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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The big dig f7A *** Sent 02/Jul/15 Earth Quarry
The little dig f6C ** Sent 02/Jul/15 Earth Quarry
Badger Arete (ss) f6C+ ** Sent 27/Jun/15 Kentmere Boulders
Negative Reality Inversion (ss) f7A+ * Sent 27/Jun/15 Kentmere Boulders
The Hole f5 * Sent 27/Jun/15 Kentmere Boulders
Rachael's Box f7A+ Sent 18/Apr/15 Brimham Rocks
Team Work f8A ** Sent ?/Apr/15 Chironico
Doctor Med Dent f7B *** Sent ?/Apr/15 Chironico
Karma Police f7A+ Sent ?/Apr/15 Chironico
The Aviator f6C+ *** Sent ?/Apr/15 Chironico
Area Serre Moi Fort: Selection Door f7A Sent β ?/Apr/15 Chironico
Made in Norway f7B *** Sent ?/Apr/15 Chironico
Auto Pilot f7B *** Sent ?/Apr/15 Chironico
Area Les Doigts Verts: Lemon Tree f6C+ *** Sent β ?/Apr/15 Chironico
Karjala f7A Sent 07/Mar/15 Crookrise
Hunter's Roof f7C *** Sent 10/Feb/15 Hunter's Stones
Rageh Omaar f7A ** Sent 14/Dec/14 Whitehouses
Fat Punters' Roof f6C+ ** Sent β 13/Dec/14 Whitehouses
Stu's Variation f7A Sent 02/Nov/14 Bowden Doors
Vandale f7C *** Sent 24/Oct/14 Rocher Cailleau
La Joker (White 13) f7A *** Sent 22/Oct/14 Bas Cuvier
Desperate Dan f7A Sent β 10/Oct/14 Stoupe Brow
ASBO Pops RH f7A Sent 21/Sep/14 Stoupe Brow
Olicana Arete f7A Sent 14/Sep/14 Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
The Crack Direct f6C+ ** Sent O/S 25/Aug/14 The Bowderstone