VIDEO 2: Kevin Jorgeson - Ground-Up, Parthian Shot E9

UKC have a series of three films featuring Alex, Matt and Kevin in action on the grit.

  • Film 1: Kevin (first) then Alex climbing The Promise (E10 or E8) - Watch The Film
  • Film 2: Kevin makes the first Ground Up ascent of Parthian Shot (E9 6c)
  • Film 3: Team America climb End of the Affair, (Alex Honnold flashes it) (E8 6c) (watch out for that no-hands rest!)

We will be publishing film 3 at 9am on Friday morning.

To see these films in a larger size - visit out articles page:

FILM 1 - Article

FILM 2 - Article

Watch the second film - Parthian Shot:

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