VIDEO: Kendal Countdown: Andy Parkin Film

One of the world premieres at Kendal Mountain Festivals next weekend is 'Andy Parkin: 'Life in adaptation" by Blue Hippo Media and Weekday Productions. This 30 minute documentary follows the rehabilitation of the alpinist, painter and sculptor, Andy Parkin, who, in 1984, suffered a near fatal Alpine climbing accident.

You can watch a trailer of 'Andy Parkin: 'Life in adaptation" below:

There is an unprecedented number of climbing film premieres at this years Kendal Mountain Festivals ( 20th - 23rd November); of the 75 films being shown, over 20 are film premieres and have never been seen before by the public.

The producers of 'Andy Parkin: 'Life in adaptation" wish to thank Paramo and Media partners: and Climbing Magazine (USA), for their valuable support in making this film possible.

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