Avalanche Warning Snowdonia

Nantperis Avalanche

I would just like to warn everyone of a significant risk of avalanche in Snowdonia at the moment.

I am fortunate to have a job that involves flying helicopters around the hills of Snowdonia on occasions and what I saw today was quite frightening.

There has been a significant full depth avalanche above Nant Peris, grid SH 614 584 and I saw some significant fracture lines on many of the higher slopes in the Llanberis Pass.

Most significant was on Esgair Felin grid 633 583. I believe there has also been a significant slip at Aber Falls today also. Obviously not wanting to teach people to suck eggs, but the birds eye view of it all certainly showed that there are going to be a lot more slips over the next few days especially so with the changing conditions! Stay safe!

Brian Wills is a former SAR pilot, but now spends his time instructing new SAR pilots out of RAF Valley on Anglesey. He has also spent the last 15 years involved with Mountain Rescue, 5 years on a RAF Team and the past 10 years on the Llanberis Team. He was personally involved with recovering the 4 fatalities from the Anoch Mor Avalanche in '98 and has seen first hand the consequences of poor conditions. He is therefore very keen to not witness the same events again.

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