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Technical Ice Axes

Whether it's for Scottish mixed, Continental ice or drytooling, a pair of technical axes are your key weapons. In this comparison review seven models go head to head.

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Dedicated Rope Bags

Most climbers own a rope bag, but few take much trouble in choosing one. Considering how much use you'll get out of it, however, a little extra thought could prove worthwhile. We compare 11 current models.

Grivel Salamander 2.0

The new Salamander 2.0 is a complete redesign on the popular Salamander mark one. In fact pretty much the only things that haven't changed are the name, and its affordable price tag. Here's how we got on with it:

Grivel Stealth Helmet

UKC's very own Rob Greenwood takes a look at Grivel's new lightweight helmet - the Stealth - but how did it perform compared to its predecessor, the Air Tech?

Sport Quickdraws

In this group review we test sport climbing quickdraws from all the leading manufacturers, comparing them for key characteristics such as...

All Round Harnesses

Since most climbers do a bit of everything, there's a lot to be said for a harness that does too. Over spring and summer 2016 the UKC test...

Grivel Air Tech Crampons

Most winter fans need an all-rounder in their crampon stash - one pair for everything from Munro walks to lower grade mountaineering. The...

HMS Screwgate Carabiners

HMS screwgate carabiners - perhaps not the most exciting piece of climbing gear, but one of the most frequently used. We've tested...

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Grivel - North Machine and North Machine Carbon

Now that Greg Boswell and Guy Roberston have kicked off their Scottish Winter season with the first ascent of The Forge X/10 on An Teallach we thought we'd give a run down of the latest tools available from Grivel.

Grivel Stealth Helmets with RECCO Reflector

GRIVEL, a leader in mountain equipment, and RECCO, a Swedish company which produces rescue technology to make people searchable to rescuers, have joined forces to make the first mountaineering helmets with integrated RECCO reflectors.

Grivel Twin Gate Carabiners

The Twin Gate is a safety revolution. The innovative design makes it a perfect snapgate or screwgate carabiner with the difference that it's safer and faster: screw gates need extra time to screw and climbers sometimes forget. No more grit, ice and freezing...

Grivel Pack Collection

A range of packs from Grivel to suit all your ambitions whether they be on snow, ice or rock.

OutDoor 2018 - Climbing Equipment Roundup

The UKC/UKH team have just returned from the final OutDoor show at Friedrichshafen. We saw hundreds of innovative,...

OutDoor 2017 - Climbing Gear and Rock Shoes

The UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest in Friedrichshafen that is OutDoor. Here are some video...

ISPO 2017 - What's New? Climbing Hardware Report

The UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest in Munich that is ISPO. Here are some video...


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WINNERWin a pair of Grivel Air Tech Crampons

The Grivel Air Tech crampon is a lightweight, semi-rigid all season crampon.This 12 point crampon is ideal for use in both Scottish winter mountaineering as well as classic and technical Alpinism.  The Air Tech weighs 790 grams per crampon and folds up into itself so it takes up minimal space in your pack. Over all the Air Tech is a great all rounder for everything but steep difficult ice routes. 


Competition WINNERSWin 1 of 3 Grivel Poseidon Harnesses

The POSEIDON is a special harness for mountaineering, expeditions and ice falls. It is the first waterproof harness.


Interview Lucy CreamerThe Road to Recovery

Lucy Creamer was at the forefront of British female climbing for over two decades until she was struck with injuries which held her back from training. These injuries affected her more than she could imagine - getting back to fitness and more importantly finding the...

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