Prinzip Hoffnung E10 - Repeated

Beat Kammerlander - Principle Hope E10?, 19 kb
Beat Kammerlander - Principle Hope E10?
© Peter Mathis

Austrian climber Alex Luger has made the second ascent of Beat Kammerlander's Prinzip Hoffnung E10.

The route on the Burs Plate in Austria was first climbed by Kammerlander a decade ago as a sport route at F8b/+. Last year he climbed it without the bolts and estimated a mighty E10.

Alex Luger has repeated the feat.

Speaking on Planet Mountain he said (excuse the google translation!)

"After a sleepless night are physically tired from the two attempts the previous day, but mentally harder. Again I go to the plate, the thermometer measures -4 ° C and what follows is a fight perfect, a perfect time!"


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