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Paul Robinson on Run for cover, ~8A+, Three Corners, SA, 147 kb
Paul Robinson on Run for cover, ~8A+, Three Corners, SA
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Paul Robinson has once again spent some time in South Africa. This time he decided to focus on a new area in the Cederberg, where he made the first ascent of an 8C, several 8B's and a lot more.

Cederberg is only 100km or so south of Rocklands but it's still a three hour drive as most of it is on dirt roads.

According to Paul, it's well worth it though. The rock is similar to what you find in Rocklands but it doesn't have the same kind of coarse grain:

It is a reallllly nice sandstone! Not under textured like Cape Town and not over textured.

Although he had a few friends show up for a little, Paul says he spent most of the time there alone. He admits it was a bit scary at times, but most of the time it was refreshing and peaceful:

No pressure which was nice. I could just climb and do my thing. Didn't have to worry about people, trying to do everything right away, so it allowed me to really make the area mine and create something.
Lonely at times, but in general I find sometimes doing things on your own that much more satisfying. You are doing it for yourself and no other reason.

The end result was heaps of new problems including:

  • In the depths of Solitude, ~8C
  • Albino Polar bears, ~8B
  • Secrets of the valley, ~8B, and
  • Frank White, ~8B

All of the above are featured in an upcoming video. Stay tuned for that.

Paul Robinson is sponsored by: Asana, ClifBar, La Sportiva, Petzl and prAna

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