with James H
Hidden ?/Feb/97 AltLd
kjbix ??/1997 -
with Ewan Peacock
nige pacer ?/Dec/96 Solo O/S
lost.arrow 20/Feb/96 -
with Iain Kerr
TimHarwood ?/Feb/96 -
cem ?/Feb/96 AltLd O/S

While on an introduction to winter mountaineering course

with Andy R, Sue, Mark from Oxford
Nigel R Lewis ??/1996 Solo

Solo, alongside Wolfgang Straube. Great day out.

with Wolfgang Straube
SiRob ?/Mar/95 Solo
Hidden 26/Feb/95 -
biggianthead 24/Feb/95 -
with HT
Sime64 24/Feb/95 Lead
with Gill
icescrew ?/Feb/95 Solo
The Pulsing Motorik of Neu! 28/Jan/95 Solo
with Drew, Paul Allcock, Thomas
Hidden ??/1995 Solo
mark-abz 09/Apr/94 Solo
with Dave G
Neil Henderson 18/Feb/94 AltLd
with Stuart Dorward
Hidden 01/Feb/94 Lead
Hidden ?/Feb/94 Solo O/S
Marti999 ?/Jan/94 Solo
daprince ?/Dec/93 -
Hidden 18/Apr/93 -
whispering nic ?/Apr/93 -
with lionel
Hidden ?/Feb/93 AltLd
Hidden 26/Jan/93 -
Andy Say 05/Dec/92 Solo
Chris Ellis 23/Feb/92 AltLd
with Colin Imrie
Hidden 02/Feb/92 Solo
Dave Musgrove Jnr ?/Feb/92 -

Inspiring day out

with Will Patterson
marcoleptic ?/Feb/92 Solo

Monster Hangover

with Stuey, Banjo, Moley
Neil Henderson ?/Feb/92 Solo
with Stuart Dorward
OldMartin 17/Nov/91 AltLd

Full winter condititions. Nobody else on ridge all day.

with Welshdave
craig h 03/Mar/91 Solo
with Charlie
DavPk ?/Jan/91 -
Neil Henderson ?/Jan/91 AltLd
with Billy webster
Hidden ??/1991 -
mike fenwick ?/Mar/90 Solo
with Steve Bryce
Rob Davies ?/Feb/90 Solo

Roped up for one short section. We were overtaken by guy in running gear and instep crampons! Started from Altnafeadh.

with Angus McLean
Hidden 23/Jan/90 -
conradallen 28/Dec/89 Solo
Hidden 05/Mar/89 Solo
Hidden ?/Feb/89 Solo
Sean Kelly ?/Feb/88 -

Climbed in perfect conditions of deep snow, distant views and good friends. A bitter wind accompanied us along the way. Didn't bother with a rope the traverse taking a little over 4 hours. See Originally climbed in 1968 with Paul Chapman & again with Harold Jepson in 1995. Repeated on 20th Feb'10 with Bob Kelly & Kath Bagshaw in deep powder snow but glorious weather.

with Jim Hindley, Steve McClaren, Lester Payne & John Dwyer
andy tetsill ?/Feb/88 Solo

+Tom, Ian Bennet

with Joy
michaelb1 ?/Dec/87 Solo

With Bums

Pete Pozman 25/Feb/87 AltLd O/S
with Dave, Matt
Raggar 23/Feb/87 Solo
with roge, Jon B
freeheel47 ?/Jan/87 Solo
Hidden ??/1987 Solo
Will Webb 31/Dec/86 Solo
with Alastair Todd
Nick Biven ?/Dec/86 Solo

Fantastic Alpine weather - got sunburnt :-)

Tim Bateman 01/Mar/86 Solo
John Marsland 20/Feb/86 -
with Dave Soles and George Shaw
michael burrows 18/Feb/86 Solo O/S
with ian nettleton
Hidden 09/Feb/86 AltLd
Dave Douglas 02/Jan/86 AltLd O/S

First winter route

with my dad
Hidden ??/1986 Solo O/S
Hidden ??/1986 Solo
Hidden ?/May/85 Solo
Hidden ?/Feb/85 Solo O/S
roncaves 02/Jan/85 -

Summer like condition, as best I recall

with John Baylis
roncaves 02/Jan/85 Solo
Hidden 24/Feb/84 Lead
biggianthead 10/Feb/84 -
with G
Hidden ?/Feb/84 Solo
Neil McA 25/Feb/82 Solo
99bolivar 17/Feb/82 Solo O/S
with Derek Smithson
Tony Prendergast ?/Feb/82 -
with Daz Nolan, Mike Evans, Mike Cleary
Hidden 29/Dec/81 AltLd
Hidden 21/Feb/81 Solo
alan.rodger ?/Feb/81 Solo O/S

Lean but still wintery.

with brian ross, johnnie walker, drew yule
99bolivar ?/Feb/81 Solo
with Derek Smithson
Iain Thow 19/Oct/80 Solo

Snow to floor of glen in October!

Hidden ?/Feb/80 Lead
johnkeith ??/1980 -
JulianD ??/1978 -

west to east, sunny

with Sue
Hidden ??/1976 -
Derek Ryden 15/Mar/75 -
lump'o'lead ??/1975 -

Wonderful day, but broke one crampon so it was very slow. Long descent in the pitch dark. Clachaig never seemed better.

with Andy Wilkinson
Paul Clarke ??/1975 -
with FMC
Derek Ryden ?/Mar/74 Solo
with Alan Nuttall
crowberry gully 17/Feb/74 Solo
Steve Woollard ?/Feb/73 AltLd
with Laurance Elton
Pedro50 04/Jan/73 -
Hidden 20/Feb/67 AltLd
uphillnow ?/Feb/63 -

Date is approximate. Done several times whilst living in Onich or visiting.

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