Adam Taylor's story

I asked Adam Taylor if he wished to tell his side of the whole "Fifty words for drama flattening of the hangers"-story:

"Hey, I'm not quite sure why Joe has been hating on me this much, there is no logical reason behind it.... but here is my story.

I don?t see how it is logical for everyone who sent the route after Michaël should be able to say they have done the same route as him. That was a proud send and his should be distinguished from all the others whom have not followed that same line. They should be discernible because that is what they are, neither is more right, neither is better, both should be available, BUT, that is not what became of it. Something had to be done, and I was the one who took the stand, and now I am the one taking all of the flak for what I and others have done and said. If you want to curse at me and call me names then that is fine, but may I remind you of how easy it is to fix damaged hangers and replace them with new ones. Yes, leaving the hangers there flattened was intentional and needed to be done to get this statement through to the climbing community, because the pros have just contributed to the current situation. I don?t care what the grades of the two routes are and do not care if they are left as the same grade, which is not what needs to be accomplished here. Now, how Joe Kinder fits into all of this is no fault but his own. It shall be noted that climbing the right variation ?his project? is plenty do-able via using the left bolts, and I even proved that to Joe, so I did nothing to effect his climbing. I tried my very best to patch things up with him then and there, and make his climbing day enjoyable, but he wanted nothing to do with it? some would call him stubborn at the least. I have also sent him an email, apologizing to him that he fell in to this, had I known he was currently working the route, I would have waited, but he has continued to curse my name. Honestly I expected more from a professional climber, and Joe has really disappointed me for whatever that matters. I honestly can?t believe how anyone could do what he has done, cursed at me, called me names behind my back, spread half told rumors he calls facts to my friends and others, and poisoned people into sending hate-mails to me. I do not view my actions as unreasonable and there are plenty of people out there that hold my same views, thus I do not wish I had acted differently about this whole situation. I feel as though everyone has come down on me just like the hammer that initiated this mess, and simply because they have solely heard Joe's over-exaggerated, over-dramatized, opinionated mess of a story. This needed to be brought up, but not at this level, it blows my mind how widespread this has become? maybe this says something about the climbing community, maybe it proves just how willing we have all become to cut someone down and ruin someone?s name at the slightest opportunity. Maybe it also proves how seriously we are viewing climbing, I mean come on, and we are out there CLIMBING ROCK, how stupid is that. On top of all of this, I bet Joe never told anyone he and Brad Weaver were the ones removing my draws from the route, what is up with that? Looking at the loses, I?ve lost $120 from this route, and have taken away $8, who should be the one catching the most flak?"

Joe's story is available on his blog

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