NEWSFLASH: E10 Ground Up for James Pearson

James Pearson on The North Face Summit Series Road Trip in 2009  © James Pearson Collection
James Pearson on The North Face Summit Series Road Trip in 2009
© James Pearson Collection
Just in from James Pearson - almost flashes Muy Caliente! (E10) and gets it second go ground-up.

James commented:

"I tried to Flash the route, this was the main reason for my trip to Pembroke and what I had been training for over the last few months, but sadly I fell on the very last hard move (still super happy to have gotten that far, it was almost perfect but just wasn't to be).  I then climbed it the next day on my next try, making ground up 2nd try."

The route, graded E10 and first climbed by Tim Emmett, has seen repeats from Canadian climber Steve Townshend and Scottish super-climber Dave MacLeod.

It is thought to be in the region of F8b in terms of physical difficulty, and features a very long runout.

  • You can read the full report on Tim Emmett's first ascent here: UKC News

Full details and photos of James' ascent to follow on UKC - watch this space!

You can keep up to date with James on his website:

James Pearson is sponsored by Wild Country , Five Ten , The North Face , Adidas Eyewear


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29 Apr, 2011
Can I nip in and just say bloody good effort by James on this route. Nice one James. Super run of form in Pembroke. Awesome to hear about. Good luck to you for your next routes. Jack
29 Apr, 2011
Awesome, good effort. Maybe one day for me!
29 Apr, 2011
Aye. One hopes that even Pearson's most persistent detractors will have to concede that it's a bloody impressive effort.
29 Apr, 2011
Amazing effort. The most groundbreaking ascent of the last year? James
29 Apr, 2011
Wow that's an almost Godly effort from James well done!
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