Hidden 03/Dec/17 2nd
craig.england1 05/Nov/17 Lead

I tried it when it was still wet and it was horrible. Managed to get my foot stuck just before the top.

with tom, Dave F
the power 02/Nov/17 Lead
with rob
dr_botnik 02/Nov/17 2nd rpt
BenedictIEP 27/Oct/17 2nd O/S

Seconded in approach shoes. Very very good.

jackiartist 15/Oct/17 2nd
with Will
Hidden 15/Oct/17 Lead O/S
Mchildren 15/Oct/17 2nd rpt
SimonOliver 08/Oct/17 Lead O/S
with Alec
JEdmunds ?/Oct/17 Lead O/S

Smooth climbing straight up the crack, good fun

Marl 28/Sep/17 Solo O/S
ned_85 25/Sep/17 2nd
SamStrong93 25/Sep/17 Lead


with Neil
MusicalMountaineer 23/Sep/17 2nd rpt
with Joe
jtwigg 23/Sep/17 2nd O/S
Hidden 23/Sep/17 2nd
fuzzysheep01 23/Sep/17 Lead O/S

After bailing on Jetrunner.

Hidden 23/Sep/17 Lead
NickyBarton 23/Sep/17 Lead
with James
Blod 22/Sep/17 Lead rpt

Find the start of this technically as hard as anything on Bilberry Crack.

with Tony S
scotty88 17/Sep/17 Lead O/S
GregClixby 17/Sep/17 2nd β
with Paul
Hidden 14/Sep/17 Lead
mskngch 03/Sep/17 Lead O/S
AndyScheller 03/Sep/17 2nd O/S

I used my long reach to pull up the outside, rather than hand-jamming

with Masaki
buczko 02/Sep/17 Lead O/S
ElliottB 02/Sep/17 Lead O/S
with Nils
ElliottB 02/Sep/17 2nd rpt
with Jack
Hidden 01/Sep/17 Lead
rw7399 01/Sep/17 Lead O/S
with Elanor Evans
Rockley 31/Aug/17 Lead
ned_85 31/Aug/17 2nd
1918hasti 30/Aug/17 Lead O/S
steveriley 28/Aug/17 Lead
with Dan
yossarian714 27/Aug/17 Lead O/S
Pete_Mosely 27/Aug/17 2nd dog

A very humbling experience. Struggled, hang-dogged and swore repeatedly at 2 memorable points requiring jamming, smearing and a focused mind. Solid lead from Tom. HS 4b though?

with Tom
Mark Duncan 26/Aug/17 Lead O/S

Repeat. Led this time

with Pete
Mark Duncan 21/Aug/17 Lead O/S

Quality crack. Not sure it's top 50, but great none the less

with Morello
eb202 20/Aug/17 Lead O/S

A bit of an awkward one with loads of gear and less jamming than I expected.

with Michael
Mike505 20/Aug/17 2nd rpt
afx22 20/Aug/17 2nd
with James Merriam
mattcyp88 13/Aug/17 2nd
with Dad
Darren Lam 06/Aug/17 Lead O/S
with Clare Bear
Jolley1 06/Aug/17 -
with Rebecca West
JWTM 05/Aug/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Aug/17 Lead O/S
mol 05/Aug/17 Lead
with Jesse
SarahConnor 30/Jul/17 2nd
with MNC
MNC 30/Jul/17 2nd
with Shane, Sarah
reece.robinson 29/Jul/17 Lead O/S
Gavdee1 29/Jul/17 2nd rpt
andyclimber 29/Jul/17 2nd rpt
charleybaby5287 29/Jul/17 Lead
with andy potter
WillDoole 25/Jul/17 2nd
JoeLucas 25/Jul/17 Lead O/S
JoeLucas 25/Jul/17 Lead O/S
HenryMeier 24/Jul/17 2nd rpt
mrphilipoldham 24/Jul/17 Lead rpt
luky0514 22/Jul/17 2nd
with Fez
stephenmckenzie 17/Jul/17 Lead dog
fechtn 17/Jul/17 2nd rpt
teamvix 16/Jul/17 Lead O/S

After Curving Crack jamming hell, I was back on the happy jamming train with a crack that went straight up! Top section is spicy with those crimpy edges. Got a knee jam in the crack and just said "You can't fall off now", and I didn't!

with Mick
jimmysdead 13/Jul/17 2nd

Midge-hell when belaying

with DPC Rob
phardy 11/Jul/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 08/Jul/17 Lead O/S
HenryMeier 07/Jul/17 Lead O/S
with ColinD
ColinD 07/Jul/17 2nd
with Henry
Dacky 02/Jul/17 2nd β
ads 02/Jul/17 Lead
PhiltheAgg 02/Jul/17 Lead O/S

Waves of top fun and then remembering why I don't like jamming - felt like I could fall off at any point that involved a jam but totally stoked in the end! Also, there always seems to be a handy break for your foot or pocket for your hand if 100% crack if a bit too much! I'd say it deserves 3 stars, lots of great stuff for a 12m pitch.

with Dacky
Hidden 01/Jul/17 Lead O/S
mihai 25/Jun/17 2nd
ACT 25/Jun/17 2nd
tombartlett 22/Jun/17 Lead O/S

Found the wider upper crack tricky

with Simon D PCC
Keith Swainson 22/Jun/17 Solo β
Georgie25 22/Jun/17 Lead
Hidden 19/Jun/17 2nd rpt
ClimbingGlen 19/Jun/17 Lead O/S
breadmonsterphil 18/Jun/17 Lead O/S
with Dom
garywong 18/Jun/17 Lead rpt
with Clare
daveclarke5 18/Jun/17 Lead
with Stephen
Michael Morrell 17/Jun/17 2nd
Josh Hadley 17/Jun/17 Lead O/S
pauldrew 16/Jun/17 Lead
BarbsMurray 16/Jun/17 2nd
with Paul
Derek Furze 14/Jun/17 2nd

top stuff

with Leigh Harrison
Hidden 11/Jun/17 Lead O/S
Antony Mariani 11/Jun/17 2nd rpt
with Jo P
robbie morse 06/Jun/17 Lead O/S

Fantastic climbing but need to work on my jamming!

with Ellin Falla
ACT 04/Jun/17 2nd


anne_schumacher 04/Jun/17 Lead
sheelba 03/Jun/17 2nd
with Naomi
mmmhumous 01/Jun/17 2nd

Tried the lead and backed off)

with Dave H, Tom, Laura, Pete
Hidden 01/Jun/17 2nd
Lee0901 ?/Jun/17 -
Bentwood 24/May/17 2nd
magicmartin 24/May/17 2nd O/S
with Arthur, Wayne Preston, Martyn Wright
crag 23/May/17 2nd O/S
with saff
Hidden 21/May/17 Lead O/S
Richard Alderton 20/May/17 2nd rpt
with Leo
chrishedgehog 19/May/17 Lead O/S
with Kieran Myles
abi.k.l 09/May/17 2nd

A real battle at the top as I put my right hand jam in upside down and couldn't take it out once I moved past it to rubbish holds above/ crack too wide for foot jam below!

with Charlie Penny
Hidden 09/May/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/May/17 2nd O/S
Amy121 07/May/17 Lead
LukeWawrzyniak 03/May/17 2nd O/S
Gabe Oliver 03/May/17 Lead O/S
Sticky_Green_ ?/May/17 Lead
with Lee
Chris Murray 30/Apr/17 Lead
DanChad 30/Apr/17 2nd rpt
Roger Cruse 30/Apr/17 2nd O/S
with Kris & Trevor
TrevorCruse 30/Apr/17 2nd O/S

Kris led

with Kris, Roger
Hidden 29/Apr/17 2nd
Hidden 29/Apr/17 2nd rpt
royle883 29/Apr/17 Lead O/S

found this desperate, need to learn to jam

Ian Stirrups 17/Apr/17 2nd rpt
with Sue, Bill Turner
BStar 15/Apr/17 Lead O/S

Felt tough for 4b

Rachael88 15/Apr/17 2nd
with Adam
Trevers 15/Apr/17 2nd O/S
with BStar
dknibb 10/Apr/17 Lead O/S

First climb of day. Very jammy but enjoyable.

with Gavin
gav 10/Apr/17 2nd β

First route of the day, and would have been nicer if I could have felt my fingers.

with Dave
Hidden 09/Apr/17 2nd
DavidPC 09/Apr/17 Lead O/S
with Alex fmc
max_chan 09/Apr/17 Lead rpt
with Lou
olddirtydoggy 09/Apr/17 Lead
with LAJJ
garywong 09/Apr/17 Lead rpt
with Chris Owens, Denise Morgan
AlexD-L 04/Apr/17 2nd dog
joeramsay 04/Apr/17 2nd O/S
gtaylor997 04/Apr/17 Lead O/S
mrphilipoldham 03/Apr/17 2nd O/S

Awkward, but not worrying, moves over the low bulge.. cracking crack climbing.

Paul Hy 03/Apr/17 Lead rpt
with Phil O
john max 02/Apr/17 2nd
with Nadine Fecht
fechtn 02/Apr/17 Lead
with John Maxfield
Stroppy 01/Apr/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Apr/17 2nd O/S
dtalbot 31/Mar/17 Lead
with Rory O'Conor
Sam McCarthy 31/Mar/17 Lead O/S
Droyd 31/Mar/17 Lead rpt
with Sam
Jonathan Richardson 30/Mar/17 2nd O/S
erkershaw 30/Mar/17 Lead O/S
slab_happy 26/Mar/17 Lead O/S
with Val
Fred Lazell 26/Mar/17 Lead
with Jan Kartawick
David Chase 26/Mar/17 2nd
with Max McQuillan
pingora 25/Mar/17 2nd rpt
with Rory
Jimbo C 25/Mar/17 Lead rpt
with Will
Rory_Cummings_NI 25/Mar/17 Lead O/S
with Ian
Retro Rowan 25/Mar/17 Lead O/S
adi bryant 10/Mar/17 2nd β
with Lee
the power 07/Mar/17 -
with rob
kez1 04/Mar/17 Lead O/S

Lovely line, begging to be climbed, I just couldn't resist

with Ed
richy85 04/Mar/17 2nd O/S
Whitmoreaa 04/Mar/17 Lead O/S
with Rich, Kez
Hidden 18/Feb/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 18/Feb/17 2nd rpt
smoreda 18/Feb/17 2nd
Hidden 15/Feb/17 Lead
Jay Schofield 04/Feb/17 Lead O/S
with Luke Weaver, Stefan
Stefan_TR 04/Feb/17 2nd rpt
Marl 28/Dec/16 Lead O/S

Another great route

with Glynis
Barrie Schofield II 11/Dec/16 2nd
Stefan_TR 11/Dec/16 Lead O/S

Lovely jamming, a little tricky for the grade but good protection made the HS grade seem reasonable to me. The high winds were knocking me about on it which made it feel a tad scarier!

markalmack 04/Dec/16 Solo O/S
alexjf 27/Nov/16 Lead O/S
with Ben
George Frisby 26/Nov/16 Lead O/S

Jamming skills needed for tricky top section.

with Rowland
rowland penty 26/Nov/16 2nd
Retro Rowan 26/Nov/16 2nd
Tim Harper 26/Nov/16 Lead O/S
TomKingston ?/Nov/16 Lead
Joe.Elliott1 24/Oct/16 Lead
Thorpy 24/Oct/16 2nd O/S

First ever HS, strenuous at times but a real sense of achievement at the top. Worth the 3 stars

Hidden 23/Oct/16 Lead
myrddinmuse 23/Oct/16 2nd

Found exiting the crack to be quite taxing. Followed Meg as a warm up for the HVS next door.

Montecore 23/Oct/16 Lead rpt
with Andrew Gardner
Rhys.Roberts 23/Oct/16 2nd dog
Mark Stevenson 15/Oct/16 Lead rpt
with OUMC Members
cragtyke 14/Oct/16 Lead

damp and greasy from previous rain

with Nik
keitht 09/Oct/16 Lead

With Ken

Hidden 08/Oct/16 2nd O/S
Hidden 08/Oct/16 Lead rpt
MrFantastic 04/Oct/16 Solo O/S
Joel Miller 30/Sep/16 2nd
mattdennies 30/Sep/16 Lead O/S
andork123 17/Sep/16 Lead O/S

found this far harder, well more awkward, than expected. Lovely climb, just not sure I was having a great day

with sam.carr21, josh.h
stev1e.wilso 17/Sep/16 2nd O/S
with Andy Mac
Gerlach 17/Sep/16 2nd
Fellmonkey 17/Sep/16 Lead O/S
liamando 14/Sep/16 2nd

Probably should of jammed more

with Ted Collins
Adam91 04/Sep/16 2nd O/S
Hidden ?/Sep/16 Lead
mrs milf 29/Aug/16 Lead
with Dominic close
MDowson 29/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with Jonathon Powell
R Brown 24/Aug/16 2nd rpt
Mr Fuller 24/Aug/16 Lead rpt
R Brown 13/Aug/16 2nd O/S
with Danny A
James Lowe 12/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with Ben
Mr. K 06/Aug/16 Lead O/S

Just fantastic.

with John Bramwell
Oliver Houston 06/Aug/16 2nd
with Sam
sjsh 06/Aug/16 Lead
MusicalMountaineer 05/Aug/16 Lead O/S

Not top 50, but fun.

Hidden 04/Aug/16 2nd rpt
Dave Mason 31/Jul/16 Lead O/S
with Melissa O Gorman, Ben Sherwin, Darren Belfield
Hidden 24/Jul/16 Lead O/S
Zolly Whitaker 23/Jul/16 Lead
with Maddi Stewart
Hidden 23/Jul/16 Lead O/S
spenser 23/Jul/16 Lead O/S

Mega, for grit!

with Annie
TomGB 17/Jul/16 2nd rpt
Hidden 17/Jul/16 Lead O/S
Gavdee1 09/Jul/16 Lead O/S
with Amy Devereux, Claire
Hidden 08/Jul/16 Lead
richardbaxter 08/Jul/16 Lead
with Daniel Marsden, Cooper
Oldmanofsalford 03/Jul/16 2nd
Nafclimbsrocks 03/Jul/16 Lead O/S
with Oldmanofsalford, Gary
RichT 22/Jun/16 -
Droyd 19/Jun/16 Lead O/S
with Megan
Tjogge 19/Jun/16 2nd
Hidden 18/Jun/16 2nd rpt
lr96144 12/Jun/16 2nd dog

Practising jamming in the rain made it a bit scarier. If you like jams, this will be a breeze. Used a nice pocket near the top on the left hand but then forgot about using it for my left foot a move later initially. Using it made finishing the route much simpler and I still have all the skin on the back of my hand. A fun route to go back to in fair weather.

pc1983 12/Jun/16 Lead O/S

A really enjoyable crack climb. As the description says - the protection is perfect! All round fun climb.

cragtyke 09/Jun/16 2nd
with Chris
Hidden 09/Jun/16 Lead O/S
isandyharper 05/Jun/16 -
mattgrange 05/Jun/16 Lead rpt

Quality route

petemeads 05/Jun/16 Lead

Seemed easier to lead than follow - still a great climb!

with Laurence
andyclimber 05/Jun/16 Lead O/S
JenDurden 05/Jun/16 Lead
with Sion F-R, TiffTiff
Hidden 03/Jun/16 -
Ben Harper 29/May/16 2nd rpt
with Mads
mrs milf 28/May/16 Lead O/S
AndyRogers 27/May/16 Lead O/S

We'll do this as a warm up he said... it'll be good he said.... enjoyable but I found it a bit of a fight all the way up- maybe I need to get better at jamming?

with Damo
Damo Grimley 27/May/16 2nd
with Andy Rogers
SophieAStanley 24/May/16 2nd
with Callum
BnB 22/May/16 -
Hidden 22/May/16 Lead rpt
Lancer 17/May/16 2nd O/S

Sam led it well. A good route- the crack was covered in the rain, but the slopers at the top were soaking and lacking friction... Thanks also to the people who took our bags to shelter at the top!

with Sam
sjbrook 17/May/16 Lead O/S

Nice, finished just before the rain started, unlike Nick who had to second in the rain, thanks for getting the gear back nick. Thanks to to the people who moved our bags to shelter.

Calum Wadsworth 15/May/16 Lead O/S
with Emma
Constant Solo 14/May/16 2nd β
Hidden 14/May/16 2nd
Sarah Statham 14/May/16 Lead O/S
with Mike
coster 08/May/16 Lead
Hidden 08/May/16 2nd O/S
markK6 08/May/16 Lead O/S

Quality climbing all the way. Got my foot jammed moving up to the slopers!

with Simon
lookingforlotte 08/May/16 2nd β
with Ali
th0ma5_ander50n 07/May/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/May/16 Lead
Hidden 07/May/16 2nd O/S
Tony Kartawick ?/May/16 Lead
Fred Lazell ?/May/16 2nd O/S
DHHZ 23/Apr/16 Lead O/S
with Ella
GwilymR 23/Apr/16 Solo O/S
joe hallam 21/Apr/16 Lead O/S
with andrew senior
Nigel Coe 21/Apr/16 2nd
with Pete Kelly
Jack93 17/Apr/16 2nd rpt
Hidden 17/Apr/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 17/Apr/16 Lead O/S
Charlie Low 17/Apr/16 Lead rpt
guisboro andy 17/Apr/16 -
mike8331 10/Apr/16 2nd
with clive phillips
Manc88 10/Apr/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 03/Apr/16 2nd O/S
Heather Osborne 03/Apr/16 Lead O/S

Really good route, way better than it looked from the ground

jasonpm 03/Apr/16 2nd
with Jeremy
Hidden 25/Mar/16 2nd O/S
ciderspider 22/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with Charley
charley 22/Mar/16 2nd rpt
with Ian
JasonK 20/Mar/16 2nd
with Antonio
Becks87 20/Mar/16 Lead O/S

Nice climbing.

db79 20/Mar/16 2nd
atom 20/Mar/16 2nd rpt

Amazing jams

Hidden 20/Mar/16 Lead β
benwh1te 19/Mar/16 2nd
steady 19/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with Peter J
DanH9883 13/Mar/16 Lead
with Ellie
EllieCotterill 13/Mar/16 2nd O/S
with Dan
Ardo 12/Mar/16 2nd rpt
sopaz 12/Mar/16 Lead
with Palmer
the power 12/Mar/16 Lead
SenzuBean 12/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with Craig
Palmer 12/Mar/16 2nd
Palmer 12/Mar/16 2nd
Antonio Ferra ?/Mar/16 Lead O/S
ian d f 13/Feb/16 Solo O/S
Jemima Churchhouse 03/Feb/16 Lead O/S
with Hamish
Hidden 17/Jan/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Jan/16 2nd O/S
Hidden 01/Jan/16 Lead
Phil Anderson ??/2016 Lead


Jweden2 ??/2016 Lead
Darron ??/2016 -
BnB ??/2016 -
Alex_Derbyshire 02/Nov/15 Lead O/S
with Lloyd
DubyaJamesDubya 25/Oct/15 2nd rpt
with Joe Harris
pete1993 17/Oct/15 Solo rpt
with Lawrence, Katie, David
dom94 17/Oct/15 Solo O/S
Hidden 17/Oct/15 2nd
lusonavigator 17/Oct/15 2nd O/S

First lesson in crack climbing. Felt very pumpy and straining. Need to improve that laybacking and hand/finger jams to make it easy and controlled.

with Herv? P?ter-Contesse
Hidden 16/Oct/15 2nd
mikespooner 16/Oct/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 15/Oct/15 Lead O/S
cookie-doo 15/Oct/15 2nd O/S
Nigel Coe 14/Oct/15 Lead
with Amnon
Hidden 11/Oct/15 Lead
paul birch 11/Oct/15 Lead
Davidchatterton 09/Oct/15 Lead O/S
with heyhoot
Hidden 09/Oct/15 2nd β
Hidden 06/Oct/15 Lead
Unknownbiker 04/Oct/15 2nd
with Tony W
jasonpm 03/Oct/15 Lead O/S
with Simon Hockin
Sam2257 30/Sep/15 Lead O/S
steveboote 30/Sep/15 2nd
with Sam2257
rockover 30/Sep/15 Lead
with Tony Birtle
HannahC 27/Sep/15 2nd
riff156 27/Sep/15 Lead rpt
with Hannahc
dohart 26/Sep/15 2nd
with darren
pingora 26/Sep/15 Lead O/S
with Mark
Hidden 25/Sep/15 2nd O/S
Gordon W 20/Sep/15 2nd O/S
AlistairBerridge 20/Sep/15 Lead rpt

Naked Calendar Photo :)

tiga271 19/Sep/15 2nd
with Dave
harry_lewis 15/Sep/15 Solo O/S
with Nina
Hidden 13/Sep/15 2nd
Brown 13/Sep/15 Solo
with Lilifa
jing 13/Sep/15 Lead O/S

A bit awkward.

with Chris O
ned_85 13/Sep/15 Lead
with Mike, Ryan Baird
SlabbyMarvin 09/Sep/15 2nd

With Les

Hidden 05/Sep/15 Lead O/S
Mike Bayley 04/Sep/15 2nd O/S
with Norman Smith, John Sellars
Hidden ?/Sep/15 2nd
high peak 1 ?/Sep/15 Lead O/S
timrooker 30/Aug/15 Lead
with Carla
CarlaJG 30/Aug/15 2nd
TobyA 29/Aug/15 Lead O/S
with Dave
philmitch 29/Aug/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 22/Aug/15 Lead O/S
Luke90 16/Aug/15 Lead O/S
with Liz, Edd, James
Hidden 16/Aug/15 2nd O/S
Elizabeth Allen 16/Aug/15 2nd O/S
with Luke
charley 16/Aug/15 2nd rpt
with Mark
MDR61 16/Aug/15 Lead O/S

Nice straightforward well protected and worthy of top 50 status

with charley
Hidden 15/Aug/15 2nd O/S
xiangoh 09/Aug/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 09/Aug/15 Lead
Hidden 09/Aug/15 2nd O/S
Neal Jobling 08/Aug/15 2nd
with Tracy
daviesp2 08/Aug/15 Lead

Lovely jams and gear

Hidden 08/Aug/15 Lead rpt
Hidden 08/Aug/15 Solo O/S
adam clarke 07/Aug/15 Lead rpt
with Adam Lynch
Ian Saxton 06/Aug/15 Lead
with martin
martinbettridge06 05/Aug/15 2nd
David_Gledson 05/Aug/15 2nd rpt
with Alan
JDC 02/Aug/15 Lead
Griff1990 02/Aug/15 Lead O/S
with Piers Turnbull
Hidden 02/Aug/15 Lead O/S
alex goodall 02/Aug/15 2nd O/S
with Shannyb
mgpugh 29/Jul/15 Lead O/S
james.slater 25/Jul/15 2nd O/S
simonsclimbing 25/Jul/15 Lead
with James
Hidden 22/Jul/15 2nd O/S
Capricorn One 21/Jul/15 2nd
with Nina, Becs PCC
Hidden 21/Jul/15 Lead O/S
Alpenglow 12/Jul/15 Lead O/S
with Emma W, Adam M
pawel suhy 11/Jul/15 2nd rpt
with Krzysiek PCC
Rosie Henstock 11/Jul/15 Lead O/S
TGreen 11/Jul/15 2nd O/S
RJLeish 11/Jul/15 2nd O/S
Stanners 11/Jul/15 Lead O/S

great fun!

mark stones 11/Jul/15 Lead
Prof. Outdoors 09/Jul/15 2nd
with Lorna
aebewick 05/Jul/15 -
escape 03/Jul/15 2nd
Hidden 03/Jul/15 Lead
Hidden 03/Jul/15 2nd
Hidden 03/Jul/15 2nd
evenL 27/Jun/15 Lead O/S
bridget143 27/Jun/15 Lead O/S
with Simen
Fraser hill-casey 27/Jun/15 2nd O/S
helenstuart 27/Jun/15 2nd O/S
with Mike
steveboote 24/Jun/15 Lead
with Hidden
Hidden 24/Jun/15 2nd O/S
Hidden 21/Jun/15 Lead O/S
samkat 21/Jun/15 Lead O/S
with joe
Nick_Merriman 19/Jun/15 Lead O/S
James Urmston 19/Jun/15 2nd O/S
with Nick
Hidden 18/Jun/15 Lead O/S
heywoodj 15/Jun/15 2nd
smking 13/Jun/15 2nd
ClareG 13/Jun/15 2nd O/S
with smking
BTphonehome 10/Jun/15 Lead O/S
with Matt
Matt_C9716 10/Jun/15 2nd
with Bram
BoulderyDave 07/Jun/15 2nd O/S
SuperLee1985 07/Jun/15 Lead O/S

Good climb, loads of (large) gear. A little tricky towards the top where the crack runs out and you are suddenly faced with slopers.

chrismadar 03/Jun/15 Lead O/S

Felt pretty stiff but then again not a particular fan of jamming

with William Evans, Lloyd Bisgrove
Hidden ?/Jun/15 Solo O/S
harry.morrish 30/May/15 Lead
jez.morrish 30/May/15 2nd dnf
Hidden 26/May/15 2nd
ChrisVickers 26/May/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/May/15 2nd rpt
MatthewH 25/May/15 Lead O/S
bryce.dorin 23/May/15 Lead O/S
with Corty
Little B 10/May/15 Lead O/S
with Simon
Simonfarfaraway 10/May/15 2nd
ChrisBrooke 10/May/15 Lead O/S
with Gary Kitchen
MarkCunnington 10/May/15 Lead O/S
with Jodi Sudgen
Hidden 10/May/15 2nd
AlistairBerridge 04/May/15 Lead dog
with UoN Climbing Club Member/Fresher
stratandrew 04/May/15 Lead O/S
with John Doldon, Rob Clark
Hidden 04/May/15 2nd
Andypeak 04/May/15 Lead
adam.wood 02/May/15 Lead O/S

4 or 5 pieces of gear were already placed by Greg Jones prior to sending, making most of the climb a sport route...

GregJones17 02/May/15 Lead G/U

First trad lead fall, easily 6m's !! Note to all - Take hexes to protect the top section

Happy Haggis ?/May/15 2nd

Brilliant climb - had to remember how to climb gritstone!

leowoods 19/Apr/15 Lead O/S
with Ian J
Hidden 19/Apr/15 2nd
Borden 19/Apr/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 19/Apr/15 Lead O/S
hthom 19/Apr/15 Lead O/S
with Lewis Mills
Neil Rigiani 19/Apr/15 2nd O/S
with Tracy Elliot
EllieWoods 19/Apr/15 Lead O/S
with Ben S
Hidden 19/Apr/15 2nd O/S
petecallaghan 19/Apr/15 Lead O/S
with Tom Bennachio
Hidden 19/Apr/15 2nd
cdpuk 19/Apr/15 2nd O/S
Ian Ackerley 19/Apr/15 Lead
PanzerHanzler 19/Apr/15 2nd rpt
Hidden 18/Apr/15 Lead O/S
Karlos 15/Apr/15 Lead O/S

Great protection throughout, but I found this harder than the adjacent VS's. It was just awkward, right hand and right foot only.

with Vicki
Hidden 15/Apr/15 2nd O/S
watson.b 11/Apr/15 Lead O/S
Adamski1986 11/Apr/15 2nd
Flavio 10/Apr/15 Solo O/S
Hidden 10/Apr/15 TR
sian88 08/Apr/15 2nd rpt
chrisdjackson 06/Apr/15 Lead O/S

Hard for the grade but protection when needed- maybe i should brush up on my crack climbing skills

with Teague
Hidden 06/Apr/15 Lead O/S
jamesk93 05/Apr/15 2nd
inspiration_needed 05/Apr/15 Lead O/S

Very fun

with Mat Cooper
RabJT 05/Apr/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Apr/15 Lead O/S
Mike505 21/Mar/15 2nd O/S
M_Robinson 20/Mar/15 Solo O/S
bendevonport 19/Mar/15 Lead
Hidden 19/Mar/15 Lead O/S
Matt Shepherd 19/Mar/15 2nd O/S
alanblyth 20/Feb/15 Lead O/S
jsmcfarland 20/Feb/15 2nd O/S

Quality route. Quite a pumpy route all things considered. A good chance to practise jamming!

with Alan
MarcinGobczynski ??/2015 Lead O/S
euge74 ??/2015 Lead O/S
mike mo ??/2015 -
mike mo ??/2015 Lead
phil64 ??/2015 -
andybirtwistle ??/2015 -
Wizzy 30/Nov/14 Lead O/S
tom bre 30/Nov/14 Lead O/S
Si 24/Nov/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 02/Nov/14 Solo O/S
Hidden 02/Nov/14 Lead O/S
GregJones17 01/Nov/14 2nd dog
Stepanek 01/Nov/14 Lead
helnewilliamson ?/Nov/14 2nd
Katie Proctor 25/Oct/14 2nd O/S
callumbtaylor 25/Oct/14 2nd β
peaterpan 25/Oct/14 Lead O/S
jamiepat 25/Oct/14 2nd O/S
with Jack Peate
JoshT 25/Oct/14 Lead O/S
with Marie
Hidden 25/Oct/14 Lead O/S
Steven1993 25/Oct/14 Lead O/S
with Jane Yuan, Katie Proctor
Hidden 19/Oct/14 2nd
Unknownbiker 19/Oct/14 Lead
with Simon Burn
andy_e 05/Oct/14 Lead
with Jared Kitchen
bigdrew 05/Oct/14 Solo rpt
with Joe Bawden, Dunc Frish, Ian Milward
John Bish 04/Oct/14 Lead
with James Martin
amccann 03/Oct/14 Solo rpt
with Tom A
Teappleby 03/Oct/14 Solo
Hidden ?/Oct/14 Solo O/S
martinbettridge06 ?/Oct/14 2nd
david harvey ?/Oct/14 Lead O/S
with martin
aking12 28/Sep/14 Lead rpt
with Adam Fenton, Rosie Lynch
williap 28/Sep/14 2nd

Tough at the top for HS 4b!

with Juilette
Fentonio 28/Sep/14 TR O/S
petemeads 28/Sep/14 2nd

Good lead by Adam, whose nuts were hard to extract...

with Adam R
RosieLynch 28/Sep/14 2nd O/S
perrys 28/Sep/14 Lead O/S
with Alex Beuchert
Wayne S 27/Sep/14 2nd
with Dale
Gambit 27/Sep/14 Solo O/S

Last move was interesting, glad the top rope was not available too quickly, otherwise would have taken it

with Rob Woon, Mark Leicester, Royston
Dale Berry 27/Sep/14 Lead O/S

Solid for the grade.

with Wayne S
Hidden 23/Sep/14 Lead
Hidden 23/Sep/14 2nd
Vnockles 21/Sep/14 Lead
giuly 21/Sep/14 2nd
with Robin Oliver
gripped01 21/Sep/14 2nd
with Chris Berryman
will_benfold 21/Sep/14 2nd rpt
Pike 21/Sep/14 Lead rpt

Seconded previously about a year ago, nice to get the lead in. Great route for the grade

with Oliver
stevelismore 21/Sep/14 Lead O/S

Having fallen off a couple of HVSs today I needed to clean something!

pawel suhy 21/Sep/14 TR O/S
with Giulia, Robin PCC
Hidden 14/Sep/14 2nd O/S
AdamPrzeslak 14/Sep/14 Lead O/S
jayray 13/Sep/14 Lead
Chris Craggs 08/Sep/14 Lead

Nice as ever - best route on the crag?

with Graham Parkes
djones66 07/Sep/14 Lead O/S

Lovely route with solid gear. Shame there isn't more of it.

with Stve mc D
Hidden 07/Sep/14 Lead
fobb 07/Sep/14 Lead
Ramblin dave 07/Sep/14 Lead O/S

Really enjoyable - good line, sustained difficulty, nice range of techniques.

with Elise, Alison
tim exley 01/Sep/14 Solo O/S

Nearly dark, tricky getting out the top of the crack

sian88 ?/Sep/14 Lead O/S
john max 31/Aug/14 2nd
with Clare Rant
climbingrick 24/Aug/14 Lead O/S
batterj2 24/Aug/14 2nd O/S
with Ricky Nos
Hidden 24/Aug/14 Lead
Hidden 16/Aug/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 11/Aug/14 Lead O/S
mapperley samurai 09/Aug/14 2nd
davidalcock 09/Aug/14 Lead
Hidden 09/Aug/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 09/Aug/14 2nd
Nigel Bond 03/Aug/14 Lead
with Mischa
fuzzysheep01 03/Aug/14 Lead O/S
with Graham Perry
AndrewCArmstrong 03/Aug/14 Lead O/S
Montecore 03/Aug/14 2nd

Bog standard crack, don't understand why it gets the stars

with Andrew Gardner
Hidden 03/Aug/14 2nd dog
TomGB 03/Aug/14 Lead O/S
with Pete Nielsen
bpw666 02/Aug/14 Lead O/S
petern ?/Aug/14 2nd O/S
Emma Reynolds 30/Jul/14 Lead O/S
kyaizawa 30/Jul/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 30/Jul/14 Lead O/S
RUDIN.J.D.H 30/Jul/14 2nd
with Sam Rudin
lcullum7 30/Jul/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 28/Jul/14 Lead
Alessandro Tentori 27/Jul/14 Lead O/S
with Kirsten Donovan
Hidden 26/Jul/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 26/Jul/14 Lead O/S
SDM 20/Jul/14 2nd
with Michael
Hidden 20/Jul/14 Lead O/S
s.thursz 18/Jul/14 Lead O/S
with Dan Rose
MrBIond 18/Jul/14 Solo O/S
mrteale 18/Jul/14 Solo O/S
with MrBlond
Hidden 12/Jul/14 Solo O/S
Martin Bagshaw 06/Jul/14 Solo O/S
davidreeves 05/Jul/14 Lead O/S

cp - Chris

Hidden 03/Jul/14 2nd
Hidden 03/Jul/14 Lead O/S
tallginge ?/Jul/14 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Jul/14 Lead O/S
Roisin 28/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with theomoore
MaccMark 25/Jun/14 2nd
FrJ 22/Jun/14 2nd
with Ruth Creamer
berry6717 22/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with Hannah Berry
gazfellows 21/Jun/14 -
with Nic
jon59 17/Jun/14 -
tom_lewis89 16/Jun/14 Lead
Hidden 14/Jun/14 Lead
benlatham07 14/Jun/14 Lead O/S
Paul Eckton 14/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with steve read
Hidden 08/Jun/14 2nd
Swotson 08/Jun/14 2nd O/S
with Richard
Ceara 08/Jun/14 2nd O/S
with Mel Brown, Sam Riley
bantamdave 08/Jun/14 2nd O/S

I thought this was more difficult than Quien sabe to the left at VS 4c

with Sara
Hidden 08/Jun/14 Lead
DanChad 05/Jun/14 Lead O/S

Quite sustained but good protection throughout. Also good jamming practice for me

with Richard Bower, Chris Murray
Chris Murray 05/Jun/14 2nd

Great HS lead for Dan. Nice route.

with Dan Chadfield, Richard Bower
Ron 03/Jun/14 2nd O/S
with Clive, Pete
OliverRoss 01/Jun/14 2nd β
with Dan Boast
nb148 01/Jun/14 2nd
with Kim Caldwell, James "Beanie" Godwin
quickdrawmcraw 01/Jun/14 Lead
with hannah
Hidden 01/Jun/14 2nd β
jamesgodwin64 01/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with nicola, kim
Alison Cairns 31/May/14 2nd
with Adam k, Andy
Binder 17/May/14 2nd O/S
with Liz C
Hidden 14/May/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 14/May/14 Lead O/S
giuly 14/May/14 2nd
with Ben Abell, Neil Shephard
Hidden 14/May/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 06/May/14 2nd
Hidden 05/May/14 Lead
Marq 05/May/14 2nd rpt
Anne Gumbley 05/May/14 Lead
Hidden 05/May/14 Lead O/S
Andy Chubb 05/May/14 Lead O/S

Hard to start but then it opens up for proper jams

with Steve Goodman
scott.hill 04/May/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/May/14 Lead O/S
OllyT 04/May/14 2nd
Mike Soulby 04/May/14 2nd rpt
briar4012 03/May/14 2nd O/S
with Jayne R, Mark Hale
LJC 03/May/14 Lead O/S
with Adrian, Euge, Sully, Phill
LJC 03/May/14 2nd rpt
with Phill
Hidden 03/May/14 Lead O/S
loco wilko ?/May/14 Lead
littleduck ?/May/14 Lead
with David Price
elCapitano 29/Apr/14 Lead rpt
with Jonny
Handsforfeet 28/Apr/14 Lead

Slithered down onto gear at half height. Got to top after much huffing & puffing!

with Nik
Hidden 19/Apr/14 2nd rpt
Lukem6 19/Apr/14 2nd rpt
fosterrobert 19/Apr/14 2nd O/S
with Jack
Jenny Monkey 19/Apr/14 Lead O/S

tough and sustained but got there in the end!!

jwpil 19/Apr/14 Lead rpt
mfisher 15/Apr/14 2nd O/S
with Kit Preston
Hidden 15/Apr/14 Lead
ashtond6 12/Apr/14 Lead O/S


alp79 12/Apr/14 2nd rpt
Hidden 04/Apr/14 Lead O/S
rurp 01/Apr/14 Lead O/S

After binning jet runner due to fear and slime

with bill farmer
bencole ?/Apr/14 Lead O/S
Naomi.P 30/Mar/14 Lead
tmawer 30/Mar/14 Lead O/S
with Kasha
kasha_gregson 30/Mar/14 2nd O/S
with tony
Charlie Low 23/Mar/14 Lead O/S

Really fun lead that's scary whilst climbing an feels brilliant once you top out. Almost fell on a fist jam but it held thank god!

amccann 23/Mar/14 Solo O/S
Hidden 15/Mar/14 Lead dnf
Big Lee 15/Mar/14 2nd O/S

Felt sustained and hard for the grade but an excellent route.

with Mark Walker
treg 14/Mar/14 2nd

Lovely. Would probably be a bit of a shocker if you tried it as your first HS.

with Nye
Nye Meerkat 14/Mar/14 Lead O/S

lovely stuff, perfect sized jams for my hands

funsized 12/Mar/14 Solo rpt
with Chris
splat2million 09/Mar/14 Lead O/S
tomtom89 08/Mar/14 Lead O/S
with Spence
Hidden 19/Jan/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 19/Jan/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 19/Jan/14 Lead O/S
Lizzie B 18/Jan/14 2nd dog
marconi 17/Dec/13 2nd
admackie 17/Dec/13 -
with mark
ralphio 02/Dec/13 Lead O/S

Found this hard for HS. Was a freezing day and first climb of the day. Laybacked most of it but will try and jam it next time.

maumau 02/Dec/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 10/Nov/13 2nd rpt
matt.stevenson 10/Nov/13 Lead O/S
drsdave 10/Nov/13 Lead β

well worth it!

with Owen, Mat
Cake 10/Nov/13 2nd O/S

Best HS I can remember, perhaps

with Dave, Matt
TheLiz 06/Oct/13 2nd
Sean Kelly 06/Oct/13 2nd

Lovely moves on this one.

with Craig Marsden, Colin Maddison
Matt Cooke 05/Oct/13 Solo β
with Matt Marshall
Hidden 29/Sep/13 2nd rpt
cjb1992 29/Sep/13 Lead


with Harriet, June
Calder 28/Sep/13 Lead O/S


with Mark, Ste
stemill 28/Sep/13 2nd
with Mark, Graham
max_chan 22/Sep/13 Lead O/S
w-watson 22/Sep/13 Lead
georgenvk 21/Sep/13 Lead O/S
charvey 20/Sep/13 Lead O/S

got foot stuck

benny_m 07/Sep/13 Lead O/S
with Su
Hidden 07/Sep/13 2nd
rockman 04/Sep/13 Lead O/S

Great route - 4 stars

timcedwards 04/Sep/13 2nd
Paul Hy 03/Sep/13 Lead O/S
with Rob S
BillyRidal 02/Sep/13 Lead
Milne 01/Sep/13 -
with Jenny
WayneR ?/Sep/13 Lead O/S
Gudge 30/Aug/13 2nd O/S

Fantastic - grit at it's best.

with Helen B
Chris Redding 25/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Jack93 25/Aug/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 19/Aug/13 Lead
Hidden 18/Aug/13 2nd
Hidden 18/Aug/13 2nd O/S
pete1993 18/Aug/13 2nd rpt
Hidden 18/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 17/Aug/13 Lead O/S
RyanOsborne 17/Aug/13 2nd
reuphus 17/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Wyrdstone 10/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 10/Aug/13 2nd
Rob Jarratt 06/Aug/13 2nd
with Andy Crawley
birbeck 02/Aug/13 Lead O/S
g1m147 28/Jul/13 2nd
with Wayne s
Wayne S 28/Jul/13 Lead β
with Gary
Hidden 24/Jul/13 2nd
Hidden 21/Jul/13 2nd rpt
Hidden 21/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Ardo 20/Jul/13 Lead O/S

Great route

Hidden 20/Jul/13 2nd
Deezel65 17/Jul/13 2nd rpt
with Mark Bell, Cragtyke
cragtyke 17/Jul/13 2nd
with Mark B, Ross
Greza 16/Jul/13 Lead O/S
with Ross
Hidden 15/Jul/13 Solo
tsl42 15/Jul/13 2nd
with David Fountain
TimKnight 13/Jul/13 2nd O/S
with Dave Marshall
mattgrange 13/Jul/13 2nd
dbm 13/Jul/13 2nd O/S
Dan Vaj 13/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 12/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Chris Craggs 10/Jul/13 Lead

Lovely route, great rock, gear and moves.

with Steve Cunnington, Dave Gregory
Hidden 10/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 09/Jul/13 Lead dnf
Hidden 07/Jul/13 2nd O/S
Mr Fuller 07/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Tanya Savage 30/Jun/13 Lead

led it better than last time, still hate that first big move on hand jam.

Neil Pacey 30/Jun/13 2nd rpt
cwildblood 29/Jun/13 Lead O/S

Brilliant route with lovely moves and loads of protection, so much so i nearly ran out of gear halfway up!

namagnall 29/Jun/13 Lead
J.Atkins 29/Jun/13 2nd O/S
franhammond92 26/Jun/13 Lead O/S

Fantastick route. Touht me how to jam again.

Hidden 24/Jun/13 2nd rpt
Lukem6 24/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with tom
oddtoast 21/Jun/13 2nd

Great fun, made it harder than it should have been by completely misreading moves, good jamming practice

with Gav
jogh 15/Jun/13 2nd
with Vincent
vinni 15/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with James
nameless_rob 08/Jun/13 Lead
with Graham, Mel, Johanna
Hidden 08/Jun/13 2nd
cherad 07/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with Louise Bell
gpcomps 04/Jun/13 2nd O/S
Stoff 04/Jun/13 Lead O/S

Excellent route but a hard HS especially if you can't jam ! It's the top section that makes it !

with gpcomps
leeds_belle 02/Jun/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 02/Jun/13 Lead
Jimbo C 02/Jun/13 2nd
with Chris, Will
DaveInPortwood 01/Jun/13 2nd
with Clive Phillips
Derek Furze 01/Jun/13 -
CurlyStevo ?/Jun/13 2nd

definitely easier VS climbs out there, but this one is HS IMO.

with Rob
robbraby ?/Jun/13 Lead O/S

Good climb trickier than it looked, harder moves were in the bottom section. Tons of good gear.

with Steveo
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing ?/Jun/13 Solo O/S
Double Knee Bar 25/May/13 Lead rpt
Hidden 19/May/13 2nd
nick ferro 19/May/13 -
pipof747 09/May/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 06/May/13 2nd O/S
a13x 05/May/13 2nd O/S
with Michael Mason
MPSBunny 05/May/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/May/13 2nd O/S
willson 05/May/13 Lead
with Wills
NickTay 05/May/13 Lead O/S
with Neil
kcollender 05/May/13 Lead
Neil Henson 05/May/13 2nd
with nick
Hidden 05/May/13 2nd
DaveB61 05/May/13 TR
with Krish Dev
ClareSenny 04/May/13 TR
with Roger High
Hidden 21/Apr/13 2nd
jimbonfire 20/Apr/13 Lead O/S
thomasaneurinsmith 20/Apr/13 2nd O/S
with Katherine Torr, Stuart Reeves
seanlikeskites 20/Apr/13 Lead O/S
stuaart 20/Apr/13 Lead O/S
with Kat Torr, Thomas Smith
Hidden 20/Apr/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 20/Apr/13 2nd
JimboWizbo 13/Apr/13 2nd O/S

Good lead by Beth, found this tricky

with Beth
Hidden 13/Apr/13 Lead O/S
Tala A 10/Apr/13 2nd rpt
with Ellie Bromage
Hidden 17/Mar/13 Lead O/S
TRFrost 05/Mar/13 2nd O/S
with R. Whittington
David_Gledson 05/Mar/13 2nd O/S
timmsy 05/Mar/13 Lead
Private Flounder 02/Mar/13 AltLd
with chris manasseh
Chris Manasseh 02/Mar/13 2nd
olllie26 02/Mar/13 Lead O/S
with scott
kate tarrant ?/Mar/13 2nd
Maxim2023 ?/Mar/13 Lead O/S
with Kate Tarrant
Hillson 17/Feb/13 Lead O/S
with Andrew Graham, Pete Wilson
PeteWilson 17/Feb/13 2nd O/S
onlyfoddington 16/Feb/13 2nd O/S

Damn jamming

with Adam
duncana 09/Feb/13 Lead

Pleased to get up, rested on gear near top after getting sequence wrong with feet in crack.

with Pippa Archer
adam clarke 09/Feb/13 Lead O/S

Cold and wet - glad for the cracking gear given conditions!

with James Hulme
alooker ?/Feb/13 Lead O/S
Longsufferingropeholder ??/2013 Lead
with C May
bclifton ??/2013 Lead
Hidden ??/2013 2nd
AlanPedrick ??/2013 -
David Sherratt ??/2013 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2013 -
David Sherratt ??/2013 Lead O/S
David Sherratt ??/2013 Lead O/S
C May ??/2013 2nd
with Tim
Wyrdwired ??/2013 Lead O/S
Vincej ??/2013 Lead
with Nevil
dr_botnik 15/Nov/12 Lead O/S
with ken, Phil Taylor
the power 15/Nov/12 2nd rpt
with rob, ken
mikestr555 11/Nov/12 2nd
Hidden 03/Nov/12 TR O/S
tebs 21/Oct/12 2nd rpt
with Suzy, Sam
sgl 21/Oct/12 Lead
with Bart, Susie
Double Knee Bar 20/Oct/12 2nd O/S
tgeh 14/Oct/12 2nd rpt
with Ethan
Ethan72 14/Oct/12 Lead
with tgeh
woodsy 14/Oct/12 Lead O/S
with lee (cc meet)
Hidden 14/Oct/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 10/Oct/12 2nd O/S
bobpilgrem 09/Oct/12 2nd
with Bob/Nic
Spoons 07/Oct/12 2nd O/S
deacondeacon 07/Oct/12 Lead O/S

Approach shoes. Quality

smokeyj 07/Oct/12 Lead
with Spoons
AielSavage 07/Oct/12 Lead
jwpil 07/Oct/12 Lead O/S
with Deacon
thomaspomfrett 06/Oct/12 Lead O/S
with Kirsty Marsden
Hidden 06/Oct/12 Lead O/S
AndyPagett 29/Sep/12 2nd β
with Maia Hunnex, Adam Mitchell
daviesp2 23/Sep/12 2nd
MontyH 23/Sep/12 Lead O/S
with Lee Lander
Pike 23/Sep/12 2nd O/S

Felt stiff for the grade.

mattwilk 23/Sep/12 Lead O/S

Nice route, though top 50 a bit of a stretch. Very top end for HS with quite a few tricky sections, but some great moves.

with Mike
freemanTom 23/Sep/12 Lead
with Kyle Rance
Hidden 23/Sep/12 2nd
Hidden 22/Sep/12 Lead rpt
Nordie_matt 22/Sep/12 Lead O/S
Triggy Pop 22/Sep/12 2nd
Hidden 22/Sep/12 2nd dog
the power 22/Sep/12 Lead O/S

its the bomb

cheeky 17/Sep/12 2nd rpt
with Mark Philipson, Andy
mark4344 17/Sep/12 2nd
with Andy Philipson, Matt Payne
georgedunton 16/Sep/12 Lead O/S
munch88 15/Sep/12 Lead O/S
with rob
robblowen 15/Sep/12 2nd rpt
with Munch
atom 09/Sep/12 Lead

Amazing Climb, well protected, finger crack and bridging into fist jams and high step up into large pocket on left, good effort everyone

with Helen, Si, Mark Watkins
skelf 08/Sep/12 2nd
with duncan campbell
sparkass 08/Sep/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 08/Sep/12 Lead rpt
Andy Fielding 08/Sep/12 Lead
goddamm7 08/Sep/12 2nd
Jake Young 04/Sep/12 2nd rpt
with Jem
JemG 04/Sep/12 Lead β
CharlieMack 04/Sep/12 Lead O/S
with Jen Maxfield
JonBray 02/Sep/12 2nd rpt
with Steve, Chris
steveth 02/Sep/12 Lead O/S
hotfeet 01/Sep/12 Lead
Hidden 01/Sep/12 Lead
darrencabowabo 01/Sep/12 Lead O/S
Simon Caldwell 01/Sep/12 2nd rpt

Not much easier than Quien Sabe

with Carmen
Marmoset 01/Sep/12 2nd O/S
Nick1812P 26/Aug/12 2nd O/S
with Pete
pete1993 26/Aug/12 Lead O/S
with Nick
Hidden 24/Aug/12 2nd O/S
cookacat 24/Aug/12 Solo O/S
with josh
Fragmod 21/Aug/12 2nd
pbuggy91 21/Aug/12 Lead O/S
AB744 21/Aug/12 Lead O/S
Clee 18/Aug/12 2nd rpt
with Matt
The Reaper 14/Aug/12 Lead O/S
Duncan Beard 12/Aug/12 Lead O/S

Excellent climb, easy to place pro on it but surely VS? A notch harder than all other HS I have done. Thought I was going to come off at the rounded exit crux. Will climb again for more jamming practice!

will9911 10/Aug/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 10/Aug/12 Lead
Wendy Watthews 09/Aug/12 2nd O/S
arandall 09/Aug/12 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Aug/12 -
Charley Carpenter ?/Aug/12 -
Charley Carpenter ?/Aug/12 Lead O/S
Bob M 29/Jul/12 2nd
waynem1985 29/Jul/12 Lead
Norman_P_W 29/Jul/12 Lead
with Bob M
bobstones 29/Jul/12 2nd O/S
oodie72 28/Jul/12 2nd O/S
with Alex Thackway
Alex 74 28/Jul/12 Lead
with iain
Voltemands 28/Jul/12 Lead O/S

More sustained and difficult than Quien Sabe imho.

hamishjoe 28/Jul/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 27/Jul/12 2nd
Jim Slater 26/Jul/12 Lead rpt
with Tony PCC
stevelismore 26/Jul/12 Lead O/S

Having seconded it fairly recently the lead was straightforward.

with Phil PCC, Claire PCC
Hidden 23/Jul/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 22/Jul/12 2nd rpt
David Shelmerdine 21/Jul/12 Lead β
with Gavin Peach
Hidden 20/Jul/12 2nd
Hidden 15/Jul/12 Lead O/S
cameron_hall 15/Jul/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 15/Jul/12 Lead
will_benfold 15/Jul/12 2nd O/S
with Cameron
stevelismore 15/Jul/12 2nd O/S
with James L
will9911 15/Jul/12 Solo O/S
Moritz L 14/Jul/12 2nd
David Kay 14/Jul/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Jul/12 -
Hidden ?/Jul/12 2nd
Clee 29/Jun/12 Lead
with Chris
JHiley 26/Jun/12 Lead O/S

Found this hard, espescially when my foot got stuck!

Hidden 25/Jun/12 2nd
Tony Ryland 25/Jun/12 Lead
Gary A S 20/Jun/12 Lead O/S
with Anna
Martin Imms 20/Jun/12 Lead O/S
joemallia 19/Jun/12 2nd rpt
ColinD 10/Jun/12 2nd
with Seth Barber
michaelmurray 10/Jun/12 2nd

Fun but hard - need to practice my crack climbing!

with Ray Birch, James
Bisteris 02/Jun/12 Lead O/S
with Glen Du Jardin
Hidden 02/Jun/12 Lead O/S
GermanAlex 02/Jun/12 2nd

climbing this route a second time reinforces what I thought the first time round: nothing to rave about. maybe 2 stars at most, no idea how it made it to Top 50.

with Josh
richardlong78 02/Jun/12 Lead
with Jo Lynch
chrism225 27/May/12 Lead rpt

Apparently I did this with my ex in 2008... I have no recolection!

with dazza
hotfeet 26/May/12 2nd
with Gary P, Kent
Hidden 19/May/12 Lead rpt
Hidden 19/May/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 19/May/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 19/May/12 2nd
Hidden 13/May/12 2nd O/S
RichyBOYY 13/May/12 Lead
Hidden 13/May/12 Lead O/S
Neil Rodgers (PCC) 12/May/12 2nd O/S
with Becky Ellis, Marilyn
Becky E 12/May/12 Lead rpt

Excellent as always

with Marilyn
stefie c 12/May/12 Lead
ajc 07/May/12 2nd rpt
with Nick
klo1981 06/May/12 2nd
riff156 06/May/12 Lead O/S
with Jo Smith
charley 05/May/12 2nd rpt
with JackD
siemiu 05/May/12 2nd dog
with Tom Kett
Jackwd 05/May/12 Lead O/S

Managed to get my red nut very well stuck then abbed down to retrieve it.

kenneM ?/May/12 Lead rpt
with Davey Luke
Theeni 28/Apr/12 Lead
with Mike Kennedy
MikeB1 ?/Apr/12 2nd
l.faulkner 31/Mar/12 2nd
stefie c 30/Mar/12 2nd
Dean177 30/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Keendan 30/Mar/12 Solo O/S

Fantastic route.

Luuuuuke 29/Mar/12 Lead O/S
with Jo
Richard Alderton 24/Mar/12 Lead O/S

Cracking route.

with CB
Sam Cooke 18/Mar/12 2nd O/S
SteveHi 18/Mar/12 2nd O/S
with Rosie Lyle, Sam Cooke
rosieposey14 18/Mar/12 Lead
with steve hicks, sam cooke
Hardcore Pat 12/Mar/12 Lead O/S
with CJ Carter
Hidden 11/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 11/Mar/12 2nd
Steven Andrews 10/Mar/12 Lead O/S

No jammed foot this time.

with Howie
melonmike 06/Mar/12 2nd rpt
with Josh
sting 03/Mar/12 Lead O/S


with kwaidy
kwaidy 03/Mar/12 2nd
with sting
Matt Harmon ?/Mar/12 Lead O/S
ldadams ?/Mar/12 Lead O/S
with Tor Pitts
Hidden ?/Mar/12 Lead O/S
tom.e ?/Mar/12 Lead O/S
with Claire
Hidden 25/Feb/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/Feb/12 2nd O/S
GermanAlex 19/Feb/12 Lead O/S

Those used to HS 4b face climbs might find themselves in a bit of a pickle, how's your jamming?

with Dan
Hidden 11/Feb/12 Lead
Andyp89 ?/Jan/12 2nd
Hidden ??/2012 Solo
Nick Sillem ??/2012 Solo rpt
Al Evans ??/2012 Lead
Tony Kartawick ??/2012 -
maddogdave ??/2012 Lead
David Shelmerdine 19/Nov/11 2nd
with Gavin Peach
Hidden 19/Nov/11 Lead O/S
elCapitano 19/Nov/11 Solo rpt
with Kenny
cjb1992 06/Nov/11 Lead O/S
with Astrid, June
Hidden 06/Nov/11 2nd
Richard P Coates 29/Oct/11 Lead O/S
elCapitano 29/Oct/11 2nd rpt
with Coatesy
pog100 29/Oct/11 Lead
with Cath Walton
bwestwood 28/Oct/11 2nd
Hexman 23/Oct/11 2nd O/S
with EdO
allyrocke 16/Oct/11 2nd O/S
with Clement Hutin
davewsargent 16/Oct/11 Lead O/S
with andy neath
Hidden 14/Oct/11 Lead O/S
Jonesy_A 14/Oct/11 2nd O/S
with NJSharp
Hidden 09/Oct/11 -
g1m147 02/Oct/11 Lead
with Diane
jw231 01/Oct/11 2nd O/S
with Mel Brown
Hidden 01/Oct/11 Lead O/S
buxtoncoffeelover ?/Oct/11 Lead
chrisanderson 29/Sep/11 2nd
rogerskews 21/Sep/11 Lead
with Martin Coward
Hidden 20/Sep/11 Solo rpt
louby 17/Sep/11 Lead O/S
chris_B 17/Sep/11 2nd
Hidden 30/Aug/11 2nd
Hidden 29/Aug/11 2nd
btc 29/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with Vik
Tanya Savage 28/Aug/11 2nd

Not as bad as I remembered, but still big and rounded.

Neil Pacey 28/Aug/11 Lead rpt
Hidden 27/Aug/11 2nd O/S
robblowen 27/Aug/11 2nd rpt
with Chris, Jules
Hidden 27/Aug/11 Lead
tigertim 24/Aug/11 2nd
Sebastien Gastaud 24/Aug/11 Lead O/S
tobyk 21/Aug/11 Lead O/S

Also seconded it afterwards with Heather. (to unjam my cam...phew!!)

with Emma Akam
Heather651 21/Aug/11 Lead
Hidden 20/Aug/11 Lead O/S
ElBarto 06/Aug/11 Lead O/S

Found this quite hard due to my bad jamming technique but much better than Sandy Crack.

martin one 06/Aug/11 2nd O/S
with Neil Nand
Hidden 03/Aug/11 2nd
Blod 02/Aug/11 Lead rpt
Hidden ?/Aug/11 Lead
Hidden 31/Jul/11 Lead
Hidden 31/Jul/11 Lead
Hidden 31/Jul/11 2nd
Hidden 30/Jul/11 Lead
tradguy 30/Jul/11 2nd β
with John Mitchener
stevelismore 30/Jul/11 2nd
with James L
Hidden 30/Jul/11 Lead O/S
Alison2 28/Jul/11 2nd O/S
Palmer 24/Jul/11 Lead
Hidden 10/Jul/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 09/Jul/11 2nd rpt
Hidden 09/Jul/11 Lead
Nick Rundall 09/Jul/11 2nd O/S
with Jon Taylor
Hidden 04/Jul/11 Lead O/S
Andy Hardy 02/Jul/11 2nd
jkarran 02/Jul/11 Lead

Lovely route. What you see is what you get, a nice straight corner crack with no nasty surprises.

with Sarah
Pero 01/Jul/11 Lead
rich_hw 01/Jul/11 Lead O/S
with Chris_oread
Hidden 30/Jun/11 Lead
Neil Rodgers (PCC) 30/Jun/11 Lead O/S

wrong footed in the middle but corrected. Fantastic layback section

with Marilyn
Daniels735 29/Jun/11 2nd O/S
with Matt Foot
Hidden 29/Jun/11 2nd O/S
Hidden 27/Jun/11 2nd
Adam_42 27/Jun/11 Lead O/S

Great climb, but I found it a bit of a struggle at HS. Really do need to learn how to fist-jam.

with Stu Coxon
rbuckman 26/Jun/11 Lead O/S
Deezel65 20/Jun/11 Lead O/S

No idea why this is a top 50, very average route

JonathanJones 11/Jun/11 Lead O/S

Epic route, jamming essential!

with Joe
Hidden 11/Jun/11 Solo O/S
pmurdy 11/Jun/11 Lead
with Jonny Reay
JRae 11/Jun/11 2nd
with Paul M
riven 11/Jun/11 2nd rpt
Danny Crump 11/Jun/11 Lead
Hidden 04/Jun/11 Lead
Hidden 23/May/11 Lead
Jack Whiteley 21/May/11 Lead O/S

Great, finally starting to jam properly. Got a dragon 4 stuck near top, thanks to Paul and 25mins struggling it did not become a tasty bit of crag-swag :D

with Paul and Izzy
Hidden 21/May/11 Lead O/S
pie_eater_pete 20/May/11 Lead O/S
JRae 18/May/11 Solo
Jake Young 18/May/11 Solo O/S
CRiddiford 18/May/11 Solo
Ron 26/Apr/11 Lead O/S
with Chris
marcduhig 24/Apr/11 Lead O/S
ajc 24/Apr/11 Lead O/S
lizzie789 24/Apr/11 2nd RP

Messed up first move so fell off. Then did ok but found a bit tricky.

Ade7 24/Apr/11 2nd O/S
with Stewart
runestone 23/Apr/11 Lead
with Nic
john_ni 22/Apr/11 2nd
with Richard Payne
Russell Lovett 22/Apr/11 2nd O/S
with gede gibons and alan taylor
Daniel Wicks 17/Apr/11 Lead O/S
with Neil
tgeh 17/Apr/11 Lead O/S
with dan geh
Hidden 17/Apr/11 Lead O/S
Dan Geh 17/Apr/11 2nd O/S
Carleybabes 17/Apr/11 2nd
with J / K / P
NB Pixel 16/Apr/11 2nd O/S

Excellent lead by Simon. Some sharp crystals in that crack- I'm clearly not the Jam-master yet!

with Simon H.
Monkey_Alan 09/Apr/11 2nd
leonjones 09/Apr/11 2nd
with Max Streeton
gordonday 09/Apr/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 09/Apr/11 Lead O/S
Neil Rodgers (PCC) 09/Apr/11 2nd O/S
with Jens PCC visitor, micksissons
Hidden 09/Apr/11 Lead O/S
DavidR 09/Apr/11 2nd O/S
Hidden 09/Apr/11 Lead
Hidden 09/Apr/11 2nd O/S
Hidden 09/Apr/11 Lead O/S
Max Streeton 09/Apr/11 Lead
simon mitchie 06/Apr/11 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Apr/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Mar/11 2nd O/S
Hidden 26/Mar/11 2nd
Tithe Technique 26/Mar/11 2nd O/S
valentinesbabe 26/Mar/11 Lead rpt

Made a bit of a pigs ear of it but got sorted in the end. Lovely crack climbing. Kev seconded.

charley 26/Mar/11 2nd O/S
with Ange, Kev
Hidden 22/Mar/11 2nd O/S
Peakology 21/Mar/11 2nd O/S

Fantastic open book corner with perfect jams. Great lead by cat

with cat
Hidden 21/Mar/11 Solo
Chalky Cat 21/Mar/11 Lead O/S

A lovely crack line - some interesting moves that made it feel harder than a HS to me.

with Dom
Hidden 20/Mar/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 20/Mar/11 2nd O/S
jimshrimp 04/Mar/11 Lead O/S
thebullmaster 01/Mar/11 Lead
with Phil Y
payeo20 01/Mar/11 2nd
catemuir 26/Feb/11 2nd
timofy 22/Feb/11 Lead dog

roped solo in the wet. luckily no one around to see the hash i made of it

adie84 ??/2011 -
walts4 ??/2011 -
PAJames ??/2011 -
patsaunders ??/2011 Lead
Scott Anderson ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 -
nigel pearson 07/Nov/10 2nd O/S

Yoko did well to lead this, felt hard for HS (a very traditional climb)

with Yoko
knicos 07/Nov/10 TR
with James Chesmer
treg 06/Nov/10 Lead O/S

Beautiful. Loved it.

with The Clevenger
trish1968 30/Oct/10 2nd

I need to master my jamming

Pete Nugent 30/Oct/10 Lead
Hidden 28/Oct/10 Lead O/S
mark20 17/Oct/10 Lead rpt
Hidden 17/Oct/10 2nd O/S
hazeysunshine 17/Oct/10 Lead O/S
with Dave
Hidden 17/Oct/10 Lead O/S
texuspete 17/Oct/10 Lead

Take care not to get your foot stuck in the upper crack. It makes it a lot harder!

bigdrew 17/Oct/10 2nd O/S
with Mark R
Hidden 16/Oct/10 Lead O/S
Luke Jones 10/Oct/10 Lead O/S
schaff 09/Oct/10 Lead O/S
with Tim
Hidden 06/Oct/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 06/Oct/10 Lead O/S
stefie c 03/Oct/10 2nd
JohnFJP 03/Oct/10 Lead
Hidden 26/Sep/10 Lead
Hidden 26/Sep/10 Lead O/S
mikej 21/Sep/10 2nd
with Rick Naylor
Hoyes 18/Sep/10 2nd rpt
with Seth B
r@bag 18/Sep/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 12/Sep/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 12/Sep/10 Lead O/S
tsjx 12/Sep/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Sep/10 2nd O/S
liverpooldave 05/Sep/10 Lead O/S
with Phil
brian watson 05/Sep/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Sep/10 2nd
The Mountain Goat 04/Sep/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Sep/10 2nd
Jacob k-d 01/Sep/10 Lead O/S
James_86 01/Sep/10 2nd O/S
with Jake
highfivekrissy ?/Sep/10 Lead
with Bruno Yates
Goody 31/Aug/10 2nd dog
with Innominata
augustus trout 15/Aug/10 Lead O/S

Easy to over protect and make it a bit of a mare, especially with the more awkward moves.

with Carolyn Mills
Hidden 15/Aug/10 Lead dog
kipman725 14/Aug/10 2nd

cool route, hard in the wet

Shad 08/Aug/10 2nd

Good lead, Steve.

Jim Malo 08/Aug/10 2nd O/S
with Tim, Barry
James_D 08/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with Rach
Bernie Wylde 08/Aug/10 2nd
with sp
fatbuoybazza 08/Aug/10 Lead rpt
with jim, TimG
Steve J P 08/Aug/10 Lead
with BW
funsized 03/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with Caz Wilcox
kleinej 02/Aug/10 2nd O/S
with Gary, Robert
smolders 02/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with Loic
rd20 02/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with Gary, Jason
garywong 02/Aug/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 01/Aug/10 2nd
Tala A 23/Jul/10 Lead
simeclimb68 23/Jul/10 2nd O/S
Ander 11/Jul/10 Lead
Ewan Russell 11/Jul/10 Solo O/S
with CUMC folk, Myself!
Steven Andrews 11/Jul/10 2nd
with Richard Lines
Hidden 11/Jul/10 Solo O/S
Lenny 10/Jul/10 Lead O/S
with Adam
mjeffery 04/Jul/10 Lead O/S
Ellie Rymer ?/Jul/10 Lead β
Nicholas Livesey 27/Jun/10 Lead

An absolutely amazing climb...beautiful jamming all the way

with Lucie Sedlarova
elCapitano 26/Jun/10 Lead O/S
with Big Frank
Oliver Houston 23/Jun/10 Lead O/S
Andy Hardy 22/Jun/10 Lead O/S
Mike Soulby 22/Jun/10 2nd rpt
with Rosie
Barry D 22/Jun/10 Lead
with Catherine Pettener
Hidden 22/Jun/10 Lead O/S
BennoC 22/Jun/10 2nd
with Barry D
jon_gill1 21/Jun/10 Lead O/S
with martin harrell
Hidden 20/Jun/10 2nd rpt
Hidden 20/Jun/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 15/Jun/10 2nd O/S
Goody 15/Jun/10 Lead dnf

Last move done on lowered top rope.

with Liz Sell
robhorton 13/Jun/10 2nd
Blisco 13/Jun/10 Lead O/S
fatbuoybazza 12/Jun/10 2nd O/S
andrea83 05/Jun/10 Lead O/S

HATED this one! AWFUL climb! Why has everyone voted it 3 star? A man's climb. Yuk, think maybe a hand jam would help.

with Dan
Hidden 05/Jun/10 2nd O/S
tigertim 05/Jun/10 Lead O/S
with Gabriel Berry
SteWatkins ?/Jun/10 -
J1PEF 31/May/10 Lead
Hidden 30/May/10 2nd O/S
Tez29 30/May/10 Lead O/S

Nice line

with Todd, Tom, Ivan
nic42 28/May/10 Lead O/S
with Fi, mike
melonmike 28/May/10 2nd
with FI, Nick
scotty h 26/May/10 2nd β
with Andy Knight
JRae 23/May/10 Lead O/S
with Ben C, Rob H
Hidden 19/May/10 Lead O/S
Troi 09/May/10 2nd β
Neil Rodgers (PCC) 09/May/10 Lead O/S

Awesome, first proper HS lead, was determined to finish this one in style.

with Rosa Vilaseca
Hidden 09/May/10 Solo
Hidden 09/May/10 2nd
chrisbussell 04/May/10 Lead O/S
with Tim O'Neill
alisonsmigova 01/May/10 2nd
Hidden 01/May/10 Lead O/S
martinbettridge06 ?/May/10 Lead
ben_250 30/Apr/10 2nd O/S
with Beth, Andrew
glennofsheff 29/Apr/10 Lead dog

1st route descent effort would have cleaned had i warmed up before fall at first gear placement . good route strenuous solid gear

Hidden 24/Apr/10 Lead O/S
jandyd05 24/Apr/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/Apr/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 24/Apr/10 2nd
ferdia 23/Apr/10 2nd O/S
Andy Moles 23/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with Ferdia
Chloee:) 17/Apr/10 2nd
Hidden 17/Apr/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 17/Apr/10 2nd
Hidden 17/Apr/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 17/Apr/10 Lead O/S
katyc 17/Apr/10 Lead
honourableschoolboy 14/Apr/10 Lead O/S

Hutton lead first. Top 50 so pulled ropes through and smashed up. Lovely climbing!

akhutton88 14/Apr/10 Lead
with Cheese
Hidden 13/Apr/10 2nd
Hidden 12/Apr/10 Lead O/S
The Bad Cough 11/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with Shirly Bonner, Christian Minett, Lee Bonner
john_ni 10/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with Adrian Jones
MazElden 10/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with dorothy, Graeme
aking12 10/Apr/10 Lead O/S
hellboundblr 10/Apr/10 2nd
with Danny Smudge
Hidden 10/Apr/10 Lead
Graeme James Cook 10/Apr/10 -
with Maz
grubes 04/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with Haydn
Hardonicus 04/Apr/10 2nd O/S

Sustained interest all the way. 3 stars for sure!

with Luke Donaldson
Hidden ?/Apr/10 2nd O/S
Jon_Warner 21/Mar/10 2nd rpt

Felt much more pleasant with a bit of sun.

with Sean
kermit_uk 21/Mar/10 Lead O/S
with Steve Woolass
Hidden 20/Mar/10 Lead O/S
Peter Holder 19/Mar/10 Solo
Olli-C 17/Mar/10 Lead
joe.91 17/Mar/10 2nd O/S
gknyus 15/Mar/10 Lead O/S


Sam1991 07/Mar/10 -
bigdrew 07/Mar/10 2nd
Hidden 06/Mar/10 Lead
Hidden 06/Feb/10 2nd rpt
Hidden 06/Feb/10 Solo O/S
Byronius Maximus 06/Feb/10 Lead rpt
with Luke Evans, Rayan Sammut
peter myers ??/2010 Lead
with Ben Ransom
Ken Taylor ??/2010 -
ranga ??/2010 2nd O/S
Hidden ??/2010 Lead O/S
Pown ?/Nov/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 18/Oct/09 2nd O/S
Lusk 17/Oct/09 2nd O/S
Adam Booth 04/Oct/09 -
with Kyle Pattinson
kp64zl ?/Oct/09 2nd
Fawley1 26/Sep/09 Lead
Dan Lane 26/Sep/09 2nd O/S

Good route, but i wouldnt say top 50, possibly top 100 though.

godusty 25/Sep/09 Lead
Hidden 24/Sep/09 2nd
Bex_M 20/Sep/09 2nd O/S
with Blue
Hidden 20/Sep/09 2nd rpt
Pixie-Andy 19/Sep/09 Lead O/S

Smearing from jams n laybacks

frume 19/Sep/09 Lead O/S
with Saff
masa-alpin 19/Sep/09 2nd β

Andy lead with comfort (onsight).

felixthelion 18/Sep/09 Lead O/S
lukea 18/Sep/09 2nd
with felix
Helen Gibson 18/Sep/09 Lead O/S
with Richard
philboy 15/Sep/09 Lead
with bisanth
markhilton 13/Sep/09 Lead O/S
colin milton 13/Sep/09 Lead
with ibbo
Neil D 13/Sep/09 Lead O/S
BorisVBlade 13/Sep/09 2nd O/S
david morse 12/Sep/09 Solo
with mikey em BB andy G anna x2
melonmike 12/Sep/09 2nd
disturbed_one51 12/Sep/09 Lead

max attempted lead but backed off. so i climbed up taking his gear out and finished the top. Good wall with some great hand jams.

Em66 12/Sep/09 Lead O/S
with Mike, Morse
skittles 10/Sep/09 Lead O/S
with Alex Ufton
alexyoung 05/Sep/09 Lead O/S
with Cockney Andy
Hidden 05/Sep/09 2nd rpt
MRichardson ?/Sep/09 TR dnf
robblowen 30/Aug/09 Lead O/S
with Krissy
climbing_wiggy 29/Aug/09 Lead O/S
with George, JC
Hidden 22/Aug/09 Lead O/S
Diggler 22/Aug/09 2nd
with dave connelly
Hidden 22/Aug/09 Lead
Hidden 18/Aug/09 2nd
Rob Jarratt 18/Aug/09 Lead

Really nice jamming.

with Dave Allen
colkurtz 18/Aug/09 Lead
with Robb
Howard J 18/Aug/09 2nd rpt
Blod 18/Aug/09 Lead rpt
Hidden 16/Aug/09 Lead
Hidden 16/Aug/09 Lead
Hidden 16/Aug/09 2nd β
valentinesbabe 09/Aug/09 2nd O/S

Cracking climb :-)

Matt Bill Platypus 09/Aug/09 Lead O/S

Fine climb, improved by a Lancaster bomber and three meteors flying underneath!

with Angela
richorme 08/Aug/09 Lead O/S
with Gary Woodburn
minaturechris 08/Aug/09 Lead O/S

A nice route, worth it's stars but be carefull not to get your foot stuck in the crack at the top.

with Stacey
staceyjg 08/Aug/09 2nd O/S
jubolo 08/Aug/09 2nd O/S

tricky. lead sh@ it:]

with mark + bruce
IAmAStone 06/Aug/09 Lead O/S
with Ruth Aitken
VS4b 02/Aug/09 Lead O/S
nick ferro 02/Aug/09 2nd O/S

Struggled a bit.

Conor1 02/Aug/09 Lead O/S

Good route; not sure about top50 though. Foot slipped and partially weighted rope for a few seconds, so not quite clean - will have to do it again.

with Tom Parry
evilpea ?/Aug/09 Lead
stickwoman ?/Aug/09 -
with John williams
Alex Winter 28/Jul/09 Lead O/S
krikoman 25/Jul/09 Lead O/S

Brilliant route hard but gear where you need it with rests too! 10/10 KG,JW

mark20 25/Jul/09 Lead O/S
Jeremy Wilton 25/Jul/09 2nd
with Mark Readman, Kevin Gibbs
tiga271 25/Jul/09 2nd
with mark20
Neil Rodgers (PCC) 23/Jul/09 TR O/S
with Eddie
Hidden 12/Jul/09 2nd O/S
Hidden 12/Jul/09 2nd O/S
garethb 11/Jul/09 Lead
with John Hempston
Hidden 10/Jul/09 Lead O/S
Rhythm24 10/Jul/09 TR O/S
garethb 10/Jul/09 2nd
with cheque
Hidden 10/Jul/09 Lead
Hidden 04/Jul/09 2nd O/S
cem 04/Jul/09 Solo rpt
Batt 04/Jul/09 2nd O/S

Nice route. Fairly sustained at 4b and very good value.

Hidden 04/Jul/09 2nd O/S
Mike Turner 04/Jul/09 Lead O/S
with Dave White
Lumbering Oaf 04/Jul/09 Lead O/S

Classic crack climb with a few surprises - Jam central. Good protection throughout.

IAN NET ?/Jul/09 Lead
TomHaigh ?/Jul/09 Lead O/S
with Phil Parker
willson 29/Jun/09 2nd
with chris
pebbles 28/Jun/09 2nd
with ewan
Alexanderw 25/Jun/09 2nd
Hidden 21/Jun/09 2nd O/S
Hidden 21/Jun/09 Lead
pcu2ge 14/Jun/09 Lead O/S

Second Trad Lead, First Onsight! In-ellegant at top!!

with Ann Shellard
Bradbury 13/Jun/09 Lead O/S
with Mary Winter
Hidden 13/Jun/09 Lead O/S
altairego 09/Jun/09 2nd
with Jim and Paul
Hidden 06/Jun/09 Lead
matsavage 02/Jun/09 Lead O/S
JPGR ?/Jun/09 Lead O/S
with Yvette
pebbles 30/May/09 Lead O/S

felt harder than it looked, but bomber protection

with dave shield kirk
Jonathan Hall 29/May/09 Lead
Mike Soulby 29/May/09 2nd rpt
Hidden 25/May/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/May/09 2nd
DafSWMC 25/May/09 2nd O/S
with Eefu
Hidden 25/May/09 2nd O/S
Becky E 25/May/09 Lead O/S

The perfect route. Lovely!

Adam1973 23/May/09 2nd O/S
stewart murray 23/May/09 Lead O/S
Mike Soulby 23/May/09 Lead O/S
Ed Booth 10/May/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 10/May/09 Lead O/S
BALD EAGLE 03/May/09 Lead
with Rob Horler
kermit_uk 03/May/09 Lead dnf
with Steve Woolass
Hidden 02/May/09 2nd O/S
Joe Miller 02/May/09 2nd dog

Got totally spanked by this.

with Dennis English
Hidden 01/May/09 2nd dog
markytaylor 01/May/09 Lead O/S
with andy
Alpandy 26/Apr/09 Lead dog
with Billy
KarlH 26/Apr/09 Lead O/S

Good climb, nice moves with good rest spots.

with Gemma
Dave Foster 25/Apr/09 2nd O/S
with Andy
dpmUK 20/Apr/09 Lead O/S
with Jen
arctic_jen 20/Apr/09 2nd
with Dan
john.gaffney 18/Apr/09 Lead O/S

Absolutely quality, every bit of it!

with Ed Arnett
robcolaco 13/Apr/09 2nd
with Huw Clarke
neilfish 12/Apr/09 Lead O/S

Protection perfect, moves great and sustained.

davidwright 11/Apr/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 11/Apr/09 Lead O/S
mickJ 07/Apr/09 Lead
with mike b
stukent 05/Apr/09 Lead O/S
with Jim Stanton
Hidden 05/Apr/09 Solo O/S
jimstanton 05/Apr/09 2nd
markblair 05/Apr/09 Lead dog

One rest early doors. Didn't enjoy this at all. Cracks are obviously not my thing!

with Alison Dixon
PondLife 05/Apr/09 Lead β

Finally led it. Using the pocket makes the crux moves MUCH easier. It get's better every time.

with Dan Martyr
mick1jones 04/Apr/09 Lead O/S
with Dave Williams
Hidden ?/Apr/09 -
Hidden ?/Apr/09 2nd
johniebriggs ?/Apr/09 2nd
Will Gordon ?/Apr/09 Lead O/S
petellis 29/Mar/09 Lead rpt


EmmanuelF 22/Mar/09 Solo
naine 15/Mar/09 Lead O/S

brilliant crack!!!

with SGD
SGD 15/Mar/09 2nd

polished but good, needed to try jamming again

with Angelika Renner
Twisty 15/Mar/09 Lead rpt
with Nigel Stock
tomB 12/Mar/09 2nd
Ollie Dobson ?/Mar/09 2nd O/S
Hidden ??/2009 Lead
keith leonard ??/2009 -
cymjt ??/2009 -
Hidden ??/2009 -
chrisallan ??/2009 Lead O/S
pabbage ??/2009 Lead O/S
tallsop ??/2009 2nd

nice route, good for getting cheeky beta on the gear for the slabs!

with Dave Saxby
JohnFJP ??/2009 Lead O/S
Pilch 29/Nov/08 Lead O/S
with Graham
Dinger 16/Nov/08 2nd O/S
with Bandit
Hidden 18/Oct/08 Lead
chrism225 27/Sep/08 Lead O/S
with Nicky
tiga271 27/Sep/08 Lead
with Mark, Dave
markfairbank 27/Sep/08 Lead O/S

Quite awkward for HS i think, and too hard for either Laura or Paul - gear retrieved by the next party up.

Hidden 21/Sep/08 Lead O/S
jcurley 20/Sep/08 2nd O/S
with Richard CC
cannotfindaname 15/Sep/08 Lead
with andy smally
andi taxi 15/Sep/08 2nd

totally the BEST climb ive done this yr..a real 3 star grand slammer !! check it out !!

with steve mallyon,balderton, newark
alaan 14/Sep/08 Solo O/S
Ben Harper 13/Sep/08 Lead O/S
with Andy Webster
simoncov 13/Sep/08 2nd O/S
with Warren
simoncov 13/Sep/08 Lead O/S
with Warren
Hidden 13/Sep/08 Lead O/S
rockovamonkey 31/Aug/08 2nd β
with teflonpete
Hidden 31/Aug/08 2nd O/S
Hidden 31/Aug/08 Lead O/S
teflonpete 31/Aug/08 Lead β
with rockovamonkey
SteveHi 25/Aug/08 Lead O/S
with Dom Clarke
Swirly 25/Aug/08 2nd O/S
with Steve
JCookie 24/Aug/08 2nd

Found this quite difficult-didn't get the jamming right and slipped a bit at the top. Can see why it's a classic though.

with Richard Plater
RiPomc 24/Aug/08 Lead

Sustained and hard for me, but made it in the end.

teflonpete 24/Aug/08 Lead O/S

Hard start, dusty mantle at the top. Nice climb

with Tom
crag_hopper_Jay 24/Aug/08 Lead
metal arms 24/Aug/08 Lead O/S
Hedley 24/Aug/08 Lead O/S

Great climb. The initial (finger jamming) moves were harder than I was expecting. Middle section was okay, then a cheeky crux near the top, just when I was thinking everything was over. Foot slipped off as I was pulling onto the rounded ledge but managed to keep it together. Worth the three stars.

with Steve Grey
morrisdaboss 10/Aug/08 Lead O/S
with Cecile
peter myers ?/Aug/08 Lead
with Matt Eyre
PondLife 25/Jul/08 2nd

Great climb. Still not happy enough at the final crux moves to lead it though.

with Dan Martyr
stephenhart102 20/Jul/08 2nd
stevepotter 20/Jul/08 Lead
with Stephen H
tobydunford 12/Jul/08 2nd β
with Harry Martin
wheelo 10/Jul/08 Lead
with ann &chris
PondLife 04/Jul/08 2nd
with Dan Martyr
DAL 01/Jul/08 Lead O/S
john lynch 01/Jul/08 2nd
with mike lynch
leon ?/Jul/08 Lead
with Andrew Southam
Chris Lyon 28/Jun/08 Lead O/S
with Dom
Mr Sparkle 28/Jun/08 Lead O/S
with Ben Hayley
Mike Caine 28/Jun/08 2nd
with Clair Wilson
Shauna 24/Jun/08 2nd O/S
with Chris Tan
Jim Slater 15/Jun/08 Lead rpt
with Krystal Morley
Hidden 15/Jun/08 Lead
JiveWeasel 08/Jun/08 2nd
Hidden 08/Jun/08 2nd O/S
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 08/Jun/08 Solo O/S
Mrs Weasel 08/Jun/08 Lead
Franco Cookson OLD 03/Jun/08 2nd O/S

Than soloed it. Good.

b.hayley ?/Jun/08 2nd
Hidden 30/May/08 2nd
Jimbo C 21/May/08 Lead O/S
MikeDowsett 18/May/08 Lead
with Sally Dipple
mikej 13/May/08 2nd
with John Kendrick
Hidden 11/May/08 Lead O/S
Steve Waters, Mynydd 11/May/08 2nd O/S

I found this much easier to second than to lead - I was able to relax and use proper technique. Got my foot well and truly jammed in the crack near the top which could have been a tad more serious if leading - took 3-4 mins to extricate it!

with Ian Marriott
troym 10/May/08 Lead O/S
with Clare Pickup
Rampikino 10/May/08 2nd
with Cat
Hidden 10/May/08 2nd
Hidden 10/May/08 Lead
Yanis Nayu 03/May/08 2nd O/S

Hard and sustained, extremely pumpy.

with Bruce
CJE 03/May/08 Lead O/S
with Neill McMullan
dan_o_b ?/May/08 Lead O/S
brucenewsom ?/May/08 Lead
MD 26/Apr/08 Lead
with Mills
PanzerHanzler 19/Apr/08 Lead O/S
with Adam W
Hidden ?/Apr/08 2nd
Hidden ?/Apr/08 Lead
Hidden 14/Mar/08 Lead O/S
Ian Broome 23/Feb/08 2nd rpt
with Matt
plastikman 23/Feb/08 Lead β
with Ian
Ian Broome 16/Feb/08 Lead O/S
with Tanya
Hidden 16/Feb/08 2nd
SteveM 11/Feb/08 2nd rpt
with Kat
kitkat78 11/Feb/08 Lead O/S
with SteveM
riven 10/Feb/08 2nd O/S
with Elsie
Neil Pacey 10/Feb/08 2nd O/S
Tanya Savage 10/Feb/08 Lead O/S

bit of a fight, some bloodshed

BenJacobs 28/Jan/08 Lead O/S
with Luke
Hidden 28/Jan/08 2nd O/S
Hidden 27/Jan/08 2nd rpt
Jim Slater 27/Jan/08 Lead O/S

The perfect warm-up. Good jamming practice.

lowersharpnose 01/Jan/08 Lead
RM199 ??/2008 -
thinair48 ??/2008 2nd O/S
with Ben Stone
AndrewJenkins ??/2008 -
The old James turnbull ??/2008 Lead
The old James turnbull ??/2008 Lead
The old James turnbull ??/2008 Lead
daveagriff ??/2008 Lead
idiotproof (Buxton MC) ??/2008 -

HS, you're having a laugh. I whimpered up this.

Will Hunt ??/2008 2nd O/S
with Bry Lowe
datoon ??/2008 Solo O/S
dfbpdave 16/Dec/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 06/Nov/07 Solo O/S
Chazz 03/Nov/07 2nd O/S
with Roy Prestwich
wingalina 03/Nov/07 2nd
with jamesturnbull
Hidden 24/Oct/07 2nd O/S
Hidden 24/Oct/07 Lead β
Hidden 21/Oct/07 2nd
Cactus-smollet 21/Oct/07 2nd O/S
9fingerjon 21/Oct/07 Lead O/S
with Matt G
Hidden 21/Oct/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 21/Oct/07 Lead
barrylong 21/Oct/07 Lead O/S

Very good. Awkward start, nice in the middle, then a satisfying tussle to finish.

with Kathryn
Hidden 21/Oct/07 Lead
Stig 18/Oct/07 2nd O/S
with Charlie Reade-Jahn
Ian Parnell 17/Oct/07 Solo
Hidden 06/Oct/07 Lead O/S
Sidekick 05/Oct/07 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Oct/07 Lead O/S
OffshoreAndy 08/Sep/07 Lead O/S
with NCC Kelvin
pog100 08/Sep/07 2nd
Reaver2k 08/Sep/07 Lead rpt

Brilliant success for me! Led this one once before with preplaced gear and struggled massively! This time it went down easily so I must have improved somewhat! Semi-tricky first moves, lead to quite easy but lovely moves all the way up the crack, plenty of handjams and a few breaks if you want to take a break! The top (where I struggled most last time) went better this time. Took my time to figure out the sequence, and dialed it first time using the semi-crucial pocket! Pretty much toproped this, almost always had bomber gear above my head, because I could! Would probably be a mild VS if it weren't so easy to lace with gear! Happy with this result! Wonderful climb, worth its place in EG Top 50.

Si01 29/Aug/07 2nd O/S
with Roger
chris_r 28/Aug/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 27/Aug/07 2nd O/S
debbien1 27/Aug/07 Lead dog

My first leader fall - I feel much better now that I've fallen off something!

with Robin
Hidden 26/Aug/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Aug/07 2nd
Toby Dunn 21/Aug/07 2nd
with dave evans
tatz45 08/Aug/07 Lead O/S
roberto18 04/Aug/07 2nd
with Dad (Mike Bridges)
Caralynh 01/Aug/07 2nd rpt
Hidden 01/Aug/07 Lead O/S
spum ?/Aug/07 Lead
with old git tim
Hidden 31/Jul/07 2nd
Katya 24/Jul/07 Lead O/S
with Iain
Somerset swede basher 22/Jul/07 Solo O/S
with Sarah Stirling & Nick Payne
Jane 22/Jul/07 2nd
with Neil
Hidden 22/Jul/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 22/Jul/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 08/Jul/07 Lead O/S
Mick r 08/Jul/07 Lead O/S
nai 29/Jun/07 2nd
with Tim
tlr 29/Jun/07 Lead O/S
with Pom
Howard J 26/Jun/07 Lead O/S
gazbonutter 26/Jun/07 2nd
Peakpdr 17/Jun/07 2nd
with PeakDJ
Hidden 17/Jun/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 17/Jun/07 Lead O/S
Geras 11/Jun/07 2nd
with Rich Barnes
Hidden 10/Jun/07 2nd
Tim W 10/Jun/07 2nd O/S
AngelaC 03/Jun/07 2nd
gazfellows 02/Jun/07 Lead
dannyboy83 ?/Jun/07 Solo O/S
Thomas Martin ?/Jun/07 Lead O/S
with R gray
towdman 20/May/07 Lead rpt
with Catherine Sullivan
deverett 19/May/07 Lead O/S
ieverett ?/May/07 2nd ?/May/07 Lead dog

One brief rope rest, so very nearly a clean onsight. It felt very hard, but I think if I jammed more, and moved a bit faster it would have been considerably easier. The (late) crux felt particularly sketchy, even with excellent gear.

with Richard G
Twisty 29/Apr/07 Lead O/S

Very good gear! First HS lead?

with Byron Buck
Hidden 29/Apr/07 Lead O/S
lemonhead1986 29/Apr/07 Lead RP
with Phil Johnson
Graeme Hammond 29/Apr/07 Lead O/S
with Phil Baxter
Byronius Maximus 29/Apr/07 2nd O/S
Steve Waters, Mynydd 28/Apr/07 2nd O/S

Superb jamming. Tricky in places.

with Phil Telfer
Hidden 21/Apr/07 2nd O/S
Mutl3y 20/Apr/07 Lead
with Fletch
towdman 15/Apr/07 2nd
with Reuben Armitage
HC~R 12/Apr/07 2nd
with Eagle River
Joe Dove 08/Apr/07 Lead
David Robinson 02/Apr/07 Lead
Hidden ?/Apr/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 28/Mar/07 2nd O/S
Browny 27/Mar/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/Mar/07 2nd
Scott Anderson 24/Mar/07 2nd
howlingbaboon 24/Mar/07 Lead O/S
with Scott
Bob M 24/Mar/07 Lead
Reaver2k 24/Mar/07 Lead O/S

A Headpoint actually, Frank preplaced all the gear and pulled the ropes through. Great climb, found the final two moves VERY tough, almost came off and there was alot of scrambling about. Put me into my place thinking I could lead a HS is out of the question after seconding this, there is no way I could place such bomber hexes whilst in that position! Had enough trouble clipping the quickdraws! Gear blocks jams, theres a fair amount of good jams but my poor technique didnt help anything!

with Frank, Matt, Katie and Louise
Hidden 08/Mar/07 2nd
Hidden 03/Mar/07 2nd
Hidden ?/Mar/07 Lead
Hidden 04/Feb/07 Lead O/S
Peakpdr ??/2007 -
John Lisle ??/2007 -
Hidden ??/2007 -
Hidden ??/2007 -
rogerskews ??/2007 Lead
with Phil
Mike_Hayes ??/2007 Lead O/S
John Lisle ??/2007 -
Hidden 19/Dec/06 Lead O/S
Darrell Read 05/Nov/06 Lead O/S
with Jerram Bird
spacey 04/Nov/06 Lead O/S
with jo macey
Becky E 04/Nov/06 2nd
simonw1 21/Oct/06 Lead O/S
with Rupert
Raggar 20/Sep/06 Lead
with Jon B
Andysomething 17/Sep/06 Lead O/S

Exciting finish as I chose not to use jams, but tip toed up the thin slab on the side.... (fool!)

with Colin Binks
Hidden 17/Sep/06 Lead O/S
adam carless 15/Sep/06 2nd O/S
Hidden 15/Sep/06 Lead rpt
The Pulsing Motorik of Neu! 11/Sep/06 2nd O/S
with Rebecca
andybeanland 09/Sep/06 2nd O/S
with Chris Hanson
Hidden 09/Sep/06 2nd O/S
SR1970 ?/Sep/06 Lead O/S
lithos 30/Aug/06 2nd


cpoad 27/Aug/06 Lead O/S
with Clare F
tri-nitro-tuolumne 12/Aug/06 Lead O/S
with James Booth
Hidden 10/Aug/06 Lead
Mark Riley 05/Aug/06 Lead O/S
with Pete Oates
Hidden ?/Aug/06 Lead
pottsworth 15/Jul/06 2nd

harder and more balancy than it looks from the ground, but nice all the same

Caralynh 15/Jul/06 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Jun/06 Lead
Wilbur 24/Jun/06 2nd O/S
with Iain
catt 24/Jun/06 Lead O/S
with Will
Julia Chatterton 11/Jun/06 2nd
with Will
kyt341k 03/Jun/06 Lead O/S
with Nick Ingram
Hidden 02/Jun/06 Lead
Richard ?/Jun/06 Lead
with Carrie
Hidden 17/May/06 Lead
Sam and will 16/May/06 Lead O/S
with Anthony Bennett
MikeDowsett 14/May/06 Lead
with Andy Neath, Kris Scheinkonig
Jay1403 11/May/06 2nd O/S
with Duz Walker
mark4344 10/May/06 Lead O/S
with Matt Payne
cheeky 10/May/06 2nd O/S
with Andy
Hidden 30/Apr/06 Solo O/S
Hidden 30/Apr/06 Lead O/S
Hidden 22/Apr/06 Lead O/S
rob k 22/Apr/06 2nd
Hidden 17/Apr/06 2nd dog
Hidden 14/Apr/06 2nd O/S
Nicos 06/Apr/06 Solo O/S
with mark richardson
victim of mathematics 18/Mar/06 Lead O/S
Hidden 11/Mar/06 Lead
reg_measures 19/Feb/06 2nd O/S
with claire salter
Si dH 04/Feb/06 Lead O/S
with Robin Macintosh
Jon Greengrass ??/2006 Lead O/S
cliffy ??/2006 Lead
with Norman Wright
Wil Treasure ??/2006 Lead
Hidden ??/2006 Lead
sdht ??/2006 -
Fat Tim 17/Oct/05 Lead O/S
mel holmes 15/Oct/05 2nd
with nick w
Swirly ?/Oct/05 Lead O/S
with Will
Hidden 24/Sep/05 2nd
mikej 20/Sep/05 Lead
with Rick Naylor
fizzy_elephant ?/Sep/05 2nd
donkster ?/Sep/05 Lead O/S
Hidden 14/Aug/05 2nd O/S
malc 07/Aug/05 Lead
with Paul S
Stefan Kruger 03/Jul/05 2nd O/S

Perfect grit. Bamford is a lovely place with a great outlook. Har to imagine that Stanage was once like this.

with Sarah Porter
Luke Brooks ?/Jul/05 2nd
Ratfeeder 26/Jun/05 Lead O/S
with Phil
Rob Davies 26/Jun/05 2nd
with Phil Ashton
Hidden 10/Jun/05 Lead
Hidden 09/Jun/05 Lead O/S
Hidden 03/Jun/05 Lead
Skell ?/Jun/05 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Jun/05 Lead O/S
Alfredo ?/Jun/05 Lead O/S
with Tim
Julie Carroll 31/May/05 Lead
with Malcolm Dyson
mooseloose 30/May/05 Lead O/S
with Mike
timreynolds 29/May/05 2nd O/S
mreynolds 29/May/05 2nd O/S
kenneM ?/May/05 Lead
with Will Taylor
Shad ?/May/05 Lead
Hidden 24/Apr/05 2nd O/S
Marq 16/Apr/05 2nd O/S
with Daniel Dennehy
BruceW ?/Apr/05 Lead O/S
with Jen
Phil West 25/Mar/05 2nd rpt
with Shaun Walby
shaun walby 25/Mar/05 Lead O/S
with Phil West
Hodge ??/2005 Lead O/S
with Ben
JulesV ??/2005 Lead O/S
Stone Muppet ??/2005 -
Hidden ??/2005 -
dicky79 ??/2005 Lead O/S
with Mike Bottomley
Hidden ??/2005 2nd
Hidden ??/2005 Lead O/S
rob wmc 31/Oct/04 2nd rpt
with Pete
erica 31/Oct/04 2nd
with Bun
Laramadness 31/Oct/04 Lead O/S
John Brayshaw 31/Oct/04 Lead O/S
with Bunny
ChrisBrooke 17/Oct/04 Lead O/S
with John Inkpen
Hidden ?/Sep/04 Lead O/S
Hidden 11/Mar/04 2nd O/S
Hidden 08/Mar/04 Lead
Different Steve ?/Mar/04 2nd O/S
with Pete Krug
cem 15/Feb/04 Lead rpt
Hidden ??/2004 2nd
rob wmc 16/Nov/03 Lead O/S
with Alan & Pete
cem 09/Nov/03 2nd
with Liam Mark
SteveM 25/Oct/03 Lead
with Tobs
Simon Caldwell 05/Oct/03 Lead O/S
with Carmen
Hidden ?/Oct/03 Lead
Pete Nugent 07/Jun/03 2nd
with Paul Hampson
runestone 06/Apr/03 2nd
with Blod
Blod 06/Apr/03 Lead O/S
Chris Ellis ?/Apr/03 Lead
with Dean Grindle
sims 30/Mar/03 Lead O/S
with Nick
Phil West 15/Mar/03 2nd
with Chris Tan
Hidden ?/Mar/03 2nd
CurlyStevo ??/2003 Lead
DerwentDiluted 19/Oct/02 Lead
Hidden 19/Oct/02 2nd
Hidden 06/Oct/02 2nd O/S
Mark Stevenson 05/May/02 Solo O/S
kato'sdad 04/Feb/02 2nd
RobSimmo 04/Feb/02 Lead O/S
DubyaJamesDubya ??/2002 -
stephenhartley ??/2002 2nd
Hidden ??/2002 -
tuftynick ??/2001 -
A Crook 15/Oct/00 2nd
with Duncan Hassell
Hidden ??/2000 Lead
Boy ??/2000 -
Martin Bennett 16/Oct/99 Solo
craig h 18/May/99 Solo O/S
Iain Thow 04/Apr/99 Lead
with Liz Jolley
Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe ??/1999 -
Phil West 01/Nov/98 Lead O/S
with David Atherton
Hidden ?/Mar/98 Solo O/S
Hidden 21/Feb/98 Lead
Roget 26/Oct/96 Solo O/S
with jon
Hidden ?/May/96 Lead O/S
Ropeboy 17/Feb/96 Lead

Very cold day

Hidden 28/Oct/95 Solo
Rog Wilko ?/Oct/95 2nd

Worth VS I thought.

with Debbie Wilkinson
fellgazelle ??/1993 2nd
with Alan Haigh
leathers ??/1992 -
charlesmfrench 06/Oct/91 Solo O/S
roncaves 14/May/91 Lead
with Ed Hyatt
Hidden ?/Mar/91 Lead
Hidden ?/Jun/90 -
babymoac 05/Nov/89 Lead
with Pete D
Tom V ??/1985 -
Hidden 18/Jul/82 Solo
Hidden 22/May/81 Solo
Chris Craggs ??/1980 Lead
Nigel Bond 17/Sep/78 Lead
with Dave Grey
uphillnow ??/1978 Lead

with school pupils

tutbury ?/Jul/68 -
with Fred Graham
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