8C and 8B+ by Ondra in a day

Adam Ondra  © Pietro del Prá
Adam Ondra
© Pietro del Prá

Adam Ondra was definitely right when he said he felt he was getting stronger. At Petrohrad in the Czech Republic, he made quick work of two of his boulder projects, Cháron, 8C, and Underground, 8B+.

Adam had tried the former for three days last winter, but now he needed only 30 minutes.

So far this year, the 18 year old has done half a dozen of 8C's.

If you want to make the headlines by making the first ascent of an 8C, this is simply not the month to do it. ..

Adam comes to Stockholm this Thursday (Oct 20th), so most likely I will have some more comments about his recent form and future plans, along with some new photos, soon.

Source: 8a

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Montura, La Sportiva, Beal and Hudy Sports

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17 Oct, 2011
Are you talking about bouldering or routes? I assume bouldering but I may be wrong.
17 Oct, 2011
Bouldering. As a general rules bouldering grades use capital letters and route grades use lower case. 8C = boulder, 8c = route.