METOLIUS COMP: 25 years, 25 cams, 25 days

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of METOLIUS, Beyond Hope in conjunction with Presents..

THE METOLIUS COMPETITION: 25 years, 25 cams, 25 days

One question each day, for 25 days, and a chance to win a METOLIUS cam every day. Check this Premier Post every day for a new question: Premier Post - METOLIUS COMP: 25 cams, 25 days: Question ?

More details at this Competition article: METOLIUS COMP: 25 years, 25 cams, 25 days, where we will post the answers to the previous days questions and the winners.

NOTE: Only the Ultralight TCU's, Ultralight Power Cams, SuperCam (small and medium) and the MasterCam are available in the UK. If you have a model and size preference, please state it in your email, subject to availability.

Beyond Hope, based in Mossley, Greater Manchester are the UK distributors for Metolius, Evolv, prAna and Scapegoat. More information at

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