Jordan Buys: Keswickian and Paralogism

Jordan Buys on Black Car Burning E7 6C, 86 kb
Related Photo: Jordan Buys Climbing Black Car Burning, E7 6c, Photo: Richie Patterson/Wild Country
Jordan Buys has made the second ascent of Adam Hocking's recent Lakes addition of The Keswickian. This E8 7a is at Gouther Crag.

Jordan commented on the Wild Country Website:

"This stunning E8 7a climbs up very easy ground before arranging gear on a massive sling to reduce drag as you pull through the roof above on amazing holds. Not 'amazing' as in massive holds but in that to make them work allsorts of heel funk has to be employed to make the sequence work."

Jordan also recently flashed the giant gritstone roof of Paralogism at The Roaches.

He commented on the Wild Country Website:

"As it cooled down i decided to have a crack at flashing it, the first two pulls on got me through the first bit but, feeling something was not quite right, I down climbed the hard bit which seemed a bit stiff. On the ground I took my boots off, had a word with myself. Then when suited and booted up again I went for the crush. I felt steady away and to be honest I cant remember much other than a large crowd of spectators...!"

Related Video: Adam Hocking on The Keswickian:

Jordan is sponsored by Moon Climbing, Wild Country, Boreal

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