Fri Night Vid: Randall is London Wide Boy

Tom Randall enjoying the subtleties  of gritstone on Ray's Roof - E7 6c, 118 kb
Tom Randall enjoying the subtleties of gritstone on Ray's Roof - E7 6c
On a recent trip to the big smoke, Sheffield based Tom Randall managed to thrust his entire lower leg deep in to a tight fissure.

“perfect 6 inch”

Randall gives us the low-down:

"At the beginning of January I was lucky enough to be invited down by Mike Langley at the Castle to guest set for their King of the Mezz Comp with Pete Whittaker. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that Mike quite knew what my predilections are when it comes to steep and wide!

Two big volumes went up on their comp wall to form this perfect 6 inch wide 40 deg overhanging crack. As I gazed at the work of art, people gathered to look on in horror. The key to the problem really was to get your feet above your head and then do an upside down sit-up to insert a hand-fist stack. Bomber! From there on, it was a bit of tenuous shuffling and a tricky pull at the end.

Myself and Pete who I think were the only ones to get up it, gave it about V8, but who knows?! Most of the London wads shook their heads in disgust and wouldn't even entertain a little leg mauling... Luckily for them, we set some "plain vanilla" problems as well, so there wasn't a big riot on our hands (and I'm not black-listed as a setter).

I bet they've taken it down already...."

VIDEO: Randall is London Wide Boy

Tom Randall is sponsored by Wild Country

Richie Patterson of Wild Country told UKC:

"Tom Randall has joined the Wild Country climbing team for 2010, impressing us with his crack orientated gnarliness - perfect for Friends!"

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