First(?) 8c flash in Frankenjura

Daniel Jung on Raubritter, 8c, Eldorado, Frankenjura, 242 kb
Daniel Jung on Raubritter, 8c, Eldorado, Frankenjura
© Jörg Zeidelhack

18 year old Alexander Megos has made the, as far as I know, first flash ascent of an 8c in Frankenjura. The route was Markus Bock's Raubritter on the short and steep Eldorado wall between Ober- and Untertrubach in the Trubachtal, a crag that is also known for routes like Ekel, Nightmare, Stonelove and Infinity.
Incidently, Adam Pustelnik (see news below) made a 2nd go ascent of the same route 10 years ago when he was 19. At the time he went by the name "The Polish guy with the funky hair".

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