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Mournes and Moorhill Severes ticklist

contributed by SamLamont Aug/20

The grade to be climbing comfortably for RCI.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
VelocetteS 4a 221mPigeon Rock
Faerie FlightS 4a *116?Pigeon Rock
Pi R SquaredS 3c 208?Pigeon Rock
ResuscitationS 1?Pigeon Rock
Sugar Plumb FairyS 4a 4?Pigeon Rock
Southern ComfortS 4a -?Eagle Mountain
Honest to GodS 4a -?Eagle Mountain
AryanS 4a 19?Hen Mountain
Struggle GullyS 4a 16?Hen Mountain
Escalator DirectS 4a 217?Hen Mountain
FingerbowlS 3c ***7222mHen Mountain
Eastern CraicS 4a 225mHen Mountain
Farce FoundS 627mHen Mountain
Silent SongS 3c 3?Doan
RockafellaS 4b 3?Doan
SmokeyS 4a 310mDoan
Child's PlayS 3c -?Ben Crom
White HeatherS 4a 3?Ben Crom
Zig ZagS 3c 15?Ben Crom
ThomskS 4a *4?Ben Crom
Slap on the BraceletsS 4a -?Ben Crom
Crawly Crack CrawlS 18mBen Crom
LifeS 3c 3?Ben Crom
The BumS 4a 1?Ben Crom
Left AreteS 3c 1?Ben Crom
Don't look upS 4a 314mBen Crom
DelugeS 4a -?Ben Crom
GrimcrackS 4a 3?Slieve Binnian...
Kimmage GrooveS 4a **13?Slieve Binnian...
Longstone RibS 4a 3?Little Binnian
Daylight RobberyS 4b 6?Little Binnian
TwhitS 4a 2?Little Binnian
Ivy DykeS 4a *3?Little Binnian
Green SlimeS 3c -?Buzzard's Roost
ZydecoS 4a 1?Buzzard's Roost
The SheughS ***1173mBuzzard's Roost
VC AwardedS 4a -?Buzzard's Roost
Hawk WalkS 4a *4?Buzzard's Roost
RiotS 4a 3?Slieve Binnian
Grot and GrooveS 3c *16?Slieve Binnian
OlympiaS 3c 4?Slieve Binnian
Organ PipeS 4a 1?Slieve Binnian
Western DigS 3?Slieve Binnian
Capper's GrooveS 3c -?Slieve Binnian
TrollS 1?Slieve Binnian
Faith Hope and CharityS 4a 3?Slieve Binnian
Seminary GatesS 4a *10?Slieve Binnian
Evening GrooveS 4a 5?Slieve Binnian
Tooth and NailS 2?Slieve Binnian
Something ElseS 4a 3?Slieve Binnian
Reality ControlS 4a -8mBinnian Lough Crag
QueasyS 3c 4?Slieve Meelmore
QuasimodoS 4a 3?Slieve Meelmore
Summit SheughS ***412mSlieve Bearnagh
East Face RouteS 4a 1?Slieve Bearnagh
Mickey MouseS 7?Slieve Bearnagh
DirectissimaS 4a 24?Slieve Bearnagh
HypothesisS 4a **91?Slieve Bearnagh
Yosemite DaysS 4a 9?Slieve Bearnagh
ChucklesS 4?Blue Lough Buttress
BokiesS 3c 2?Blue Lough Buttress
Corporate AttireS 4a -9mDouglas Crag
Fissure BobS 4a 6?Douglas Crag
DandyS *17?Percy Bysshe
It Is What It IsS 4a 47mPercy Bysshe
FOS 3c 4?• 4Slieve Lamagan
Cherchez-LaS 4a **17?• 3Slieve Lamagan
Girdle TraverseS 4a 5?Slieve Lamagan
StrawmanS 3c 2?Slieve Lamagan
TitaniaS 3c *2?Slieve Lamagan
Santa's RetreatS 4a -?Slieve Lamagan
Anne TreeS 4a 1?Slieve Lamagan
SchizoidS 4a 3?Spellack
White WallsS 4a ***11530mSpellack
Double BerthS 4a 94?Spellack
Single BerthS 4a 142?Spellack
Final FUS 4a 85?Spellack
Munching MandyS 4a 42?Lower Cove
New DecayedS 4a **145?Lower Cove
North WallS 3c *111?Lower Cove
Pillar VariantS 4a ***22940m• 2Lower Cove
FairyS 3c 6?Lower Cove
Brewer's GloomS 4a ***10845m• 3Lower Cove
Brewer's DroopS 4b *12?Lower Cove
More Letters than MovesS 3c -?Upper Cove
GilbertS 3c 1?Upper Cove
BOFS 4a -?Upper Cove
Les Begs d'OragesS -?Upper Cove
Just EricS 2?Upper Cove
Warp FactorS 3c -?Upper Cove
Captain's LogS 2?Upper Cove
PendulumS 3c -?Upper Cove
StrongarmS 3c 2?Upper Cove
Winding StairS 4a *7?Upper Cove
Wish You Were HereS 3c -?Upper Cove
Wuthering HeightsS 4a -?Upper Cove
The Uncertainty PrincipleS 4a *130mHare's Castle
FragmentsS 4a 4?Hare's Castle
Rip itS 4a 316mHare's Castle
Colder than a Well Digger's AssS 4a -?Slieve Beg
Sherpa ConiferS 3c *14?Annalong Buttress
Hanging CornerS 3c *38?Annalong Buttress
Tip of the Day, Breathe!S 4b 2?Annalong Buttress
Spanish FleaS 3c **69?Annalong Buttress
SpringtimeS 4a **46?Annalong Buttress
Spongers' CornerS 4b 4?Slieve Commedagh
Born AgainS 4b 6?Slieve Commedagh
Jobseekers' FlakeS 4a *6?Slieve Commedagh
Klondyke CornerS 4a *2?Slieve Commedagh
CatwalkS 4a 1?Chimney Rock...
DisappointmentS 4a -?Chimney Rock...
Piton CrackS 4a *14?Eagle Rocks
PuppetS 4a 3?Eagle Rocks
Z Route DirectS 4a *8?Eagle Rocks
A Bit on the SideS 4a -?Eagle Rocks
Muffled OathsS 3c -?Eagle Rocks
Arete OrientalS 3c 1?Eagle Rocks
JoyS 3c 1?Eagle Rocks
ArkS -?Eagle Rocks
Left InclineS -?Eagle Rocks
Double XS 4a *6?Eagle Rocks
SorrowS -?Eagle Rocks
StarlightS 4a **10?Eagle Rocks
Malenkov VariationS 4a 1?Eagle Rocks
CrackS 4812mAltnadue Quarry
CelandineS 4a -?Moorhill Quarry
MuninS 4a 6?Moorhill Quarry
Six and SixS 4a 5?Moorhill Quarry
The TriffidsS 4a *24?Moorhill Quarry
ShuffleS 4a 10?Moorhill Quarry
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