Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Infra Red S 4a * 2nd 16/Mar/07 Saddle Head
Forgotten Corner HVD * 2nd 16/Mar/07 Saddle Head
Small Beginnings VD * 2nd 16/Mar/07 Saddle Head
Porth-Clais Chimney D 2nd 15/Mar/07 Porth-Clais
Against the Grain VD 2nd 15/Mar/07 Porth-Clais
Libra S 2nd 13/Mar/07 Craig Caetan (Craig Coetan)
Zig-Zag D 2nd 13/Mar/07 Craig Caetan (Craig Coetan)
Red Wall S 4a ** 2nd rpt 12/Mar/07 Porth-Clais
Diagonal Crack S 4a ** 2nd 12/Mar/07 Porth-Clais
Sea Rider VS 4c ** 2nd 12/Mar/07 Porth-Clais
Burnt Arete VD 2nd 25/May/06 Craig Caerfai
White Corner D * 2nd 25/May/06 Craig Caerfai
Mildred Mindwarp HS 4b * 2nd 25/May/06 Craig Caerfai
Red Wall S 4a ** TR 23/May/06 Porth-Clais
Porth-Clais Crack HS 4b * TR 23/May/06 Porth-Clais
Harbour Crack VD * TR 23/May/06 Porth-Clais
Wall and Corner VD * TR 09/Sep/05 Clogwyn Cyrau
Holly Groove M TR 09/Sep/05 Clogwyn Cyrau