Solo or just a highball

What's the difference between a solo and a highball?
Think about it. The Grit test pieces are typically 10 m or thereabout. But so are some of the highballs established by Kevin and others in Bishop or Hueco. Take The Duel, The beautiful and damned, Evilution, Flight of the bumble bee, This side of paradise etc., and compare them to Meshuga, The Promise or Gaia. Is there really such a big difference?
Some say the definition of a free solo is that you'd die if you fall. You'd die if you fall... well, how do you know that you would or wouldn't? People survive falls of 30 meters and more. Does this mean free soloing is something you can only practice on big walls?
But then again, that's just semantics. A climb is what it is regardless of what we call it...

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