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ROCKFAX Kalymnos Top 50 ticklist

contributed by kazoinks Jun/18

Rockfax top 50 - 2018 book.
This is the graded list of top 50 routes arranged in rough level of difficulty. We say '50' but there are simply more than 50 routes included,simply because the quality of climbing is so good!

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Glaros4c ***21130mSea Breeze Area
Anastasia5a ***15725mTelendos North Face
Trip5b ***66?Myrties Area
Corax5b ***9230mPalionisos
Jolli5b ***9027mArhi
Guillot Corner5c ***3731mEmborios Area
Newcomer5c ***15725mSea Breeze Area
Jive5c ***10725mNoufaro Area
Three Stripes5c ***115175m• 6Spartacus Area
Phineas5c ***34522mSymplegades Area
Pornokini6a ***40728mArginonta
Roufos6a ***7725mKasteli Area
Rita6a ***12728mTelendos North Face
Wings for Life6a ***251250m• 11Telendos South Face
Climbing, the 2nd Best Feeling6a ***16025mSea Breeze Area
Prosciutto and Champagne6a ***13620mMyrties Area
Karpouzi6a ***16720mSikati Area
Selene Extension 26a ***18?Sea Breeze Area
Anacreonte6a ***45822mMasouri Area
Stars on Stage6a ***16125mSea Breeze Area
Hot Chili6a ***9225mTelendos North Face
Stone Diver6a+ ***1762m• 2Arhi
Stanislas6a+ ***14930mArhi
Beautiful Helen6a+ ***36030mIliada Area
Joy in the Garden6a+ ***45328mGhost Kitchen
Side Cut6a+ ***6235mEmborios Area
Telendos Star 26a+ ***8035mTelendos North Face
Lava6a+ ***8930mTelendos North Face
Stelios6a+ ***9238mMasouri Area
Damocles is Watching Y ou6a+ ***6037mProphitis Andreas
Komak6a+ ***14538mArhi
Mythos6a+ ***3325mSaint Photis
Monahiki Elia6a+ ***62325mGrande Grotta Area
Wild Country6a+ ***158265m• 9Telendos South Face
Plouf6a+ ***1338mArhi
Anna6a+ ***9128mDodoni
Rose6b ***1838mE.T. (Meltochi...
Diana6b ***2338mTelendos North Face
Sea Breeze6b ***7436mSea Breeze Area
Adonis6b ***6530mArhi
Masouri6b ***6738mArhi
Le Glod6b ***265m• 3Arhi
Axe6b ***6438mArhi
Boubou6b ***5532mMasouri Area
Titine6b ***7635mGalatiani Area
Perskindol6b ***21130mMasouri Area
General6b ***6140mTelendos North Face
Pornogeros6b ***11628mMyrties Area
Carpe Diem6b ***52916m• 2Grande Grotta Area
KalyNikhla6b+ ***25925mMasouri Area
Olympiakos for Elias6b+ ***11435mGhost Kitchen
Monolith6b+ ***10233mArhi
Anne6b+ ***5530mSummertime Area
Cuni Lingugus6b+ ***8932mMyrties Area
Iliada6c ***4730mIliada Area
Resista6c ***25630mGhost Kitchen
Frapogalo6c ***24025mPalionisos
Bye Bye Doc6c ***35525mSpartacus Area
Homo Sapiens6c ***12420mSymplegades Area
Telendos ô Telendos 16c ***-35mTelendos South Face
Remember Wadi Rum6c ***35920mGhost Kitchen
Les Amazones6c ***26930mSpartacus Area
Lucifer's Hammer6c ***19740mSpartacus Area
3 Ilots6c ***10530mTelendos North Face
Haramiss Extension6c+ ***755mEmborios Area
Calida6c+ ***4028mMasouri Area
Helvetx6c+ ***12930mTelendos North Face
Aeolia6c+ ***10630mGrande Grotta Area
Aphrodisia6c+ ***7235mSpartacus Area
Katsaplias6c+ ***4420mSymplegades Area
The End of Mythos6c+ ***6220mArhi
Rastapopoulos6c+ ***5930mGrande Grotta Area
Kaly Magic7a ***1836mSkalia
Nestoras7a ***15728mIliada Area
Crack7a ***5125mOlympic Wall Area
Thimari7a ***16630mGhost Kitchen
Barbarossa7a ***920mTelendos South Face
Red Sea Secrets7a ***15428mArginonta
DNA7a ***54720m• 2Grande Grotta Area
Biloute7a ***6930mOlympic Wall Area
Harry Parterre7a ***5040mArhi
Kerveros7a ***29730mSpartacus Area
Prophet Andreas7a ***5732mProphitis Andreas
Chnosi Family7a ***9330mGrande Grotta Area
Trela7a ***23040mGrande Grotta Area
Kastor7a ***40015mArhi
Feurdorn7a+ ***23?Galatiani Area
Nickel7a+ ***13932mMasouri Area
Tassir7a+ ***5528mMasouri Area
Les Pirates de Sikati7a+ ***2430mSikati Area
Lambda Capital7a+ ***1750mTelendos North Face
Kyprios Angel7a+ ***7430mTelendos North Face
Houftasaurus7b ***3925mSpartacus Area
Aurora (Part 1)7b ***4235mMasouri Area
Lulu in the Sky7b ***5940mGrande Grotta Area
Ivi7a+ ***23720mGrande Grotta Area
Mort aux Chèvres7b ***7330mSikati Area
Calcite Star7b ***2927mGalatiani Area
Leonides7b ***9335mSpartacus Area
Daphne7b ***10825mOdyssey
Lucky Strike7b ***8320mOdyssey
Omiros7b ***8522mOdyssey
Philotimo7b ***3020mSummertime Area
Spartacus7b+ ***19320mSpartacus Area
Mythologie7b+ ***2335mIliada Area
Ghost Rider7b+ ***1840mGhost Kitchen
Alfredo Alfredo7b+ ***16020mOdyssey
The Craic7b+ ***5436mMasouri Area
Joggel & Toggel Extension 17b+ ***2440mGrande Grotta Area
Eros7b+ ***13520mArhi
Tufa King Pumped7b+ ***10825mMasouri Area
Fourtouna7b+ ***4230mOdyssey
Aegialis7c ***7030mGrande Grotta Area
Priapos7c ***10135mGrande Grotta Area
Amores Perros7c+ ***1225mTelendos North Face
Marci Marc7c+ ***4928mOdyssey
Daniboy8a ***8220mSpartacus Area
Fun de Chichunne8a ***2240mGrande Grotta Area
Hellas Rodeo8a ***140mOlympic Wall Area
Rainbow Dancer8a+ ***-?Myrties Area
Want a Beautiful Life8a+ ***-25mSaint Photis
Racomelo8b ***632mMasouri Area
Glaros8b ***-30mTelendos North Face
Tagmania8c+ ***-20mOdyssey
372 stars14,9154,218m• 152