Jorgeson makes 2nd ascent of The Groove

Kevin Jorgeson has made the 2nd ascent of James Pearson's The Groove, at Cratcliff. Originally given E10 7b, James has, in hindsight, suggested it might very well be E11. What Kevin thinks of the grade is not known at this time, but what I do know is that it's a fantastic achievement. James comments that it's an "awesome effort and nice to see it getting the attention it deserves."
The Groove, E10 7b / 8?, 2nd ascent
The Promise, E10(8?) 7a(6c?) / 8b, 2nd ascent
Parthian shot, E9 6c / 8a+, first ground up ascent
Meshuga, E9 6c / 7c, free solo ascent
Gaia, E8 6c / 7b+
The end of the affair
, E8 6c / 7b
Pretty impressive list considering it's his first time on grit, he's been sick for a week and it's been raining a lot...
Says Kevin:
"Extremely hard routes, such as those put up by Miles Gibson, feature moves just as hard as The Groove (yes, I have tried some, namely, Superstition (E8 7a)). These climbs can be just as safe as E1's, but because of their physical difficulty, receive an E-grade upwards of E8. I think The Groove falls into this category, of safe and hard. And beautiful. What an amazing, unique and rewarding route."
Apparently, after the ascent, just to see if the route was safe, Kevin voluntarily took a fall from the worst place on the route. Needless to say, the pro was good, and the route is safe... From which follows that: E11? Ich don't think so.

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