Robinson repeats The Dagger

© Alex Kahn

Paul Robinson has repeated Tony Lamprecht's The Dagger on the Dreamtime boulder at Cresciano, Switzerland. Now he says he thinks he will be able to do the sit, The story of two worlds, Dave Graham's ~8C/+ that was repeated by Dai Koyamada last year.

Paul says he did it on the 2nd go of the day, after struggling for a few session to find the right beta. In the end, the beta wasn't that special at all "...just heel hook and go. I don't go feet first or anything. A lot of people had a hard time with the link because of foot movements. I made my feet very simple and I think that was the big difference"

With this beta, it felt like an 8A into an 8A, making Paul somewhat hesitant as to whether it really warrants 8B+ or if 8B is more appropriate. The sit start would then make it 8A + 8A + 8A = Enduro monster.

Paul Robinson on The Dagger  © Alex Kahn
Paul Robinson on The Dagger
© Alex Kahn

Now Paul is off to compete in the IMS boulder competition in Bolzano, where he'll face guys like Nalle Hukkataival and Kilian Fischhuber. According to himself, his endurance is not up to par, meaning he'll have to flash everything to stand a chance. Afterwards the plan is to try and flash The electric ant a super crimpy 8B with a difficult top-out. Stay tuned!

Source: 27crags

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