Ondra in Rocklands

Paul Robinson on Monkey wedding, 8C, Rocklands © Alex Kahn
Paul Robinson on Monkey wedding, 8C, Rocklands
© Alex Kahn

It would seem Adam Ondra has began his onslaught on world bouldering standards.
So far, he hasn't really excelled beyond what the likes of Robinson, Woods, Koyamada and others have already done, but his recent sending spree suggests he is on his way to at least catching up.

After his first week in the area, here is some of what he's been up to:
Monkey wedding, 8C. 3rd ascent of this Nicole problem. Originally given 8B+, Adam feels it's the hardest problem he has ever done.
Amandla, 8B+
The power of One, 8B, flash
Madiba, 8B, 2nd go

In this context, I suppose it is also kind of relevant to mention that Paul Robinson is planning to go in the opposite direction as he has his mind set on Chaxi raxi, 9b, at Oliana.
His idea is to, for the first time, start training properly. Beginning with ~8a's on plastic, he will work his ways up to running laps on 8b+ or so, and at the same time, he will try to increase his power as he feels that's what he's lacking after climbing so much on rock. Interesting to say the least.

Adam Ondra is sponsoring Pietro del Prá's Climb for life

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Montura, La Sportiva, Beal and Hudy Sports

Source: 8a

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20 Aug, 2011
20 Aug, 2011
Cool, but the video's taking ages to load and the interface is really annoying!
21 Aug, 2011
True, keep stopping and refreshing the page. It loaded after the third attempt of doing this..