Horseshoe Quarry gets rebolt

School's Out (6a+) on the main wall at Horseshoe Quarry, 96 kb
School's Out (6a+) on the main wall at Horseshoe Quarry
© Chris Craggs, May 2003
The BMC has now replaced the lower-offs and bolts on a small selection of Main Wall routes on a trial project.

The BMC employed a local roped access to re-equip 6 routes including Big Fat Texan on a Corner, Pale Rider, Waves of Mutilation and Megalithic Man with Fixe 'P' bolts and a new type of 'rams head' lower-off unit. These are safer and easier to use than standard ring bolt lower-offs and do not require a leader to untie and thread the 'sharp end' before descending – you simply guide a loop of rope around each 'horn' until it sits neatly in the base of the unit and away you go.

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