Paul Robinson 8b flash and v15/16 Repeat

Paul Robinson has flashed Nagual, a “hard V13” at Hueco Tanks, Texas. Robinson “waited two years” to try Nagual, hoping for a successful flash of the 45-degree overhanging wall in the East Spur Maze. The problem was established in 2003 by Fred Nicole and is considered to be a bit harder now because of a broken hold.

Only one other person has reported flashing a V13 problem: Britain's James Pearson, who recently flashed his third problem given 8B (V13), Schule des Lebens in Switzerland.

Later, Paul Robinson has made the second ascent of Terremer (V15/V16), the hardest boulder problem at Hueco Tanks. Switzerland's Fred Nicole established Terremer at the beginning of 2006. The problem links Diaphanous Sea (V12) and Terre de Sienne (V14), two other Nicole problems on Hueco's North Mountain.

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