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Name Grade Style Partner(s) Notes Feedback Date Crag name
Electric Warrior 7b *** Lead dog Andy Farnell 19 Sep Chapel Head Scar
Wargames 7b+ *** Lead RP Andy Farnell 19 Sep Chapel Head Scar
Seven Pounds Overweight 8a Lead dog   12 Sep Chee Dale Upper
Lightweight 7c ** Lead RP   12 Sep Chee Dale Upper
Powerplant 8a *** Lead RP NicolasEcoffet 30 Aug Chee Dale Lower
Up the River Without a Paddle 7a ** Lead RP   17 Aug Chee Dale Lower
Last Dog 7b * Lead RP   28 Jul Gordale Scar
Dogpoint (Last Dog + Pierrepoint L2) 7b+ *** Lead dog   28 Jul Gordale Scar
Cry of Despair 7c *** Lead RP   23 Jul Chee Dale Lower
Shanacie 6b ** Lead β   18 Jul Smalldale Quarry
Riding the Bullet 6c ** Lead rpt   18 Jul Smalldale Quarry
Lost Contact 7a+ ** Lead RP   18 Jul Smalldale Quarry
Lies and Deception 7a * Lead dog   18 Jul Smalldale Quarry
Garderobe 7b+ ** Lead   11 Jul Water-cum-Jolly
Incapacity Benefit 7a+ ** Lead RP   2 Jul Water-cum-Jolly
Brachiation Dance 7b+ *** Lead dog   2 Jul Water-cum-Jolly
Squealer Zero 7c+ ** Lead RP   29 Jun Lorry Park Quarry
Let the Tripe Increase 7c ** Lead dog   22 Jun Water-cum-Jolly
Dark Energy 8a * Lead dog   17 Jun Lorry Park Quarry
Big Spider, Small Bath 7c ** Lead RP   8 Jun Lorry Park Quarry
Orange Sunshine 7c+ ** Lead dog   7 Jun Chee Dale Upper
Confidence Trick 8a+ ** Lead dog   23 May Lorry Park Quarry
Elite Syncopations 8a *** Lead dog   13 May Dinbren Crags
Broccoli and Ice-Cream 7b ** Lead RP   23 Apr Pantymwyn (Devil's Gorge)
Gonads 8a+ ** Lead dog Stone Elworthy 20 Apr Chee Dale Upper
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