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Sam Hamer and Finn McCann have just had a great week at the Shropshire sandstone quarry of Nesscliffe, ticking many of the hard classic routes including:

  • My Snorkle E6 6c
  • Ten O'clock Saturday E6/7 6c
  • Tombola E7 6c
  • Yucan 2 E7 6b
  • Gathering Sun E7 6c
  • My Piano E8 6c

Plus several classic E4's and E5's.

Nesscliffe is a stunning quarry of red sandstone rising up to a height of forty five metres. You can read more about the crag in the UKC Logbooks.

Commenting in the logbooks, Lee Proctor described the venue:

"A stunning undervalued crag that has some of the very best lines anywhere in the UK. Just walk into the main quarry, look up at the soaring arête and corner climbs then take a sharp intake of breath. It is very easy to set up top ropes and work routes before the “head-point”, I just can't understand why this place has not had more press as it is certainly one of Britain's climbing treasures."

Photo Gallery: Sam and Finn on My Piano - photos by Rory McCann.

Rory McCann, 95 kb
Sam Hamer on My Piano
Finn McCan on My Piano
Rory McCann, 121 kb
Sam Hamer on My Piano
Rory McCann, 56 kb
Finn McCan on My Piano



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