9a+ by Mrázek

Tomá? Mrázek has managed to make the FA of a long standing project at Misja Pec. On his website, he says he's been trying it irregularly every time he's been there and that, in total, it took some 20 tries to do it.
Xaxid hostel consists of two parts. The first 20m would get a rating of 9a, or at least 8c+/9a, and has a very difficult crux section that Tomá? estimates would get a boulder grade of around 8B(!). After this, you get a decent rest, before you have to tackle the second part joining the route Ekstaza Mat?jem for its last 25m. The difficulty of this part is approximately 8c/+.
All in all, Thomá? thinks Xaxid hostel deserves 9a+, making it the most difficult in the area.
Photo: Thomá? Mrázek on Xaxid hostel, by Helena Lipenská.

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