Alex Honnold - Gaia - E8 - Virtually On Sight

Taken from the full report by Dave Simmonite on the Climb Magazine Website

On Wednesday the 12th November, the first day of decent weather for a while, Alex Honnold and his fellow Americans, Kevin Jorgeson and Matt Segal, made the most of the good conditions by hitting two Peak District crags in the day.

The eventful day started with Kevin and Matt making headpoint ascents of End of the Affair at Curbar (E8 6c).

The team moved south to Black Rocks, where late in the day Alex made a 'flash' of Gaia. It turns out that Alex had actually seen Hard Grit on TV a while ago so can't claim to have made the first pure onsight of the route but it is so damn close.

Alex said, "Not a true onsight since I've seen movies, but there was no chalk".

Read the full report (with photo) by Dave Simmonite on the Climb Magazine Website

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