Stu going for the top on Out There and Back, F7a ish
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Churnet 7's and 8's ticklist

contributed by grady Jul/16

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Burly McFreewillyf8A+ **3?Peakstone Inn...
Toil and Troublef8A+ ***1?Peakstone Inn...
Quillf7C+ **1?Wright's Rock Area
Wildchildf8A **1?Wright's Rock Area
Sensible Childf8A **-?Wright's Rock Area
Witness the Churnetnessf8A ***14?Peakstone Inn...
Crazy Horsesf7C+ **8?Farley Woods
Amarnaf7C+ ***12?Farley Woods
Lunar Directf7C *1?Dimmings Dale
Warchildf7C+ **7?Wright's Rock Area
Quill Sit-startf8A ***2?Wright's Rock Area
Journey to the Centre of the Mirff7C+ **3?Peakstone Inn...
Burly McMirfyf7C+ **18?Peakstone Inn...
Thumbsf7B+ **12?Wright's Rock Area
Feeding the Ponyf7C ***10?Farley Woods
The Mentalistf7C ***70?Farley Woods
Amarna Stand-startf7C **18?Farley Woods
Final Additionf7C *7?Wright's Rock Area
Simple Simon Sit-startf7C ***24?Wright's Rock Area
Mirf's Rooff7C ***45?Peakstone Inn...
Toil and Trouble Standf7C ***12?Peakstone Inn...
Panther Dashf7C ***-?Stoney Dale
CorneliusV9 ***148mIna’s Rock and...
Bizarref7B **52?Ousal Dale
Crash Damagef7B+ **7?Dimmings Dale
Albatross Directf7B+ 3?Wright's Rock Area
Simple Simon Startf7B ***157?Wright's Rock Area
Pie Hard Startf7A+ *14?Wright's Rock Area
Point Breakf7B+ **19?Wright's Rock Area
No Crackf7B+ 3?Wright's Rock Area
Green House Traversef7B+ 1?Peakstone Inn...
Tarzanf7B+ **1?Peakstone Inn...
The Incantation Strictf7B+ *6?Peakstone Inn...
The Lioness Extensionf7B+ **-?Stoney Dale
Breathe Sit-startf7B ***-?Ousal Dale
In Memory of Mr Foxf7B ***57?Ousal Dale
Adam's Arêtef7B *30?Ousal Dale
Propeller Head Indirectf7B 31?Farley Woods
Gold Diggerf7B *2?Farley Woods
Ramesses the Greatf7B ***1?Farley Woods
Tree-Bienf7B **33?Farley Woods
The Full Virgin Traversef7B ***17?Dimmings Dale
Johnny Nyeff Nyefff7B *3?Dimmings Dale
Fifty Pence Problemf7B *16?Dimmings Dale
Limp Lizardf7A+ **61?Dimmings Dale
The Awakeningf7B **4?Dimmings Dale
Pegasusf7B ***6?Dimmings Dale
Out There and Backf7A+ **4?Wright's Rock Area
Instant Funkf7B **11?Wright's Rock Area
Keith Sharp Holdsf7B **-?Wright's Rock Area
Sam Sam Tanf7B ***36?Wright's Rock Area
Wrong's Traversef7B 7?Wright's Rock Area
Wright's Traversef7B ***71?Wright's Rock Area
Calyxf7B *3?Wright's Rock Area
The WarpE5 6c *212mWright's Rock Area
Green House Effectf7B 3?Peakstone Inn...
Will's Rooff7B 2?Peakstone Inn...
Xenomorphof7B **5?Peakstone Inn...
Spellbindf7B ***24?Peakstone Inn...
The Unicorn SIt-startf7B ***19?Peakstone Inn...
Flying Mousef7B 1?Peakstone Inn...
Quattro Stagioni Sit-startf7B **3?Peakstone Inn...
It Just Might Stickf7A+ **14?Peakstone Inn...
Low Speed Imp Actf7B **5?Threapwood Woods
Picasso Sit-startf7B **-?Stoney Dale
Spanned Out Balletf7B *2?Stoney Dale
Warf7B *-?Stoney Dale
JacquimoV8 *35mIna’s Rock and...
Under Lock and Keyf7B *1?Ina’s Rock and...
Americas Most Wanted Sit-startf7B ***3?Ina’s Rock and...
Sitting on the Dock of the Bayf7A+ *6?Ousal Dale
Tomahawk Traversef7A+ *11?Ousal Dale
Duck Retardf7A+ 8?Ousal Dale
Google Earthf7A+ 34?Farley Woods
Your're My Wife Nowf7B -?Farley Woods
The Obeliskf7A+ ***16?Farley Woods
Djoserf7A+ **5?Farley Woods
Tutankatenf7A+ *7?Farley Woods
Tuthmosis the 3rdf7A+ *10?Farley Woods
Never Get out of the Boatf7A+ *1?Wright's Rock Area
The Revivalf7A+ *5?Dimmings Dale
Martin's Monof7A+ *62?Dimmings Dale
Humpty Dumptyf7A+ *63?Dimmings Dale
Link Up C - The Mega Traversef7A+ **8?Dimmings Dale
Does It Make a Sound?f7A+ *2?Wright's Rock Area
Instantly Out Theref7A+ *1?Wright's Rock Area
Been Caught Stealingf7A *11?Wright's Rock Area
Fatherhoodf7A+ 1?Wright's Rock Area
Wright's 'Giza'f7A+ **3?Wright's Rock Area
Wright's Unconquerablef7A+ **129?Wright's Rock Area
Fingers Sit-startf7A+ **64?Wright's Rock Area
Simple Simon Dynof7A+ *19?Wright's Rock Area
Johnny Utahf7A+ **9?Wright's Rock Area
Alternative Three Left-handf7A+ *3?Wright's Rock Area
Tylerf7B **7?Wright's Rock Area
Bhodif7A+ **22?Wright's Rock Area
Motorbikef7A+ -?Wright's Rock Area
The Sharks Headf7A+ **6?Peakstone Inn...
Jungle Soundf7A+ 1?Peakstone Inn...
Wreckagef7A+ *3?Peakstone Inn...
Spellboundf7A+ ***72?Peakstone Inn...
The Victimf7A+ *6?Peakstone Inn...
Square Pusherf7A+ *8?Threapwood Woods
ThumbelinaE7 6c ***338mIna’s Rock and...
Capital Punishmentf7A+ **1?Ina’s Rock and...
Smell my Fingerf7A *1?Ousal Dale
Breathef7A+ *9?Ousal Dale
The Duck-billed Platypusf7A *80?Ousal Dale
Machine Headf7A 44?Farley Woods
Propeller Headf7A ***164?Farley Woods
Heeler Monsterf7A 2?Farley Woods
Encore une Foisf7A *22?Farley Woods
Papa Lazarouf7A 1?Farley Woods
Tree-mendousf7A **116?Farley Woods
The Moon is Bornf7A **56?Farley Woods
Book of the Deadf7A **35?Farley Woods
Queen Nefertitif7A *29?Farley Woods
High Speed Imp Actf7A ***332?Dimmings Dale
Mindbender Jellyf7A *9?Dimmings Dale
Dr Whof7A 2?Wright's Rock Area
Simple Simon Indirectf7A *405?Wright's Rock Area
The Undercutf7A *183?Wright's Rock Area
Dick Turpinf7A 3?Wright's Rock Area
The Old Sloper Problemf7A 176?Wright's Rock Area
16 Foot Traversef7A 2?Peakstone Inn...
Bitch Slapf7A+ 1?Peakstone Inn...
Pocket Rocketf7A 20?Peakstone Inn...
Casperf7A **7?Threapwood Woods
Nearside Collisionf7A 20?Threapwood Woods
Boccionif7A *1?Stoney Dale
Heavenly ActionV6 *-?Stoney Dale
Crumble in the JungleV6 -4mStoney Dale
The PrideE6 6b ***2418mStoney Dale
Lionessf7A 5?Stoney Dale
Little MaiaE5 6a 2?Ina’s Rock and...
See the Visionf7A 7?Ina’s Rock and...
Ina Qualityf7A *2?Ina’s Rock and...
A Longer Night in the Cellsf7A **1?Ina’s Rock and...
Lock Downf7A 3?Ina’s Rock and...
Spank The Monkeyf8A+ ***-?Farley Woods
Starved Mindsf7C 1?Farley Woods
Half-Lifef7C ***2?Ousal Dale
Raging Bullf8A ***1?Farley Woods
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