DW in Hueco

Daniel Woods has been on a short "family trip" to Hueco. The conditions were far from optimal, but Daniel managed to get some stuff done anyway. He's not known to be able to keep himself from trying for what ever reason. I remember him trying Tanatopsis, a crimpy 8b+ at the Motherload, RRG, in the sun with bleeding fingertips. So, anyway, he managed to grab the 5th ascent of Chris' Diabolique, flashed the sharp Le retour de Goupil and sent half a dozen problems in the 8A-8A+ range. A normal week at the office given the conditions.
Says Daniel: "Today I was really close to doing Terremer. It was my last day though of the trip and I was only here for a week. I just tried it for 3 days. I am returning in January to finish it off. Did find projects too in the 8B+ to 8C range. It was a quick family trip ;)."
I for one, would be surprised if Terremer doesn't get at least one repeat in January.
Photo: Daniel Woods at Upper chaos, RMNP, by Emanuel Moosburger

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