VIDEO: Catapult - Font 8A+ repeated by Will Atkinson

Will Atkinson on Catapult - Font 8A+, 143 kb
Will Atkinson on Catapult - Font 8A+
© Will Atkinson

Will Atkinson is back doing what he does best, namely, jumping a very long way between very bad holds. On Saturday he repeated Chris Graham's test piece dyno at Kyloe in the woods, the popular sandstone crag in Northumberland.

Catapult weighs in at Font 8A+.

It's thought that this is it's first repeat having stood up to attempts from some very strong climbers, although there is a repeat ticked in the UKC logbooks from a hidden user but this remains unconfirmed.

Will managed to send the problem on his third go, second session and under twenty attempts in total, making his own dyno Mr Tickle at Dumbarton Rocks near Glasgow (Font 8A), seem pretty stiff for the grade as it took him a good few weeks to get done.

VIDEO: Will Atkinson on the possible second ascent of Catapult

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