The Great Arch - Pabbay - Repeated

The Arch, Pabbay, 185 kb
The Arch, Pabbay
© Lawrie Brand, Jun 2008
Steve McClure and Lucy Creamer have repeated the infamous route through the Great Arch on the island of Pabbay, Scotland.

The route, called To Be Continued, was first climbed by Dave Cutherbertson and Lynn Hill and was captured on the BBC TV series The Edge. Cuthbertson and Hill were unable to free the route, just, and graded it E7 7a, but noted that it had a point of aid.

We don't yet have full details of the McClure/Creamer repeat, but speaking in a brief email, Tim Glasby, a climbing photographer and journalist who was with the pair on the island, described the ascent:

"Epic adventure, they finally topped out at 22.58 and said it was the scariest thing they had ever done - loose rock."

We hope to have more details on this ascent soon.

Steve McClure is sponsored by Marmot , Petzl , Beal , Five Ten

Lucy Creamer is sponsored by Marmot , DMM , Scarpa, Grivel

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