FRI NIGHT VID: Exclusive Interview - Wideboyz

This week's vid is Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall being interviewed by Richie Patterson of Wild Country. The Wideboyz talk about their amazing trip to the USA.

Here's the 13min video:

You can see a longer version of this interview at the Wild Country website where the guys talk more about the trip. Find out about Tom's amazing solo of Trench Warfare 5.12d (and what Pete thought of it); the biggest sandbags they encountered as well as the 'softest' touch; how it was spending two months offwidthing while roughing it in the freezing cold in a tent...

  • See the full interview here

The Wideboyz will be presenting, exclusively on UKC, 'Crack School' a series of six lessons on how to climb cracks from fingers to offwidths - starting this coming spring.

You can catch up with the Wideboyz at the Shaff 'Experts Night' on 23rd Feb and at Outside on Sat 31st March for a lecture and 1st April for a crack school day. You can read more about the Wideboyz US tour in Rock and Ice issue 200 in stores Jan 15th 2012 or in Climber magazine on sale Feb 2012.

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