9a+ by Arthur Kubista

Planet mountain reports, Arthur Kubista has made the FA of Der lange Atem at Schattenreich (Shadow land) in the Austrian Höllental. The 28m route can be divided into to parts, the first of which, the very steep 13m of Versehrtendachl, 8c/+, Arthur did already last year.
After this part, you can rest completely, before you negotiate the very different second part's 15m of technical face climbing on very small holds.
45 year old Kubista isn't new to the game of 9th grade climbing. In fact, the same crag is home to the first 9a in eastern Austria: Maitre Vauban und der Basilisk, which he did in 2003.
Full story and photos on Planet mountain.
Hm... where's the fashion police when you need it, though?

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