Ninja beta

Earlier this week, I wrote a news piece on about James Webb having repeated Fred Nicole's, more or less, one move wonder Li, 8B, at Hueco. James mentioned in his scorecard that he used "ninja beta" and I made a (lame) joke questioning whether this wasn't cheating... So, anyway, not everyone got the joke. Some began complaining about the way Jens* reports things and some demanded an explanation.
So... what exactly IS ninja beta? I went to the source and asked Mr Webb himself:
"Ninja beta huh? Only few know.. haha. Well if you know the beta for Li. It's a difficult lunge off an undercling to a sloper. But instead. I chose to dyno from the left hand jug, and right hand edge to the sloper, and at the same time flippin the left hand to an undercling. "Ninja Beta" Supposed to be FA in that style, but who knows? Sick problem!"
It doesn't matter who actually writes the news. Jens always gets the shit or, on rare occasions, credit.

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